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Splurge or Save: How To Throw a Wedding on Every Budget

Every couple is unique, and so are their finances. But weddings can be beautiful no matter how much or little money you have to work with. Here’s how to can throw a wedding on every budget.


The Dress

If cost isn’t too much of a problem, you can go to a bridal boutique and have the full wedding dress shopping experience. This can be a fun day out with your close female friends and family, you can try on dresses and get different opinions from your loved ones. If you’re looking to spend less on a wedding dress, there are so many places you can order from online these days. While there have been horror stories of people getting wedding dresses that look nothing like the picture on the site, there are plenty of dress shops that do a really good job. Make sure you ask for photos of their work before making an order so you can see the quality. Maybe even order fabric swatches beforehand if you’re not sure. If you choose a site which has good reviews, there’s no reason you can’t snag a gorgeous dress at a fantastic price. And no-one needs to know that you saved money on it! Alternatively you could buy a pre-owned wedding dress if you can find something you love close to your size, and have it altered to fit.

The Flowers

Roses, lilies, peonies, tulips and carnations are absolutely gorgeous wedding flowers. Although they will come at a higher cost, particularly if you have a specific or unusual shade in mind. This is because they are likely to have to be shipped to you which will bump up the price. But when you’re working with a larger budget, these flowers always look impressive and are traditional choices for weddings. In order to save, don’t just consider the types of flowers you’re purchasing but the amount too. Using fewer flowers will certainly cut down on the cost. You could keep the flowers to yours and your bridesmaid’s bouquets, buttonholes, and decoration for the top table. Other tables and the reception venue could be decorated faux flowers or with less expensive alternatives. You could gather wildflowers and display them in mason jars for a free yet beautifully rustic look to your wedding. You could even grow some flowers yourself!

The Wedding Rings

If your budget is higher, why not consider having custom wedding rings made for something really personal? You can go with something completely unique and have them set with stones of your choice. Alternatively, you could choose a luxurious brand such as Mervis Diamond. If you’re working with a smaller budget, you can find very nice rings in high street jewelers. Sterling silver is hardwearing but ideal for those who are conscious of cost since silver is dramatically cheaper than other metals used in jewelry.

The Decorations

With a bigger budget, you could go all out with high-end decorations. Tons of flowers, vintage mirrors, lights and high-end stationery for your table numbers and place cars. On the other hand, to keep costs down, balloons are a relatively inexpensive way to decorate a wedding venue. You can buy helium machines which fill stunning looking metallic balloons. These make perfect decorations. They can be used as an alternative or in combination with flowers to save on costs. You can also often find inexpensive decorations that can be utilized in budget shops and on eBay. You could make your table numbers and place cards yourself for next to no money if you’re good at crafts.

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