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Star Joshua Turchin Wrote His Own Musical “The Perfect Fit” At Only Age 13

Joshua Turchin is an actor, singer, dancer, musician, composer, writer, and musician all at the age of 13. The Sarah Scoop Show had the chance to chat with Turchin to hear how he got his start performing, eventually leading him to Broadway roles. He may be young, yet he does not let his age get in the way of his big dreams. Turchin created his own original musical, The Perfect Fit that will be virtually premiering November 15th.

Hear all about Turchin’s show and his many, many, other endeavours in the full interview down below:

Even more than a “triple threat”

At only 8 years old, a hopeful Joshua Turchin moved to New York City with the intents of only staying for three weeks and ended up never leaving. He realized after booking his first major role in The Christmas Story on tour, that he could become a performer professionally. From there, Turchin continued to book shows such as Flounder in The Little Mermaid along notable stars such as Lea Michelle and Harvey Fierstein. During quarantine and the Broadway shutdown, Turchin has been focusing on his show titled: “The Early Night Show with Joshua Turchin.” With intents of raising money for The Actors Fund, Turchin features various stars with interviews and performances.


“My parents say if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life. That really hits home with me since musical theatre is what I love to do. It started as just for fun and it still is just for fun!”

-Joshua Turchin

“The Perfect Fit”

Turchin decided to create The Perfect Fit after writing the first song when he was 9-years-old, At age 12, he submitted it to an off broadway international theatre festival where he was one of hundreds of shows submitted, to be featured. Turchin described The Perfect Fit as the story of teenagers trying to fit in and overcome obstacles thrown at them in a theatrical space. He gained inspiration when writing the show through his own personal experiences as a performer.

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And get your tickets now for The Perfect Fit debuting November 15th!

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