35+ Best Stranger Things Nail Designs and Ideas

If you’re looking for the best Stranger Things nail designs, we’ve got you covered!

We’re about to explore over 35 innovative Stranger Things-inspired nail designs and ideas, each one a conversation starter in its own right.

But remember, just like in the show, things are about to get stranger.

A woman with Stranger Things-inspired red and black nail designs.

35+ Stranger Things Nail Art and Nail Designs

So, you’re a fan of the ‘strange and unusual,’ particularly when it comes to the popular Netflix series, Stranger Things.

You’ve watched every episode, you’ve dissected the theories, seen the spoilers and now you’re looking to incorporate that fascination into something even more personal – your nail art.

From the classic Stranger Things Logo, to Elevens Eggo Waffles inspired nails, we’ve got the scoop!

As a professional nail artist or an enthusiastic DIY-er, you’ll appreciate the creativity and uniqueness these designs offer.

The Iconic Christmas Lights Design

You’ll truly captivate the Stranger Things vibe with a nail design inspired by Joyce Byers’ iconic Christmas lights, bringing a vibrant, nostalgic twist to your look.

A woman showcasing her creative nail design ideas incorporating christmas lights.

This stunning nail art, reminiscent of the show’s thrilling suspense, effortlessly transforms your fingertips into a mini canvas of mystery and style.

The design, with its vibrant colors and alternating patterns, mirrors the show’s iconic Christmas lights. You’ll feel like you’re sending a secret message to the Upside Down!

A woman is showcasing a nail design with lights, inspired by the hit TV show "Stranger Things".

Moreover, these Stranger Things nail designs aren’t just for the super fans. Anyone can appreciate the blend of nostalgia and modern trend.

Upside Down World Inspired Look

Ever wondered how to bring the eerie, otherworldly charm of the Upside Down to your fingertips? With Stranger Things nail art, it’s simpler than you think.

A man with red and black nails featuring spider-man designs.

Upside Down inspired nail art provides a unique way to showcase your love for the show in your manicure.

To achieve this look, you’ll need the following:

  • Dark polish to replicate the gloomy atmosphere of the Upside Down.
  • Glitter polish for a touch of the mysterious elements – and you can’t go wrong with glitter.
  • Thin brush to draw the intricate details.
  • Top coat to seal your nail art designs.
  • Patience, as this look may take a few tries, but it’s alright if it gets a bit messy!

Eleven’s Waffle Manicure

Channeling Eleven’s iconic love for waffles, this playful manicure design adds an unexpected, yet delightful twist to your regular nail art.

A woman is showcasing a creative waffle nail art design.

The Eleven’s waffle manicure, inspired by our favorite Eggo-loving character from Stranger Things, is a surefire way to bring a little bit of Hawkins, Indiana to your fingertips.

This Stranger Things nails design merges the world of beauty with the supernatural in a quirky, fun way.

Think of a soft, nude base coat with a detailed waffle pattern drawn on top. You can even add a tiny, painted Eggo to complete the look.

A woman's hand is showcasing a Stranger Things inspired waffle nail design.

This inspired nail art not only shows your dedication to the series, but also your taste for the unconventional and innovative.

Let the Eleven’s waffle manicure make your nails the talk of the town.

Stranger Things Characters Nail Art

Beyond the whimsical wonder of the Eleven’s waffle manicure, why not let the whole gang from Stranger Things grace your nails?

A person's nails are creatively adorned with Stranger Things characters, showcasing unique nail designs.

The Stranger Things characters nail art is an innovative way to celebrate your favorite show. This design idea isn’t only a nod to the series but also a trend-forward statement.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

The best nail designs feature eerie images of spiders and zombies.

You could even paint a different character or each finger. Although, this might be slightly more difficult.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of ideas for you to try for your next manis!

With these designs, you’ll have a unique Stranger Things inspired nail art set that’s sure to turn heads.

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Hawkins High School Pride Design

Why not wear your love for Stranger Things on your nails with a Hawkins High School pride design? This mani is a creative nod to the iconic setting of the hit series.

A woman with orange and green nails featuring a fierce tiger design.

Whether your favorite season is season 1 or season 2, this design is perfect for you.

Start with a solid base coat in the school’s colors—green and white. Then, carefully draw the outline of the school’s logo, a tiger, on one of your nails.

Fill in the pattern with a fine brush, making sure to capture the fierce expression of the mascot.

A woman with Stranger Things inspired orange and green tiger print nails, showcasing unique and trendy nail designs ideas.

On the rest of your nails, alternate between green and white, creating a striking contrast.

Finish off your Stranger Things nail designs with a shiny top coat to seal in your Hawkins High School pride design.

It’s a stylish, quirky way to show off and honor your fandom.

Demogorgon-Inspired Nail Style

For you die-hard fans, there’s nothing quite like capturing the terror and fascination of the Demogorgon on your fingertips.

A woman's nails with vibrant red, blue, and orange designs inspired by Stranger Things.

A demogorgon-inspired nail style can be your ticket to the Upside Down, while flaunting your love for Stranger Things.

This nail design is all about creativity, detail, and a touch of eerie beauty.

A woman is holding up a nail with a red and blue design, showcasing her creative nail art inspired by Stranger Things.

Here’s what you’d need to achieve this look:

  • Deep black nail polish for the base
  • Shimmery silver polish for details
  • Red and white polishes to depict the Demogorgon’s mouth
  • A thin brush for detailed design
  • A top coat to seal everything in

With these Stranger Things nail designs, your nails won’t just be stylish, they’ll be a conversation starter. Embrace the bold, innovative world of demogorgon-style nails.

The Mind Flayer Themed Nails

Shifting from the terrifying allure of Demogorgon-inspired nails, let’s not forget about the ominous presence of the Mind Flayer in Stranger Things.

A woman's nails with jellyfish designs on them, perfect for those looking for unique and creative nail designs ideas.

This shadowy entity from the hit Netflix show has been a persistent antagonist in every season, making it a perfect inspiration for your next mani.

Picture this: dark, swirling hues of black and purple, representing the Mind Flayer’s stormy presence in the Upside Down.

A woman's nails showcase unique Nail Designs with skulls and octopus motifs, providing fresh Ideas for a truly exceptional manicure.

You could incorporate tendrils creeping from cuticle to tip, a chilling reminder of its influence.

This Stranger Things season, upgrade your nail game with a Mind Flayer theme. Merge creativity, fear, and trend-awareness into one unforgettable look.

Matte Retro 80s Aesthetic Nail Art

Diving into the vibrant world of the 80s, you shouldn’t overlook the retro aesthetic when it comes to Stranger Things-inspired nail art.

A woman's pink and green nails featuring geometric nail designs.

The retro 80s aesthetic nail art is a bold statement that brings back the nostalgia of Stranger Things while keeping your look trendy and unique.

A woman's nails adorned with palm trees, showcasing unique and creative nail designs.

Here are some nail designs and ideas to get you started:

  • Use matte colors to replicate the vintage TV screen effect.
  • Paint the Stranger Things logo freehand for an authentic touch.
  • Neon colors are perfect for capturing the show’s eerie atmosphere.
  • Use geometric shapes to invoke the 80s retro vibe.
  • Don’t forget to incorporate iconic elements from the series.

The Classic Stranger Things Logo Nail Design

While embracing the vibrant colors and geometric shapes of retro 80s aesthetic, you might also want to consider the classic logo nail design, a timeless, show-specific tribute that never fails to impress.

A woman proudly displays her Stranger Things-inspired nail design, offering fresh ideas for creative nail enthusiasts.

Just imagine the iconic series title adorning each nail, a truly unique feature to showcase your fandom.

Instagram’s nail art community is teeming with inspiration for this design, each iteration more creative than the last.

A crucial detail to remember is the color – the logo’s unmistakable red and white will make your design instantly recognizable.

A woman showcases the best nail design inspired by Stranger Things with a nail adorned with spiders.

As each season of Stranger Things offers new thematic elements, your logo design can evolve too.

So grab your favorite nail paint, get those detail brushes ready, and immortalize the series you love, right at your fingertips!

Sheriff Hopper’s Uniform Colors

If you’re looking for a subtler nod to your love for Stranger Things, why not consider a nail design inspired by Sheriff Hopper’s uniform colors?

A woman's hand adorned with green and gold nails and rings, showcasing unique nail designs inspired by Stranger Things.

As a die-hard fan, you surely recognize the iconic brown and green hues that define his look.

Just imagine transforming these colors into a trendy nail design that’s both chic and nostalgic.

A woman's nails with green and gold Nail Designs.

Here are some ideas for you to play around with:

  • Use a matte brown base to mimic the rugged, worn-out nature of the sheriff’s uniform.
  • Add green stripes or dots for a creative twist.
  • Incorporate gold accents to represent the sheriff’s badge.
  • Play with textures to give your nails a unique depth.
  • For an extra fan touch, paint a small number ’11’ on one nail.

Starcourt Mall Nail Art Idea

Inspired by the vibrant, neon-lit aesthetics of Starcourt Mall, you can create a nail art design that’s as bold and lively as the iconic shopping center in Stranger Things.

A woman's nails are decorated with bright colors and geometric designs, showcasing creative and trendy nail designs.

Picture the bustling hub of Hawkins, Indiana, reflected on your nails.

For your next Netflix binge, why not use those nail designs to evoke Starcourt’s nostalgic 80’s energy?

Start with a black base to represent the deep, mysterious undertones of the show. Then, add neon stripes or shapes, mirroring the mall’s glowing signage.

A woman's hand with polka dot and floral designs on her nails, showcasing unique Stranger Things-inspired nail art ideas.

You could even dedicate each nail to a different store in the mall for a full Stranger Things experience.

This Starcourt Mall nail art idea is more than just a trend – it’s a statement of your love for the show.

The Code Nail Design

Dive into the intrigue and mystery of Stranger Things with a nail design inspired by the code.

A woman is holding up a blue nail with a Stranger Things design on it.

This nail art trend lets you recreate an iconic piece of the series, linking you to the beauty of the show’s narrative.

A woman's hand showcasing a mesmerizing white and red nail design that will leave you inspired with fresh ideas.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Start with a light base color, to represent the snowy Russian landscape.
  • Paint on lines and dots, symbols of the Morse code used in the show.
  • Add a little Christmas sparkle with a glitter topcoat.
  • Use a fine brush for precision, capturing the cryptic nature of the Russian code.
  • Seal your design with a clear top coat, preserving the mystery of your Stranger Things tribute.

Embrace this trend and let your nails narrate a story of adventure and suspense.

Nail Art of Eleven’s Superpowers

Channel Eleven’s extraordinary abilities on your nails, often reminding everyone of the gripping suspense that her superpowers bring to the series.

Get inspired by these red and black nail designs for an edgy Stranger Things-inspired look.

You could paint your nails with a dark backdrop to signify the Upside Down, with a streak of bright light representing Eleven’s power.

Add in little symbols like the infamous nosebleed or the waffle motif, both iconic of Eleven’s character in Stranger Things.

A woman's nails are adorned with a vibrant red starburst design, inspired by Stranger Things.

The nail designs could incorporate artistic splashes of color, signifying the bursts of her telekinetic abilities.

These ideas not only celebrate the art of nail design but also the power of Stranger Things, especially Eleven and her superpowers.

Battle of Starcourt Inspired Nail Art

Drawing from the climactic Battle of Starcourt, you can create stunning nail designs that’ll transport you right into the heart of Stranger Things’ epic showdown.

A woman's hand with a red, white and blue nail design inspired by Stranger Things.

With a little creativity, you’ll have your own nostalgic tribute to this iconic scene at your fingertips.

To start, follow these steps:

  • Check out photos of the Battle of Starcourt episode for inspiration.
  • Choose colors that represent the vibrancy and intensity of the battle.
  • Consider adding small decals representing the characters or objects from this scene.
  • Incorporate signature elements from the programme, like the Starcourt Mall logo.
  • Remember, the final design should remind every Stranger Things kid of the climactic showdown.
A woman's nails adorned with fiery and captivating Stranger Things-inspired designs.

Your nails will be a walking tribute to the series, a unique conversation starter for any fan.

The NeverEnding Story Nail Design

Inspired by the unforgettable duet scene in Stranger Things, you’re about to design your nails with a touch of The NeverEnding Story magic.

A woman's nails with microphone and roses nail designs

This Halloween, give your favourite spooky look a twist.

Start by painting your nails in a dark, starry night theme. One nail, however, will be the highlight, showcasing Joyce’s iconic alphabet wall.

Using tiny letters, spell out the memorable title, ‘The NeverEnding Story’. You can even add the coloured lights for extra detail.

A woman's nails with stars and moons on them, showcasing trendy and celestial nail designs.

Inspired by Joyce’s living room, this design brings a delightful nostalgia to your fingertips. Remember, it’s all in the details. So take your time and let your creativity soar.

In the end, your nails will tell a story, a beloved, never-ending story.

Choosing Your Favorite Stranger Things Nail Art

So, there you have it! Over 35 unique Stranger Things inspired nail designs to help you show off your love for the series.

From the iconic Christmas lights to the mysterious Upside Down, these ideas are sure to wow any fan.

Why not try Eleven’s waffle manicure or rock a Hawkins High design? Remember, your nails are a canvas, so let your Stranger Things fandom shine.

So what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite Stranger Things nail art to celebrate your favorite show today!

35 stranger things nail designs to try.

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