70+ Best Student Gift Ideas For Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving, and finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. If you’re looking for gift ideas for students this Christmas, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll explore some great gift ideas that are perfect for students during the holiday season.

When it comes to student gift ideas for Christmas, you want to find something that is both practical and fun. Students are often on a tight budget, so gifts that are affordable and useful are always appreciated.

At the same time, you want to find something that is unique and enjoyable, something that will bring a smile to their face.

One of the critical things to consider when choosing a gift for a student is their lifestyle. Students are often on the go, so gifts that are portable and easy to use are ideal.

Another essential factor to consider is the student’s interests. Whether they are into sports, music, or art, finding a gift that aligns with their passions is always a good idea.

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Two people in santa hats holding sparklers

In this article, we’ll explore a range of gift ideas that are perfect for students. From a personalized pencil to tech gadgets and cozy winter accessories, we’ve got you covered.

Best Student Gift Ideas for Christmas

We’ve compiled a list of the best student gift ideas for Christmas that are sure to impress. From practical items to fun gadgets, this list has it all. Check out our top picks below.

1. Gift A Snack Variety Snack Box

variety snack box

The Gift A Snack Variety Snack Box is an ideal choice for Christmas presents, especially for college students. This assortment of America’s favorite snacks and little treats is sure to bring holiday cheer to your gift recipients.

Packaged in beautifully branded high-end packaging and accompanied by a heartwarming greeting card, this gift is perfect for spreading joy, making the Christmas season even more special for college students who love a sweet treat.

2. tomyoung 50Pcs Christmas Mochi Squishy Toys

50Pcs Christmas Squishies Mochi Squishy Toys

The tomyoung 50Pcs Christmas Mochi Squishy Toys are a fun and stress-relieving Christmas gift idea for students that are younger kids. With a variety of festive designs, these squishies add holiday cheer and come individually packaged for easy sharing among their friends.

3. Onebttl College Degree Loading Tumbler

college degree loading tumbler

This Onebttl College Degree Loading Tumbler is a versatile and practical gift option suitable as a thoughtful parent gifts to their university student. This vacuum-insulated tumbler is designed to keep beverages hot or cold and is perfect for holding water, coffee, juice, and more.

Its durable construction and no-sweat design ensure long-lasting use, and it comes ready to gift with a beautiful gift box. You can also add a handwritten note, making it a thoughtful and hassle-free present choice for students. 

4. DAIKOYE 6-in-1 Multicolor Ballpoint Pens

DAIKOYE 24 PCS 0.5mm 6-in-1 Multicolor Ballpoint Pen

If you’re in search of the perfect present for a student in your life, the DAIKOYE 6-in-1 Multicolor Ballpoint Pens, are an inexpensive Christmas gift, with different options to choose from.

With six vibrant colors for various tasks like writing, drawing, or highlighting, these pens are both functional and creatively designed, featuring a practical pen holder and clip. Overall, this set makes for a delightful, practical, and budget-friendly gift for students.

5. VOPLLS Mini Projector

mini projector

This VOPLLS Mini Projector is the latest version, featuring 7500 lumens of brightness and support for 1080P Full HD resolution. It’s not only the best thing for younger students but also a great choice for older students and anyone looking for a portable and high-quality projector.

Its compact design, versatile device connections, and impressive projection size make it ideal for various educational and entertainment needs.

6. Clanam 30 Pcs Mini Pop Bubble Fidget Toys

Clanam 30 Pcs Mini Pop Bubble Fidget Toys

If you’re searching for a unique and thoughtful Christmas gift for a student that goes beyond the local dollar store options, consider this pack of Clanam 30 Pcs Mini Pop Bubble Fidget Toys that improve fine motor skills.

These tie-dye square fidget toys are made from high-quality silicone, ensuring safety and easy cleaning. With a variety of colors and a portable size that allows them to be attached to keys or backpacks, or even work as a cute gift tag.

7. emmoo life Scrapbooking Supplies Kit

scrapbooking kit

If you’re searching for some meaningful gifts this Christmas for a student who enjoys scrapbooking, add this emmoo life Scrapbooking Supplies Kit to your list of ideas.

With 348 sheets of vintage-inspired scrapbook paper, stickers, card stock, a grid notebook, and various crafting materials, it provides everything needed to embark on creative scrapbooking projects.

This meaningful gift will surely delight the recipient and inspire them to craft beautiful memories during the holiday season and beyond.

8. VOVRU Invisible Ink Pens

VOVRU Invisible Ink Pen

If you’re searching for exciting and unique student Christmas gifts, consider the VOVRU Invisible Ink Pens. These pens are not only fun but also perfect for activities like treasure hunts, escape rooms, and classroom games.

They come with pre-installed batteries and allow you to create and reveal secret messages, adding an element of mystery and entertainment to your Christmas gift list for students.

9. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Dual LED Student Microscope


The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Dual LED Student Microscope is one of the best student gift ideas for budding young scientists this Christmas. Its durability, ease of use, and comprehensive accessory kit make it an ideal tool for exploring the wonders of the microscopic world.

Whether examining biological samples or 3D objects, this microscope offers a versatile and engaging learning experience for curious students.

10. Artskills Rainbow Puffy Glitter Glue

glitter glue

These Artskills Rainbow Puffy Glitter Glue are a simple gift for students. They can brighten up their school supplies and add some sparkle to their projects during the festive Christmas time.

Whether it’s for holiday-themed crafts, decorating cards, or simply adding a touch of glitter to their schoolwork, these glitter glue tubes are a fun and practical addition to their school supplies.

11. GGOJAGST Graduation Bookmark

GGOJAGST Graduation Bookmark

The GGOJAGST Graduation Bookmark is an elegant and meaningful keepsake, perfect for gifting to a graduate in 2023. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this bookmark features an inspirational message to inspire confidence and self-belief in the recipient.

Whether they use it for their favorite books or for their future studies, this bookmark is a useful gift, and bonus points if you gift it to them with their favorite book.

12. JOYIN Candy Cane Pens

candy cane pens

These JOYIN Candy Cane Pens are a great idea for spreading holiday cheer and are one of the best things you can gift to students during Christmas.

With their festive design, they can add a touch of Christmas spirit to schoolwork and make writing more enjoyable. They are also perfect for sharing with classmates, making them a fun and memorable part of the holiday season.

13. Akbekcal Galaxy Slime Kit

Akbekcal Galaxy Slime Kit

The Akbekcal Galaxy Slime Kit is a fantastic holiday gift that promises endless holiday fun for students, especially during their winter break. This engaging kit allows them to create mesmerizing galaxy-themed slime, providing hours of entertainment and unique holiday activity.

Whether used for holiday parties, as stocking stuffers, or just to keep kids entertained during winter break, this slime kit is sure to bring joy and festive fun to the season.

14. AOSUYOU Photo Clip Lights for Dorm Room

If you’re looking for one of the best Christmas gift ideas for a student’s college dorm room, consider gifting a set of these AOSUYOU Photo Clip Lights for Dorm Room.

These lights are a fun way to add a cozy and decorative touch to dorm rooms, and they can be used to hang photos from last year, memos, or even a cute little poem, creating a warm and personalized atmosphere.

With the option to operate them with AA batteries, they’re easy to install and don’t require access to power outlets, making them a versatile and convenient gift for college students to personalize their living space.

15. Ganowo Fidget Snake Cube Mini Twist Puzzle Toys

Ganowo Fidget Snake Cube Mini Twist Puzzle Toys

If you’re looking for fun toys to keep kids entertained during the Christmas break, the Ganowo Fidget Snake Cube Mini Twist Puzzle Toys are an excellent choice.

These versatile snake cubes offer a challenging and enjoyable way for kids to spend their holiday break. They encourage creativity, and problem-solving, and can be easily carried around for on-the-go fun. 

16. QAQcew Fidget Pen

QAQcew Fidget Pen

If you’re searching for one of the best Christmas gift ideas for students, the QAQcew Fidget Pen is a fantastic choice. This multifunctional magnetic pen provides endless opportunities for creative play and stress relief.

The QAQcew Fidget Pen combines functionality with fun, making it a great gift option for students this winter holiday season.

17. MATEIN School Backpack

MATEIN Business Travel Backpack

The MATEIN Business Travel Backpack is a fantastic choice for university students and high school students, offering ample space and durability at a great price point. Its dedicated laptop compartment accommodates laptops up to 17.3 inches, making it perfect for academic pursuits.

The inclusion of a luggage belt for hassle-free attachment to suitcase handles enhances its practicality for traveling students.

18. OJYUDD Flexible Bendy Pencils

OJYUDD Flexible Bendy Pencils

The OJYUDD Flexible Bendy Pencils are fun and unique yet inexpensive gift ideas for students, perfect for adding a touch of novelty to their writing experience without breaking the bank.

These colorful and bendable pencils are made from non-toxic rubber, making them safe for all ages.

19. Amazon.com eGift Card

amazon gift card

Getting an Amazon.com eGift Card for your student family member is an excellent last minute Christmas present choice for several reasons. It allows them the freedom to choose exactly what they need, whether it’s textbooks, study supplies, or even a little treat for themselves.

You can even put in the student’s name to which you’re gifting it!

20. JoyCat Tic Tac Toe Strategic Board Game for Kids and Family

JoyCat Tic Tac Toe Strategic Board Game for Kids and Family

The JoyCat Tic Tac Toe Strategic Board Game for Kids and Family is a wonderful and functional gift option for kids, especially during the festive Christmas season. This classic game not only brings joy but also nurtures thinking and strategy skills.

Its compact size makes it perfect for gifting, whether as a stocking stuffer, party favor, or classroom activity.

21. Jiazhenep Vintage-Style Metal Feather Bookmark

Jiazhenep Vintage-Style Metal Feather Bookmark

The Jiazhenep Vintage-Style Metal Feather Bookmark is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for students if you’re looking to give them a handmade gift. This thoughtful gift option is perfect for book lovers and students alike.

Its exquisite design and durable craftsmanship make it a charming and motivating addition to any student’s collection.

22. BATWEET 24 Pack Wacky Tracks Snap Click Toys

24 Pack Wacky Tracks Snap Click Toys

The BATWEET 24 Pack Wacky Tracks Snap Click Toys are a perfect Christmas gift for students, offering an exciting and interactive design that encourages creative shaping and twisting.

Made from durable PP material, they emit satisfying clicking sounds during use. With 24 links that pivot into various positions, these toys provide hours of creative entertainment for both children and adults, making them an ideal stress relief.

23. Carson Dellosa No Homework Coupon Book

no homework coupon book

Carson Dellosa No Homework Coupon Book is a delightful and thoughtful Christmas gift from a teacher to a student. It offers students the rare and cherished opportunity to enjoy a free homework pass, making them feel appreciated and rewarded for their hard work throughout the year.

This personalized and fun gift fosters a positive teacher-student relationship and adds an element of excitement and anticipation to the holiday season.

24. Cavertin Gaming Socks

gaming socks

These Cavertin Gaming Socks make for one of the best cozy Christmas gift ideas for a student who enjoys playing video games in their free time. The hidden message adds a playful touch, and they are made of premium cotton for comfort and durability.

Whether it’s for a teen gamer or an adult, these socks are sure to bring a smile to their face during their gaming sessions.

25. Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit for iPad + Early Math Adventure

Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit

The Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit for iPad + Early Math Adventure is a perfect Christmas gift for young students, providing six engaging educational games designed for preschoolers.

These interactive learning experiences merge tactile exploration with innovative technology, helping children aged 3-5 grasp early math, early reading, and essential life skills.

If you’re searching for a thoughtful and functional gift that supports a child’s development, the Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit is here to provide a little help.

26. Amazon Basics Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box with LED Light

Amazon Basics Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box with LED Light

The Amazon Basics Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box with LED Light provides the photography student in your life with a versatile and convenient way to capture high-quality images of their hard work or subjects.

Its portable and easy-to-set-up design, along with the built-in LED lights, make it a valuable addition to any photography student’s toolkit.

Plus, it’s compatible with the Amazon Seller app, which can be handy for budding photographers looking to showcase and sell their work online, with the added benefit of free shipping with Amazon Prime, this gift is sure to be appreciated during the Christmas season.

27. YJT Heart Wish Bracelets

wish bracelet

These YJT Heart Wish Bracelets would make a delightful Christmas gift for a student. These custom wish bracelets have an adjustable design that ensures they can fit students of various ages.

Plus, the set of 10 with different colors allows for sharing and spreading joy among friends or classmates.

28. Max Fun Rainbow Color Scratch Christmas Ornaments

Max Fun Rainbow Color Scratch Christmas Ornaments

If you’re on the lookout for entertaining and fun gifts to keep students busy during their holiday break, the Max Fun Rainbow Color Scratch Christmas Ornaments fit the bill perfectly.

These scratch-off ornaments offer a delightful and artistic way for students to spend their free time while adding a festive touch to their holiday decor. The included cords make it easy to hang the different designs.

29. Mr. Pen Googly Eyes Pencil Erasers

googly eye animal erasers

The set of 20 Mr. Pen Googly Eyes Pencil Erasers would make one of the best Christmas gift ideas for a student. These cute and playful erasers create personalized pencils and can add a touch of fun to their schoolwork and creative endeavors.

Plus, the variety of animal shapes and removable bulging eyes will surely bring smiles to their faces during the holiday season.

30. Supla Scratch Rainbow Bookmarks Making Kit

Supla Scratch Rainbow Bookmarks Making Kit

The Supla Scratch Rainbow Bookmarks Making Kit is a wonderful option for those on tight budgets, looking to provide an engaging and artistic activity for kids or students.

This comprehensive kit includes all the necessary materials to craft 36 magic art rainbow scratch paper bookmarks. These bookmarks also pair well with a good book, offering an enjoyable reading experience.

31. First Christmas as a Law Student Plastic Ornament

law student ornament

This First Christmas as a Law Student Plastic Ornament would make an excellent Christmas gift for a new law student. You can customize it with a special message and name that resonates with the student.

Whether they hang it on their Christmas trees or use it as a decorative accent, this high-quality ornament will remind them of your care and appreciation during the holiday season and beyond for a long time.

32. ThEast Rainbow Colored Pencils

rainbow colored pencils

Give the gift of creativity this Christmas with ThEast Rainbow Colored Pencils! These innovative wooden color pencils are perfect for students, offering four colors in one and providing endless artistic possibilities.

With their long-lasting durability and unique color-changing features, they make for a fantastic and inspiring Christmas present.

33. JIAODIREN Personalized Leather Bookmarks

leather bookmark

Give the gift of inspiration this Christmas with these high-quality, stylish JIAODIREN Personalized Leather Bookmarks. Crafted from durable PU leather and waterproof kraft paper, they’ll last longer than traditional paper bookmarks.

Their unique designs, including flowers and sunsets, add a personal touch to any student’s reading collection.

34. OttLite LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging

LED desk lamp with wireless charging

Surprise the older student or college kid in your life with the perfect Christmas gift – the OttLite LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging. This versatile lamp is ideal for their study sessions, reading, and other tasks, offering customizable lighting.

Its eye-friendly ClearSun LED technology reduces eyestrain, and the lamp even includes a wireless charging pad and USB port for their devices.

35. Burt’s Bees Everyday Essentials Set

burt's bees kit

Surprise the college student in your life with the Burt’s Bees Everyday Essentials Set. This thoughtful gift not only provides essential skincare products to keep their skin healthy and nourished throughout the school year but also makes for a convenient addition to their travel and dorm essentials.

Whether it’s for back-to-school or any special occasion, this set offers a touch of pampering and self-care to help them look and feel their best during their college journey.

36. NOBLIGOAL Portable Shower Caddy 

shower caddy

This multifunctional NOBLIGOAL Portable Shower Caddy is an ideal dorm room essential for college students. It’s not only perfect for organizing shower items but also doubles as a travel toiletry bag for both men and women.

With its large capacity, water-resistant design, and convenient hanging hook, it’s a practical and fashionable choice for students on the go.

37. ZOEMO Bed Rest Pillow

bed rest pillow

For one of the best Christmas gift ideas for students, consider the ZOEMO Bed Rest Pillow. This versatile pillow not only offers comfort for reading and relaxation but can also serve as a lumbar support for long study sessions.

It’s premium cluster ball fiber filling and soft velour cover provide excellent support and comfort.

38. Dreamighty Wearable Throw Blanket

wearable throw blanket

For a cozy Christmas gift for a student, consider this Dreamighty Wearable Throw Blanket. This innovative blanket transforms into a wearable cape, making it perfect for staying warm while studying, watching movies, or lounging around during the winter months.

With its generous size, soft plush material, and versatile design, it’s an ideal gift that combines comfort and style, ensuring the student stays warm and snug throughout the holiday season and beyond.

39. ZICOTO Pastel Sticky Notes Set

pastel sticky notes

Consider gifting the ZICOTO Pastel Sticky Notes Set as a practical Christmas gift for a student. With its assortment of 528 sheets in beautiful pastel colors and various sizes, it’s perfect for helping them stay organized during their studies.

Whether used for note-taking, task organization, or color-coding, these sticky notes are a versatile and stylish addition to their office or school supplies. 

40. HUANUO Lap Laptop Desk

laptop desk

For one of the best Christmas gift ideas for a student, consider this HUANUO Lap Laptop Desk. It’s a practical and versatile addition to their study or workspace, providing comfort and convenience.

With its anti-slip wrist pad, storage pocket, and tablet holder, it’s designed to enhance their productivity and organization. 

41. Kits of Medicine Human Anatomy Study Cube

human anatomy cube

For a captivating and educational Christmas present for a student studying anatomy, consider gifting them the Kits of Medicine Human Anatomy Study Cube. This interactive and fun cube offers a unique way to revise anatomy, with nine different body parts to explore.

It’s a delightful departure from traditional study materials and is sure to engage and inspire their passion for the subject.

42. Hnncugty Pastel Highlighters

pastel highlighters

Consider gifting these cute and aesthetic Hnncugty Pastel Highlighters as a delightful Christmas present for students. With their unique set of six colors, quick-drying ink, and comfortable square flat shape, they make for a stylish addition to any student’s stationery collection.

Whether for note-taking, journaling, or adding a pop of color to their studies, these highlighters are sure to bring joy and organization to their academic endeavors.

43. Instant Air Purifier

instant air purifier

Consider gifting this advanced Instant Air Purifier as a thoughtful Christmas present for a college student. It’s a practical and health-conscious gift, perfect for improving air quality in their dorm room or apartment.

With features like auto mode, odor reduction, and whisper-quiet operation, it’s designed to create a comfortable and clean living environment. 

44. steo spce Ramen Bowl Cooker Set

ramen bowl cooker set

Delight a college student this Christmas with the versatile steo spce Ramen Bowl Cooker Set, a practical and considerate gift choice. Crafted for durability and convenience, it’s perfect for dorm room dining.

Featuring multiple bowls and inclusive tableware, it accommodates various meals, and its dishwasher-safe design guarantees effortless cleanup.

45. Ure Tenk Open When Envelopes

brown envelopes

Think about surprising your student with these touching Ure Tenk Open When Envelopes. Crafted from eco-friendly, recycled brown paper, each envelope contains hand-lettered messages, allowing you to convey your affection and encouragement.

Whether it’s for a college-bound friend, a cherished sibling, or a beloved family member, these envelopes can be filled with goodies like sweets, chocolates, photos, or heartfelt letters, making them a personalized and heartwarming gift.

46. perleddom Pocket Hug Coin

pocket hug coin

This perleddom Pocket Hug Coin is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for a student. The motivational messages on these tokens provide encouragement and inspiration, making them a thoughtful gesture during the holiday season.

Whether it’s for a daughter, son, sibling, best friend, or anyone in need of a little boost, these tokens are a touching way to show your support and love.

47. Yesteel Initialed Jewelry Case Organizer 

jewelry case organizer

The Yesteel Initialed Jewelry Case Organizer is a versatile and elegant present that’s suitable for Christmas. Crafted from high-quality materials, it adds a touch of luxury to their accessories while helping keep their jewelry organized and tangle-free.

48. grapehiker Positive Little Reminders Wood Plaque Sign

little reminders plaque sign

One of the best visually appealing Christmas gift ideas for a student, this grapehiker Positive Little Reminders Wood Plaque Sign offers an attention-grabbing design making it a versatile addition to their home or dorm room decor.

Crafted with precision and built to last, it’s a heartfelt gift choice for the holiday season, enabling the recipient to proudly exhibit it on their desk and commemorate the special occasion.

49. VANLOVEMAC Inspirational Keychain 

inspirational keychain

As a Christmas gift for a recent graduate, you can choose this VANLOVEMAC Inspirational Keychain, featuring an inspirational quote and a compass pendant. This meaningful present serves as a source of encouragement and motivation for those who have just completed their academic journey.

Crafted from durable stainless steel with clear engraving, it’s a thoughtful keepsake that reminds recent graduates of their achievements.

50. EASTHILL Pencil Case

pencil case

For a practical and considerate Christmas gift for a student, think about gifting this EASTHILL Pencil Case. With its generous storage capacity and versatile features, it’s an ideal choice for keeping pens, pencils, gadgets, and even small notes organized.

Crafted from durable polyester fabric with a smooth zipper, it’s designed to last and can also serve as a travel case or makeup bag.

51. Starbucks $10 Gift Cards (4-Pack)

starbucks gift card

Choosing a Starbucks $10 Gift Cards (4-Pack) as a Christmas gift for a college student is a fantastic idea for a few reasons. Firstly, it provides them with the freedom to enjoy multiple coffee or snack breaks, which can be a welcome treat during the holiday season.

Secondly, Starbucks is a well-loved and easily accessible coffee chain, making these gift cards practical and versatile for students to use at their convenience.

52. SHOWSUP Funny Biology Stickers for Laptop & Water Bottles

biology stickers

As a Christmas gift for a biology student, consider these SHOWSUP Funny Biology Stickers for Laptop & Water Bottles. They are not only suitable for water bottles and lunch boxes but also any items that may come into contact with water without losing their stickiness or vibrant colors.

Perfect for biology enthusiasts, these stickers offer a creative way to express a love for biology and can be used to decorate various items.

53. Dabem Natural Stone Sunflower Back to School Bracelet

back to school bracelet

The Dabem Natural Stone Sunflower Back to School Bracelet is a bracelet that symbolizes courage, wisdom, and strength and serves as a reminder of your Christmas wishes. It’s a thoughtful and versatile gift suitable for college students, high school students, or those in grades 8-12.

54. Zaina Bella Anatomy Composition Notebook

anatomy notebook

This unique Zaina Bella Anatomy Composition Notebook has a distinctive design featuring medicine, skulls, and skeletons making it an ideal and meaningful gift for someone immersed in the field of anatomy and medicine during the holiday season.

55. Kate Spade New York Canvas Tote Bag

book canvas bag

This stylish Kate Spade New York Canvas Tote Bag has a durability and practical design suitable for carrying books, weekend essentials, or even serving as a reusable grocery bag.

Moreover, with the added touch of Kate Spade New York’s chic style, it becomes a fashionable and functional present for the holiday season.

56. Blue Lake School Supplies Bundle

school supplies

This comprehensive Blue Lake School Supplies Bundle, presented in an eco-conscious manner, makes for a great Christmas gift for students. With 22 essential items, including binders, folders, pencils, and more, neatly arranged in a reusable gift box, it’s a thoughtful and practical choice.

57. LOVEVOOK Water Resistant Stylish Backpack

water resistant backpack

A versatile Christmas gift for students, this LOVEVOOK Water Resistant Stylish Backpack is available in a variety of vibrant colors. It not only offers practicality with its 18 pockets and laptop protection but also allows you to choose a color that suits the recipient’s style and preferences.

Perfect for work, college, and travel, it adds a touch of personalization to your holiday gift.

58. Dulcet Gift Basket Gourmet Chocolate Chunk Cookies 

chocolate chunk cookies

Delight students this Christmas with the Dulcet Gift Basket Gourmet Chocolate Chunk Cookies including brownies, cookies, and blondies.

Perfect for satisfying sweet cravings during the holiday season, this gift is sure to bring joy and warmth to students as they indulge in these delectable goodies with a cup of hot chocolate.

Whether they’re at home or in the dorm, this delicious gift basket will make their holiday season a little sweeter.

59. Jerky.com Exotic Jerky Gift Basket

jerky gift set

Consider gifting this assortment of Jerky.com Exotic Jerky Gift Basket to a student who enjoys attending games. With a variety of unique flavors like buffalo, elk, and venison, these high-protein snacks will make game day even more exciting and memorable.

Whether it’s for football, basketball, or any other sporting event, this selection of exotic meat sticks is sure to be a hit with sports-loving students during the holiday season.

60. Can’t I’m Studying Gift T-Shirt

can't im studying shirt

This humorous Can’t I’m Studying Gift T-Shirt is an ideal gift for college students who appreciate sarcasm and have a good sense of humor. It’s a lightweight and comfortable shirt that’s perfect for wearing during long study sessions at the library.

Whether they’re into funny quotes or just need a good laugh during their college days, this t-shirt is a great addition to their wardrobe.

61. Medicine College Funny Throw Pillow

This Medicine College Funny Throw Pillow with a humorous saying, “No sleep no money no life med student,” makes for a fun and relatable Christmas gift idea. It’s an ideal addition to a dorm room or study space for a medical student.

Made from high-quality materials, it’s a durable and comfy accessory to remind them of their medical journey.

62. VAMSII PhiniseD Book Sleeve 

book sleeve PhD

This VAMSII PHD Book Sleeve makes for a thoughtful and unique Christmas present for a student who has just earned their Ph.D. This high-quality, waterproof book sleeve will help them protect and carry their valuable books and research materials in style.

63. AMBREGRISSUN Graduate Desk Sign

graduate desk sign

This AMBREGRISSUN Graduate Desk Sign is a thoughtful and inspirational Christmas gift for a student. It’s suitable for students who’ve just graduated high school or college and can be a source of daily encouragement and inspiration.

Whether it’s for a daughter, sister, niece, or friend, this gift is versatile and comes in a beautiful gift box ready for Christmas giving.

64. Onebttle Heat Sensitive Mug

heat sensitive mug

This Onebttle Heat Sensitive Mug is an enchanting Christmas gift for any student who appreciates a touch of magic with their hot beverages.

Crafted from safe ceramic materials, this mug ensures both quality and safety for enjoying their favorite hot or cold drinks.

65. PUDDING CABIN Ceramic Jewelry Dish

adventure begins jewelry dish

This elegant and inspirational PUDDING CABIN Ceramic Jewelry Dish makes a perfect Christmas gift for a high school student who has just graduated.

Its engraved message and quality design convey your appreciation and support for their journey ahead, making it a thoughtful and meaningful present to celebrate their achievements during the holiday season.

66. JOYORUN Cute Cow Pencil Case

cow pencil case

This cute and uniquely designed JOYORUN Cute Cow Pencil Case makes for a delightful Christmas gift for a middle schooler. With its ample storage capacity, sturdy canvas fabric, and reliable zipper, it’s perfect for organizing pens, pencils, and other stationery items for school.

67. mygreen Lightweight Canvas Backpack

galaxy backpack

This versatile and stylish mygreen Lightweight Canvas Backpack, available in a variety of colors and patterns, is an excellent Christmas gift option suitable for students of all ages.

Whether they’re in middle school, high school, or college, this backpack, made from water-resistant polyester, is perfect for school and occasional travel.

Its ergonomic design, adjustable padded reinforced straps, and various compartments make it a practical and fashionable gift for students of any age.

68. Fainne Scratch and Sniff Scented Bookmarks

scratch and sniff bookmarks

These delightful Fainne Scratch and Sniff Scented Bookmarks, with 12 different styles and motivational words, make for an excellent Christmas gift for young students.

The scented bookmarks add a fun and sensory aspect to their reading experience, making it more enjoyable and motivating. They can be used to mark progress, keep track of pages, and serve as a positive reinforcement for young readers, making reading even more exciting.

69. Santa Claus Temporary Tattoos

santa claus temporary tattoo

Consider giving these Santa Claus Temporary Tattoos as a delightful Christmas present to students. They are a fun and festive addition to holiday celebrations, and kids will enjoy applying them to create unique holiday memories.

These tattoos are safe for children’s skin and can be easily removed when needed.

70. EastPin Book Reading Light

reading light

A thoughtful Christmas gift for a student could be this EastPin Book Reading Light, perfect for their reading needs. It offers uniform and adjustable illumination to reduce eye strain, making it an ideal companion for late-night study sessions or leisure reading.

Plus, its rechargeable feature ensures they can use it for an extended period without worrying about running out of battery.

71. Texas Roadhouse Gift Card

texas roadhouse gift card

Giving a Texas Roadhouse Gift Card to a college student is a fantastic idea. It allows them to enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant, take a break from their busy academic schedule, and savor some mouthwatering dishes like steaks, ribs, and more.

Buying Guide

When choosing a gift for a student, it’s important to consider their interests and needs. Here are some key features to look for when selecting a gift:


A functional gift is always appreciated. Consider items that will help the student stay organized, such as a planner or a desk organizer. Gifts that can be used daily, such as a water bottle or a coffee mug, are also practical choices.


Students tend to be hard on their belongings, so durability is an important factor to consider. Look for gifts that are made from high-quality materials and are built to last.

Avoid items that may break easily or wear out quickly.


Many students are always on the go, so portable gifts are a great option. Consider items that are easy to carry around, such as a backpack or a laptop sleeve.

Gifts that can be used in a variety of settings, such as noise-canceling headphones or a portable charger, are also great choices.


Personalized gifts are a thoughtful way to show a student that you care. Consider items that can be customized, such as a monogrammed notebook or a personalized phone case.

Gifts that reflect the student’s interests or hobbies, such as a book on their favorite topic or a piece of artwork, are also great options.

By considering these key features, you can choose a gift that is both practical and meaningful for the student in your life.

Final Thoughts

Looking for the perfect way to show appreciation? Check out these great ideas for student gifts that are sure to impress. From handmade gifts and functional gifts to coupon books, there’s something for everyone.

You can also buy some editable Christmas gift tags for your students. Whether it’s thoughtful gifts from family members or a trip to Home Depot, these best gifts are a great way to prepare students for the start and end of the school year!

Best student gift ideas for Christmas that they will remember.

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