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Style Guide: White Sneakers

One can never have too many white sneakers. Whether you’re looking to dress down a specific outfit, make a style statement, or couple them with your favorite denim, a good pair of white sneakers are crucial! Here at Sarah Scoop we wanted to give you the scoop on every pair of white sneakers that deserve a spot in your closet ASAP! Enjoy!

Style Guide graphic: Best White Sneakers

1. First off, the best classic white sneaker:

Adidas Stan Smith classic white sneakers

You can never go wrong with a pair of Stan Smith’s. They match with nearly every outfit and are super comfortable. Additionally, this brand has been around forever, proving the awesome reputation they’ve earned. Get a pair now while they are only $64.00 from Nordstrom’s! They will definitely serve an excellent and useful purpose and won’t disappoint you in your closet 😉
If Adidas aren’t your thing, be sure to check out these other great options for a classic white sneaker:

2. The best “dad” sneaker

FILA dad sneakers

Commonly referred to as “dad” sneakers, these chunky white sneakers have made a huge comeback in recent years! My favorite is the classic white FILA sneakers “women’s disruptor 2 premium.” They are economically pleasing at only $65.00. Make sure to get your comfy pair of dad sneakers ASAP!

Here are some other great “dad” sneaker options!

3. Best slip-on white sneaker

Vans white slip-ons

A good pair of slip-on sneakers are essential. Whether you’re a busy parent, or always on the go, slip-on sneakers will surely never disappoint. Not only are they insanely easy to put on (hence the name), but they also add an instant style boost to every outfit. My favorite slip-on sneakers are definitely Vans Slip-On “true white” sneakers.

Here are some other great slip-on sneaker options!

4. Best fashion forward sneaker

Golden Goose fashion forward sneakers

While these are definitely not the most economically friendly sneaker, they are definitely the most stylish!!! Golden Goose sneakers are pricey but DEFINITELY worth every penny! They will last you for years and will dress up or down any outfit perfectly. Get your pair today on sale from Farfetch!

Here are some more “bank pleasing” options 🙂

5. Best platform sneaker

Nike white platform sneakers

Ladies, we all could benefit from a little platform in our sneakers here and there! These Nike Air force 1 platform sneakers definitely take the cake. The platform is the perfect lift to elevate your style, and they are still super comfy and perfect for everyday wear. Make sure to add these to your list before they sell out!

Here are some other great platform sneaker options!

6. Best high top sneaker

Converse Chuck Taylor high-top sneakers

Nothing says “oldie but a goodie” quite like a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor high top sneakers. These sneakers are timeless. Not only are they perfect for just about any occasion, but they will also turn some heads too!

Here are some other great high top sneaker options!

I hope this style guide has helped you pick out your next pair of white sneakers! Below is a link to all of the sneakers I mentioned above so that you can start shopping. Happy shopping! xo

Sarah Scoop White Sneakers Style Guide

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.