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Summer Peach Caprese Salad Recipe

Everyone knows the classic caprese salad with tomato, basic, and mozzarella cheese. All you have to do is slice up the cheese and tomato and piece it all together. It is such an easy dish to put together, but to freshen it up for the summer I have replaced the tomato slices with peaches to create a fresh peach caprese salad recipe. This a simple and easy recipe that everyone will love. You could make it as a meal on its own or serve it as a side dish.

Minimal ingredients are all that is needed for this sweet peach caprese salad, so you don’t have to go breaking the bank to try something new.

Photos by author.


Fresh Peaches

Fresh Basic Leaves

Mozzarella Cheese

Balsamic Glaze

First things first, all you need to do is slice up the peaches into round slices, making sure they are even and thin. Always make sure you wash your produce. Next, cut up the basil leaves into smaller pieces if the leaves are huge. After, take the mozzarella cheese and slice this up again into thin round slices for the peach caprese salad. (I used vegan mozzarella, so that is why mine wasn’t in circular shapes.)

After everything is cut into slices, it is time to assemble the dish. I like to start with the peaches on the bottom, then set the basil leaves on top, then the mozzarella on top. Finish off the dish with a drizzle of balsamic glaze. You could also use a balsamic reduction, but the I prefer the glaze for the thicker texture and taste. Make sure you serve this peach caprese salad on a beautiful plate as well!

This salad not only tastes super fresh, but it also doesn’t take that much time to put together. This peach caprese salad is a fresh twist on a classic. Try it out!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.