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Summer Sunglasses Trends + 25% off at ShopBop

Women’s sunglasses took center stage on the runway this season with designers debuting eye-catching designs for their 2016 spring/summer lines. From bold colors and patterns, to innovative shapes and embellishments, this must-have accessory is anything but average. Take a look at the five top trends in designer sunglasses for 2016 and see which one you’ll be sporting this year.
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1. Interesting shapes

You’ll break the mold with this 2016 women’s sunglasses trend. Funky, unexpected shapes showed up in many major designers’ collections this year, and they’re sure to spice up any ensemble you’re wearing. Ranging from exaggerated edges to geometric shapes like octagons, these on-trend sunnies have an almost futuristic feel that will most certainly draw attention.

2. Color

Unique shapes aren’t the only designer sunglasses grabbing attention this year. You’ll also see a trend toward ultra-bright colors. Vivid shades like hot pink and neon green were all the rage on the catwalk, as well as more muted hues like pastel peaches and yellows. Tone-on-tone is another way color is being used in the latest sunglasses styles, with the combination of different colors or two shades within the same color family creating an interesting contrasting effect.

3. Round

For the past several years there has been a move away from the round-framed sunglasses that saw popularity in the 1990s. This trend appears to be returning, however, with many metal-framed, round, women’s sunglasses popping up in designer collections. Whether they’re oversized with colored lenses or small and retro-inspired, round sunglasses are definitely back.

4. Cat eye

Cat-eye women’s sunglasses continue to see popularity in 2016. Many designers put a twist on this classic shape by giving them drawn out, flared edges to really emphasize the feline-like look. You’ll also find them with embellishments like jewels, glitter and metal decorative accents, as well as incorporating the color and oversized trends of 2016.

5. Mirrored

Another designer eyewear blast from the past are mirrored lenses. Popular in the 1980s, this right-now trend is found in everything from classic aviators to patterned plastic frames. The color-tinted reflective lens is particularly popular, giving those who are interested in the color trend a more subtle option than an all-out hue-drenched frame.

Other popular themes include sport-inspired sunglasses, patterns and floral embellishments and decorations. No matter what style appeals to you, chances are you’ll be making a statement with your sunglasses in 2016.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.