Sustainable Clothing Brands to Support

Clothing is something we all need to buy, and unfortunately the fashion industry accounts for a huge amount of the world’s pollution today. When shopping, as consumers we should be looking for a brand that is transparent about their production and practices. Here is a list of various sustainable clothing brands to support. I even included a jewelry brand for you.

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The Pangaia

This is a basics company that plants a mangrove tree for every product sold. They are on a mission towards sustainability and inclusivity for all. Also, on their website you can look through all of the natural and recycled fabrics used to create their clothing. Finally, their Instagram offers educational graphics to show how they are supporting various eco-friendly causes.

Shop Redone

This is a luxury online store that features pieces that are up cycled to create a beautifully unique item. Also, they represent a movement to keep fashion sustainable and acknowledge the history of vintage denim. In addition, they feature clothing that is individualized to you as luxury should be.

Jlani Jewels 

Jlani Jewels is a black woman business. All the jewelry comes from factories and suppliers in the United States and feature hypoallergenic materials. Also, their jewelry is eco-friendly while offering a great price range and variety of products. You can find gold, silver, and fine jewelry on the website, and follow their Instagram for styling inspiration.


Tkees is a family-created sandal company that recently added loungewear to their store. The company emphasizes that their products are handcrafted and amazing quality. The company also offers a good range of skin tones and vegan leather as well. Great staple for the summer. Plus, this is a great sustainable fashion brand to support.


This is a lifestyle clothing brand that works to normalize speaking about mental health and positivity. Also, the brand offers tours of their production factory on their website, which is something I value in a brand. More brands should be open about how and where their clothing is made. Lastly, their Instagram is great for style inspiration and messages.

Girlfriend Collective 

Girlfriend Collective is a sustainable and ethical activewear brand. Their Instagram offers various highlights that feature graphics about their production and other ways to help the planet. In addition, activewear is super cute, affordable, and made from recycled materials. Also, Girlfriends holds a great message about female empowerment, so it is a brand we should all get behind.


I found this brand trending on Instagram. They are known for their ethical and activist messages printed on streetwear classics. The clothing features 100% cotton material, and you can tour their entire supply chain from fabric to factories online for peace of mind. They stand with various global moments and fair-trade practices. This is a great sustainable fashion brand to support.

Some of these brands have higher prices than your classic Forever 21 or Shein, but when looking for something ethically made and high quality the price range is going to go up. Also, clothing that costs less than your lunch, cannot be ethical for the planet of the people producing it. Finally, support small businesses, do your research, and thrift when you can.

Modern consumers want eco-friendly brands, if you run a clothing company going green can help you to gain more customers. Clothing brands are advised to use CSR as part of their marketing strategies. It’s important that customers know about your eco-friendly initiatives. There are plenty of ways to promote your green-practices, from blogs to webinars or digital banners on social media. To learn more check out this banner maker.

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