70 Best Sweet 16 Gifts and Ideas for the Girls

Turning 16 is a milestone birthday and picking out the best sweet 16 gift ideas for your special girl can be difficult. This gift guide is here to show you various unique gifts you can give to the teenage girl you know.

sweet 16 gift ideas

Memorable gifts like a charm bracelet on her special day will come from anyone who took the time to pick something out.

You might feel intimidated but I’m here to tell you teen girls aren’t impossible to shop for. This list of gift options will assist you and all your birthday gift needs.

Here’s the scoop on the 70 best sweet 16 gift ideas for 16-year-old girls!

Best Sweet 16 Gift Ideas

1. Crosley Record Player

The first great gift option is a Crosley record player. This device is perfect for girls who are interested in listening to their favorite albums on vinyl.

The addition of a record player to a girl’s bedroom takes the aesthetic of her room to a whole new level.

Some of the awesome features this record player has to offer include Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to play music from your phone on the record player. This is great for when you are hoping to get an album on vinyl but haven’t found it yet.

There is a headphone jack that allows for private listening. The adjustable pitch control is also another aspect that catches the eye of shoppers looking for the perfect record player. This is a super sweet 16th birthday gift, so you should be sure and grab one today.

2. Vinyl Records

This next gift idea goes along with the first gift on the list. Vinyl records are a great gift for girls who already own a record player or those who are trying to build their collection before purchasing a record player.

Almost every album that is released today on streaming platforms is made available on vinyl. Amazon has an endless amount of vinyl records from many different artists. Buy this vinyl for the perfect sweet 16 gift!

3. Kodak Wireless Instant Photo Printer

Another perfect gift to give the 16-year-old girl in your life is this Kodak wireless instant photo printer. There is no more hassle of having to order prints and driving to the store to pick them up.

This device connects to any electronic that has Bluetooth capabilities. It doesn’t require ink in order to print the vibrant photos you love.

The design of the paper is embedded with dye crystals that deliver beautifully detailed prints of any picture you have on your phone or tablet. Give this gift to the 16-year-old girl in your life that would love to print out her favorite photos and put them up wherever she pleases.

4. Kendra Scott Ring

This next idea for a present is a piece of beautiful jewelry from Kendra Scott. It is a rose gold ring that many girls would love to receive on their sweet 16th. This ring is a statement ring that goes with every outfit and can be worn anywhere.

Sweet gifts that last for a long time are a great way to show you care about the birthday girl immensely.

Kendra Scott also allows you to make changes to some of their pieces in order to create custom jewelry that is unique to each person who wears it.

5. Book Shaped Flower Vase

Is the person you’re buying for a big reader? Another birthday gift for a book lover is this unique flower vase. This vase is in the shape of a book and can be displayed on its own so you people look at the meaningful quotes on the front and the side.

It can also slip in between books on your shelf because of its design which resembles an actual book. It is the perfect sized vase for your bouquet of fresh flowers to grow out of.

The vase can be the centerpiece of a table or subtlety placed around the room. Either way, the multi-functional acrylic home décor is a wonderful gift for any 16-year-old girl you know that loves to read.

6. Bluetooth Car Adaptor

The next item is one of the best birthday gift ideas for new drivers. Freshly 16-year-old girls are most likely driving a car that’s been passed down to them or isn’t brand new. This Bluetooth car adaptor creates an inclusive experience for every driver so they can still listen to their favorite songs!

You never have to worry about whether you will be able to play your music because no matter how old the car is, this adaptor has an FM transmitter that allows phones to connect to it wirelessly.

The rotatable neck on the adaptor lets its users adjust their viewing for the most comfortable and safe positioning while driving.

The noise cancellation feature on this device dampens the road noise and gives you clear sound on hands free calls and when you’re playing music. This device is affordable and one that many birthday girls would appreciate.

7. Barefoot Dreams Robe

Another one of the best 16th birthday gift ideas is this Barefoot Dreams robe. Some of high school girls’ favorite memories are at friend group sleepovers and the addition of this robe will make those nights even better.

The design of this chic robe takes into account style with its minimal collar and shorter length. The material is the coziest you will ever touch for a cold night and features two front pockets to hold your phone or any other item you want to keep close.

Its tie waist is also adjustable to fit everyone. Barefoot Dreams also carry their robes in multiple colors and patterns. Browse the available options and choose which one is the best fit for the birthday girl you’re shopping for.

8. Apple AirPods

This next gift idea is another electronic that will have the birthday girl jumping for joy when she opens her gift. Apple AirPods are Bluetooth headphones that connect to your Apple device and let you listen without the restriction of a cord.

The earbuds hold in your ears so you can wear them and listen to music while moving around your room and cleaning. They will also allow you to have hands free phone calls while on a walk or when you are busy multitasking.

These AirPods have a listening time that lasts more than 24 hours and has a simple setup. The in-ear detection feature is another aspect that users love because it allows you to pause or skip music without needing to login to your phone.

These earbuds are a great gift for any birthday girl.

9. Portable Movie Projector

Another creative gift idea is this portable movie projector. Its advanced system with powerful running memory allows for stable signal and fast transmission from the projector to the device you are connecting it to.

The built-in stereo dual speakers will provide original audio with crystal clear sound quality. This device won’t take very much time to set up and has an adjustable feature that allows it to change sizes for whatever screen it is being projected on.

It is also a better option than others similar to the projector on the market because this product has the exclusive offer of including a screen with the purchase of the projector.

Help your teenage girl take her movie night to the next level or transform her bedroom into a movie theater where she can watch a big screen from the comfort of her bed.

10. Monogram Car Decal

This next gift idea allows for you to send a personalized message to the birthday girl you’re shopping for. This custom decal can be designed in many different ways. If you want it to say the birthday girls initials you get to select those along with the color, font, and other creative features that go into the creation process of the car sticker.

This is a great present to throw into a gift basket or to give on its own. When new drivers get their chance behind the wheel, it is fun to make the car they’re driving feel like their own.

This car decal is known for its long-lasting stick and doesn’t fade after experiencing different weather conditions. Customize this car decal and give it to the newest 16-year-old in your life.

11. Claw Clips

Another gift idea to give girls on their 16th birthday are these claw clips. This set of hair clips comes with a variety of eight different designs and colors.

Using hair clips instead of ponytail holders is all the rage right now and every young girl will be ecstatic to add this set to their collection.

The durable clips won’t snap or crack easily. They also feel lightweight and don’t slip out of your hair.

There are so many occasions where claw clips come in handy and that’s why this is a great gift idea.

12. Happy Face Slippers

This next gift idea is perfect for a birthday girl to open on her special day. These smiley face slippers are trending right now, and any girl would welcome their coziness in an instant.

Cold nights in the winter or just when your house is feeling chilly is the perfect time to slip these on your feet. They are also great for a spa day when you want to be comfortable walking from different rooms in the house or at a legitimate spa.

They’re cozy and cute plus their rubber sole ensures that they are durable and won’t slip on different surfaces. The sole not only provides shock absorption but also protects the floor from scratch marks.

These slippers come in various sizes so don’t worry about them not fitting your birthday girl.

13. Digital Photo Frame

Another gift idea is this digital photo frame. The photo frames provide easy and instant sharing with the use of a simple app setup.

Loved ones can send photos from their phone directly to the frame and they will appear on the frame that’s set up in your teenager’s bedroom. She can send her own photos as well.

Anyone that downloads the app and connects the frame to it is able to pass along a special message through the use of photo sharing. The auto rotate feature allows you to set the frame up where it shows all the pictures uploaded to it in a steady rotation.

The owner can also set a specific photo to display on the screen. This photo frame can also be voice controlled because it is compatible with Alexa devices.

This device is loved by many and would be a wonderful gift for anyone to open on their sweet 16th birthday.

14. Fab Fit Fun Subscription Box

Next up we have a subscription box from Fab Fit Fun. This gift is awesome because of its $300 value which is only costing you $50 right now. It is a box that changes seasonally and includes a variety of items.

There are name brand products like Kate Spade sunglasses or new items like skincare or household objects that were just released.

The box changes four times a year as the seasons change. Purchasing a subscription to be sent to the birthday girl is like giving her multiple gifts in one.

Opening up the subscription box and discovering all the fun surprises inside is exciting for everyone who receives one.

15. YETI Travel Mug

Another gift idea is this stainless-steel YETI coffee mug. These mugs have a wide variety of colors and are the perfect size for on-the-go coffee drinkers.

The magnetic slider lid adds a barrier that helps keep heat contained inside the mug. It is dishwasher safe, and its design doesn’t allow for sweat on the outside of the cup which will always keep your hands dry.

The tough Duracoat on the outside of the mug ensures the color on your mug won’t crack, peel or fade. If your birthday girl loves coffee this is a great gift for her.

16. Kate Spade Necklace

This next gift is a piece of beautiful jewelry from Kate Spade. It is a set of heart earrings with a matching necklace.

These jewels are made from cubic zirconia and give an almost identical appearance to a real diamond. It is a designer item offered at an affordable price.

Every birthday girl would love to add this to their jewelry box.

17. Statement Ring

Another piece of jewelry that is a great gift for your birthday girl is one of these sterling silver statement rings. These modern rings have a unique historical inspiration with a vintage appeal.

Spoon rings have been trending for a few years now and they represent love and commitment as well as defiance against the ruling class of the 17th century. They have extraordinary quality and are adjustable so every person that wants one can wear theirs comfortably.

Charm bracelets used to be the go-to for friendship bracelets, but these rings have been used to represent the everlasting bond you share with your best friend.

Write a special note for your friend and extend this ring as a gift to show how much you care for them on their birthday.

18. Volcano Candle

The next gift we have is a Volcano candle. Its exotic fragrance is one that is popular among many.

This candle has up to 25 hours of burn time and weighs less than half a pound. Add it to any room to lift the aroma and welcome new guests with its sweet smell.

19. Sparkling Steering Wheel Cover

Another car accessory that is a great gift for a girl on her 16th birthday is this sparkly steering wheel cover. It is made from platinum leather and thanks to exquisite craftsmanship it includes hundreds of sparkling rhinestones.

The anti-slip lining ensures the cover won’t slip from the steering wheel while driving. The elastic material allows you to slip it on easily and fits diverse vehicles.

Give this gift to the birthday girl who is excited to get behind the wheel.

20. Marc Jacobs Tote Bag

Next up we have the Marc Jacobs tote bag. Its canvas material and zip closure are two features that have everyone wanting to get their hands on one of these bags.

The Marc Jacobs logo is printed on the side in a simple font, so it doesn’t draw too much attention to the designer label.

It comes in various sizes and the medium tote is perfect for everyday use.

The birthday girl will be able to comfortably fit all her essentials into this bag and bring it with her wherever she goes.

21. Mini Portable Charger

Another gift idea is this mini portable charger. It comes with a cable, so you are all set when you need to charge up your phone, but you don’t have access to an outlet.

Portable chargers are an item that not everyone thinks they need but when they purchase one, they are so happy to have it. You never have to stress about not being able to use your phone when you need it when you have one with you.

This one is ultra-compact and fits on your phone without sticking out aggressively. It slips into any size bag and helps you feel confident whenever you leave your house even when you haven’t checked your phone battery.

22. Makeup Bag

This next gift is great for 16-year-old girls who are just getting into makeup. It has Velcro dividers that help you neatly organize all your products compared to other makeup bags.

The design includes a separate compartment to store your brushes, so they don’t get covered in unwanted makeup items.

This bag is made from high-quality material and gives you smooth and easy access to your makeup with the two-way zipper feature.

23. Cute Curly iPhone Case

Another cell phone accessory that would be a great birthday gift is this cute curly wave frame phone case. It comes in a variety of colors and can fit many different phone sizes.

The phone case comes with a screen protector, and it helps prevent scratches or fingerprints from marking up your phone. The birthday girl in your life would love to add this case to their collection.

24. Polaroid Camera

This next gift is a great idea because the instant photo printers allow the birthday girl to capture the special moments in her life and hold onto them forever.

This Polaroid instant camera has a slim body size which makes it easy to take with you anywhere. Being able to take photos and immediately receive them in print is a luxury any girl would love.

25. Bracelet Keychain

Another great accessory for the birthday girl who just got her first set of car keys is this bracelet keychain. It is offered in many different colors, and you can also choose if you like the silver or gold chain better.

The appeal of this bracelet keychain is that you can keep your keys around your wrist, and you don’t have to worry about misplacing them.

When you aren’t used to carrying keys, it can be hard to remember where you set them down. This birthday gift for a 16 year old eliminates the issue of losing them.

26. Lululemon Belt Bag

This Lululemon Belt Bag is an item that is popular for its convenience. The bag sits comfortably across your body and holds all your essential items.

It’s not too big or too small and helps you keep track of what you need when you’re on the go.

The bag has many different colors and has an adjustable strap to fit everyone who uses it.

27. Stanley Cup

Another gift that is trending right now is a Stanley Cup. They are made of 90% recycled stainless steel, have double-wall vacuum insulation, and have a powder coat finish that is offered in various colors.

Its break-resistant feature is another quality users love.

You’ll see these cups on the arm or in the cup holder of many different girls and each one will tell you they love their Stanley Cup. Any birthday girl would be excited to have one.

28. Rare Beauty Blush

This next beauty product is the Rare Beauty Blush. It is from Selena Gomez’s makeup brand and every user loves it.

The product has incredible pigment and really follows the philosophy of a little bit goes a long way.

29. Sponge Spa Headband

Another gift idea is this sponge spa headband. It securely holds your hair back while you wash your face or do your makeup while being gentle and not causing strain on your head.

The fluffy headband’s design resembles a soft lovely cloud and has a no slip feature that you can count on.

It also comes with two fluffy wrist cuffs to ensure the water won’t drip down your arms while you wash your face.

This item would go great in a beauty themed gift basket for your birthday girl on her special day.

30. Oribe Hair Mask

The next present is another beauty product that is great for your hair. It’s the Oribe deep conditioning hair mask.

This super-rich hair treatment is a great way to help your birthday girl feel spoiled.

When she wants to have a self-care day, she needs the perfect thing to make her hair feel rejuvenated and look shiny.

31. Bala Bangles

Another great gift for a birthday girl who loves fitness is these Bala Bangles. They are stylish wrist weights that wrap around your arm while you go for a walk or run.

Their sleek design is made from recycled steel and is secured around your wrist with ultra-strong Velcro.

These fashionable and functional weights are on so many girls’ wish lists.

32. FENTY Beauty Lip Gloss

This next present is a makeup product that is flying off the shelves. FENTY Beauty is popstar Rhianna’s makeup brand that everyone loves.

This lip gloss is a must have for any girl who has the slightest interest in makeup.

It can stand on its own to give your lips a delicate shine or is perfect for a topcoat over your preferred color.

33. Personalized LED Name Sign

Another awesome idea for a birthday gift is this easy to install LED customizable light. It creates a unique atmosphere in any room you hang it in.

Personalize the light by having your birthday girl’s name spelled out and give it to her on her sweet 16th.

She will be so excited to put it up in her bedroom.

34. Lululemon Tank Top

This Lululemon tank top is made from durable material that is incredibly comfortable. It can be worn to workout in or can be used for everyday use.

They are sold in a wide variety of sizes and lengths plus they come in different colors. Any birthday girl would love to add this cute tank to her wardrobe.

35. Pleasing Nail Polish

Another gift idea is this nail polish from the brand Pleasing. This is the self-care brand created by Harry Styles. When it was first released it was always sold out.

The Shroom Bloom set has now become easier to purchase and is sold in sets of four.

Choose the four colors you think your birthday girl would love and wrap them up to make for the perfect sweet 16th present.

36. Beats Wireless Headphones

This next gift is another electronic that is great for girls who are interested in music. These high-performance wireless Bluetooth headphones are comfortable and provide up to 40 hours of battery life.

Its adaptable fit adjusts to each user and they’re foldable so you can take them with you wherever you go. This is the perfect gift for 16 year olds.

37. Tarte Eyeshadow Palette

Another makeup product that is perfect for teenage girls that are starting to use beauty products is this eyeshadow palette by Tarte.

It includes both matte and shimmer shades that aren’t too dramatic. The neutral colors are great for everyday use and allow users to get a large amount of value out of this palette.

This present is great for any girl who is even mildly interested in makeup.

38. Ariana Grande Perfume

The Ariana Grande fragrance is something everyone wants to get their hands on. The cloud-shaped perfume is described as containing warm scents of vanilla orchids, whipped coconut, and exotic praline.

It is advertised to emit an aroma of positivity and happiness. Its beautiful design will look wonderful on your beauty counter and any birthday girl would love to open this on their special day.  

39. Lululemon Shorts

Another wonderful gift for that special girl on her sweet 16th is a pair of Lululemon shorts.

They are offered in a large variety of colors and lengths. Every birthday girl would be over the moon to add these to her wardrobe.

40. JBL Portable Speaker

Next up we have a JBL wireless speaker which is a great gift for any teenage girl interested in music. This speaker is a good choice because it allows you to play music for up to 12 hours.

A single charge that lasts for a long time is an aspect to be considered first when choosing a speaker.

The premium sound quality will have any young girl jumping for joy when she opens up this gift on her sweet sixteenth birthday.

41. Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Another perfect gift to give to someone for this special birthday is these Ray-Ban sunglasses.

The lens and frames are available in many different colors which makes them a big hit with teenagers. The sunglasses come with a two-year warranty and a cleaning kit.

This special gift is perfect for a girl who just got her driver’s license and is ready to hit the road on a sunny day.

42. Benefit Cosmetics Benetint

This next fun gift is great for the little girl who is maturing into a young lady. The Benefit Cosmetics Benetint is all the rage right now in the beauty world.

It is a product that works as a lip and cheek stain which allows for it to check off two steps in your get ready routine with just one item.

This item has an incredibly sheer tint that is perfect for girls just getting into makeup. Apply a little to the lips or the upper cheek bones to give a subtle brightening of color.

43. Lululemon Tennis Skirt

Another perfect gift for your best friend or family member is this Lululemon tennis skirt. Any special birthday girl would love the high quality of this athletic wear.

It is made of a lightweight and swift fabric that allows you to move however you desire. Lululemon also has a wide variety of color options to choose from.

Tennis skirts are sporty, cute, and great additions to anyone’s closet.

44. Apple AirTag

This next gift is great for new drivers who just received their first set of car keys. An Apple AirTag is a small device that allows you to keep track of any important item.

You simply attach it to the object and connect it to your Find My app on your phone and you’re ready to go.

This is a practical gift that is extremely useful when you’re searching your house for your misplaced keys because you just hit a button on your phone and a sound is released from the tag to help you find the way to it.

45. Colorful Flower Vases

Next up we have these colorful flower vases. This set of mini vases is made from thick strong glass that is not easy to break.

The anti-slip design on the bottom allows you to set them on a variety of surfaces and not stress about them toppling over.

These vases can be set out at the birthday party and guests will love their beautiful designs.

Every time flowers are added to the vases the owner will be reminded of the momentous occasion that was her sweet 16th birthday.

46. Phone Wallet

Another good gift for 16-year-olds would be a phone wallet. For most people, their cell phone is kept on them at all times. Attaching this super sticky wallet to the back of your cell phone will ensure you have your ID and credit card with you whenever you need them.

The adhesive on the back of these wallets has been tested to prove heat doesn’t impact their strength and moisture won’t cause them to lose their stick either.

The card holder can fit up to five cards comfortably which should have every necessity covered.

These phone wallets are compatible with the majority of phones and are sent with free shipping if ordered on Amazon.com.

47. Air Vent Car Phone Mount

This next gift is a good choice for any new driver. A phone mount that attaches to the vent inside your car allows drivers to see direction of where they’re headed without having to look down or away from the road.

The 360-degree design promotes safe driving thanks to its ability to account for any angle. The state-of-of-the-art locking mechanism means this cell phone holder will stay put.

New experiences come with turning 16 and getting to drive places on your own is one of the most important ones. This helps new drivers feel confident behind the wheel while staying safe on the road.  

48. Apple Watch

Another one of the best birthday gifts to give to the young adults in your life is an Apple Watch. Turning 16 is a big milestone and going big when purchasing a gift can be fun.

This Apple Watch has up to 36 hours of battery life and includes many features that help you stay healthy, safe, and connected.

The customizable action button on this watch allows its user to have instant control over various features. If the young woman you’re shopping for is an active girl, this watch is most likely on her wish list.

49. Personalized Bookmark

This next gift is a wonderful way to show you care about the interests of the person you’re shopping for. Book lovers everywhere would be over the moon to receive one of these personalized bookmarks.

The beautiful designs on this product are hand-sewn and made from felt along with recycled cardboard. These beautiful bookmarks slip onto the corner of the page you are ready to stop at and mark your place with their pretty design.

Meaningful gifts such as these are great options when you want to show the birthday girl you are thinking of her while picking out her present.

50. Lululemon Align Leggings

Another gift idea for a girl on her sweet 16th birthday is these Lululemon align leggings. They are super high rise and incredibly comfortable.

These leggings are great for everyday wear. They are offered in all different colors which allows you to pick which you think is best for your special birthday girl.

51. Rearview Mirror Accessories

This next gift is perfect for any new driver. Decorating the inside of your car is a great way to make it feel like your own space.

This car accessory is girly and the perfect décor to hang from your rearview mirror.

The crystal heart represents everlasting love that most new drivers have for the road when they just received their license.

52. Lap Desk

Another present for a studious birthday girl is this lap desk. The convenient design features an anti-slip wrist pad, tablet holder, and storage pocket.

The cushioned pillow underneath the desk conforms to your lap to provide more comfort and stability.

It is lightweight and portable with a carrying handle. The appearance is also appealing thanks to the classic wood grain and neutral gray color of the wrist pad.

If your birthday girl likes to do schoolwork from the comfort of her room this gift is perfect.

53. Table Makeup Mirror

Next up is this adorable makeup mirror. A girl that is self-aware of her image and enjoys putting on makeup in the morning before taking on the day would love to add this to their vanity.

It is a high-definition mirror that displays perfect imaging. It can be hung on a wall or propped up on its own sitting on a desk.

54. Rainbow BookEnds

Another great gift for a birthday girl who loves books is these rainbow bookends. They brighten up any room they’re added to and create a welcoming vibe.

The bookends are made of iron and hold up books well. Gift these incredibly cute bookends to any girl looking to add décor to her shelf.

55. Pink Faux Fur Blanket

This next gift idea is perfect for any girl’s birthday. You can never go wrong when giving someone a cozy throw blanket.

This one is offered in many colors and the faux fur keeps you comfortable and warm.

It is machine washable and has a classy design that fits in well no matter what your room looks like.

56. Platform Converse

These Platform Converse shoes are on every girl’s wish list. They are offered in multiple different colors and materials.

The elevated outsole gives your legs some extra length and brings any outfit to the next level. The rubber sole and interior cushioning make for a comfortable fit.

These fashion sneakers would look good on anyone and are the perfect gift idea.

57. Bombay Curling Wand

Another perfect present for a girl on her sweet 16th is this Bombay curling wand. It is 32mm and has an adjustable temperature from 150-450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The end of the wand has a cool tip at the end for safety. The wand is great for thick hair and creates full body relaxed waves.

It heats up quickly allowing for perfect styling in just minutes. The titanium barrel generates constant heat which contributes to shinier curls.

58. Birkenstock Sandals

This next sweet 16 gift idea is a pair of Birkenstock sandals. The cork sole is incredibly comfortable for every type of foot.

It molds to each person creating longtime comfort. The leather straps ensure there won’t be wear and tear no matter how often you use them.

Every birthday girl would love to add these to her closet.

59. Supergoop Glow Sunscreen

Another amazing gift idea is the Supergoop face sunscreen. It is the most popular SPF product on the market right now. Its scentless formula provides oil-free sunscreen protection for all skin types and tones.

The sunscreen is antioxidant-rich and helps filter blue light from screens. It glides onto the skin providing a velvety makeup-gripping finish.

This sunscreen is also reef-friendly which means it has no negative impact on the ocean. Apply generously and evenly as the last step in your skincare routine.

60. Hair Rollers

This next gift is a great addition to any girl’s makeup bag. These self-grip hair rollers are a great way to get perfect curls without the use of any heat.

They come in different sizes which is great for various hair textures and lengths. The hair rollers give your hair a nice bounce and come with simple instructions.

Help the newest 16-year-old girl you know to get the most voluminous hair that is super stylish.

61. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Another gift any birthday girl would be over the moon to open is the Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash mascara.

The product curls lashes and adds the perfect amount of length. Each tube has 0.3 ounces of product inside it.

It is long-lasting and gives the perfect lift to your lashes. Girls that are just getting started in the makeup world will love this mascara.

62. Leather Handbag

Next up we have this vegan leather handbag which is one of the best gift ideas for a sweet 16. It is offered in multiple different colors to allow you to match your bag with many different outfits.

It has a magnetic closure feature that ensures your belongings are held tight. The bag also includes an interior pocket that is perfect to fit a small wallet or other necessities.

This bag has a very trendy design that any birthday girl would love.

63. Veja Sneakers

Next up on the list are Veja sneakers. These are a great gift for girls on the go for their sweet 16. They are known as the “traveler’s shoe” because they are incredibly comfortable even when worn for hours.

They include lace-up closure that you can adjust to the best fit for you. The suede logo on the side is stylish and doesn’t draw attention away from your outfit.

They go with everything and are the perfect gift for everyone.

64. Hydro Flask

Another gift that any teenage girl would be happy to open is one of these water bottles on her birthday. Hydro Flasks come in countless colors and are made with insulation that keeps your drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12.

The flex cap design is leakproof when closed so you can transport it without worry. The color last powder is dishwasher safe and keeps your bottle slip-free.

Hydro Flask is a trendy water bottle that everyone loves.

65. Urban Decay Setting Spray

The next present is another item to add to her makeup bag. It’s the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray.

This product is used after you finish doing your makeup. It sprays on to lock everything into place. Every teenage girl that is starting to use makeup would love this gift.

66. 10ft iPhone Charger  

Another gift idea is a 10ft iPhone charger. This charging cable is made of high purity copper that has current stabilization and makes sure to charge your phone fast.

It also includes a smart chip that will ensure your battery doesn’t experience overcharge.

A long charging cord is a perfect gift because it provides users with the comfort of being able to sit wherever they want in a room and still be able to reach their phone while it’s charging.

67. Microfiber Hair Towel

Next on the list is this super absorbent microfiber hair towel. The design of this towel is meant to handle your hair with gentleness.

Wrapping your hair in a thick heavy towel when it’s wet is damaging and prohibits growth.

This ultra-soft material is lightweight and will ensure your birthday girl’s hair is kept healthy.

68. Glass Iced Coffee Cups

Another fun gift is these uniquely designed coffee cups. They are made of high-quality durable glass, with a bamboo lid, and a glass straw. These glasses are dishwasher safe and are perfect for any occasion.

Not only can these glasses be used for the perfect cup of iced coffee, but they can also be sued for any fun summer beverage!

Influencers everywhere rave about the value they get out of purchasing these cups. They are the perfect size for your coffee and can be taken on the go in a car cup holder or sit nicely on a desk without looking cluttered.

69. Chamberlain Coffee

Chamberlain Coffee was a brand created by the celebrity most teens are familiar with named Emma Chamberlain.

Her entire journey to becoming as well-known as she is today started with her filming videos and talking about her love for coffee.

Through her success, she has been able to create her own brand of coffee beans. Every coffee drinker wants to get their hands on a bag and if your birthday girl loves coffee, she will be sure to love this gift. So add this to your cart today and grab the perfect gift for a sweet 16 party!

70. Lanyard Wallet

The final gift idea is one that has been popular to receive on a teenage girl’s sweet 16th for years. It’s a lanyard wallet that allows you to keep all your belongings including your ID and credit card attached to your keys.

The wallet is perfect for that new driver’s license thanks to its clear badge holder in the front. The lanyard is perfect to fit around your neck so you can be sure to always have it on you.

The design of the zipper was made perfectly so it doesn’t interfere with the key ring where all your keys are attached.

These lanyard wallets are offered in many different colors and patterns which allows you to pick the perfect one for your birthday girl.

Sweet 16 Gift Ideas Guide for Girls

Picking out a present for someone’s birthday sends the thoughtful message that you were thinking about how you could make their special day better. Turning 16 is the first big birthday a girl has in her life.

Whether you want to gift her with an experience by letting her unwrap concert tickets, or you want her to be able to choose something she likes with a gift card for name brands, she is going to appreciate whatever present you took the time to pick out for her.

While she is busy coming up with party ideas you can scroll through this gift guide to figure out what you want to give her. You might even find exclusive offers through Amazon!

Hopefully, this took some weight off your shoulders and made you feel confident in selecting a present for that special girl’s sweet 16th birthday!

70 best sweet 16 gift ideas for girls

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