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Symbolism of Three: Angel Number Meaning in Numerology

As enigmatic as it is ubiquitous, the number three has been a cornerstone in cultures, religions, and scientific theories. Here’s the scoop on the symbolism of three!

Its symbolism transcends boundaries, making it a universal language of its own. 

From the Holy Trinity to the three states of matter, the number three holds a revered position that we often overlook in our daily lives.

We’ve got the scoop into the fascinating world of ‘three,’ unraveling its symbolic interpretations across various contexts and cultures.

So, buckle up and prepare for a trip into the captivating realm of the number three!

Single-Digit Numbers: Unlocking the Magic Number

In life, we encounter single-digit numbers in a variety of ways: on license plates, within numerical patterns, or even in the 3rd hour of the day.

But have you ever stopped to ponder the magic these numbers hold?

The number symbolism goes beyond the mere digits; there’s a higher power at work here. 

The number three has long intrigued and captivated various cultures, religions, and mystical traditions around the world.

As a symbol, it is widely believed to embody harmony, balance, and spiritual unity.

With such a rich history, understanding the diverse symbolism of the number three can shed light on its significance across different contexts.

Single Digit and the Middle Ages: Number Associations

During the Middle Ages, single digit numbers were thought to have a special meaning.

This belief in the significant meaning of numbers. Especially in single digits, still holds sway in many aspects of our modern life.

As we unlock the magic of single-digit numbers and delve deeper into number symbolism, remember that the interpretation can vary.

The important thing is that we’re open to the possibility of a higher power and the magic of these numbers.

Why You See the Number 3

Have you ever wondered why the number three seems to pop up so frequently in your life?

It’s not a coincidence, but rather a testament to the pervasive influence of this powerful number.

The number three is deeply embedded in our cultural, spiritual, and everyday contexts.

It’s prevalent in our daily lives, from the three meals we eat each day, to the beginning, middle, and end structure of stories, to the three primary colors.

On a deeper level, it resonates in religious and spiritual beliefs, symbolizing harmony, wisdom, and understanding in many traditions.

Even in nature and science, we find its presence in the three states of matter and the DNA triple helix structure.

The prevalence of the number three is a reflection of its fundamental significance. Making it a constant, yet enchanting presence in our lives.

The Holy Trinity and the Sacred Number

In the world of numerology, the number three holds a special significance.

Known as a sacred number in different cultures, it is seen as the ‘angel number,’ a beacon from our guardian angels leading us on the right path.

Its symbolism is deeply rooted in the spiritual realm.

From the Holy Spirit in Christian doctrine to the Triple Goddess in ancient mythology, the number three resonates with spiritual guidance and positive energy.

The Spiritual Significance of Three in Different Cultures

In the world of numerology, the number three is revered for its associations with positivity and good fortune.

The Pythagoreans, an ancient philosophical school founded by Greek philosopher Pythagoras, believed that three was the first true number and formed the basis of the geometric figure known as the triangle.

This unique relationship between three, harmony, and understanding forms a compelling cornerstone for the symbolism of this number.

Interestingly, the prominence of the number three extends beyond numerology into religious and cultural realms.

The tripartite nature of the world in the form of heaven, earth, and waters reflects the number three’s universal influence.

Moreover, in many religions, the number three represents fundamental principles and divine aspects. Further highlighting its symbolic power and spiritual significance.

Spiritual and Philosophical Significance of Three

Trinitarian Concepts

In various religious and spiritual traditions, the number three holds great significance.

In Christianity, for example, it represents the Holy Trinity, consisting of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

This divine relationship echoes the interconnectedness and union between these three sacred entities.

Symbolizing the universal tripartite nature of the world as heaven, earth, and waters.

The power of three also reflects the human experience through the integration of body, soul, and spirit.

Tarot Symbolism

In Tarot, the number three’s spiritual meaning is embodied in several cards. Emphasizing its importance in guiding one’s emotions, intellect, and intuition.

The Empress, represents creation, fertility, and nurturing energies.

In numerology, the number three is with creativity, self-expression, and communication, qualities that resonate with the energies of Tarot’s Empress card.

The application of these concepts also allows individuals to explore their personal growth and achieve spiritual balance through self-expression and understanding.

Pythagorean Philosophy

Pythagoreans, followers of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, considered three a sacred and powerful number in their teachings.

They believed that it was the first true number as it contained a beginning, middle, and end.

In this sense, the power of three symbolized the principle of One Dividing into Three, illustrating the interconnected nature of all things with mathematical precision.

This notion aligns with concepts in astrology and numerology.

Which often rely on the tripartite system to draw correspondences between celestial bodies, human attributes, and the spiritual realm.

From a Pythagorean perspective, we can grasp the underlying currents of time and space. As well as the energies that shape our lives through this universal understanding.

Overall, the number three’s influence pervades many aspects of spirituality, philosophy, and symbolism.

By exploring its various manifestations such as Trinitarian concepts, Tarot symbolism, and Pythagorean philosophy, we gain insight into the interconnected nature of our experiences, emotions, and spiritual development.

The Old Testament and the New Testament

In the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments hold the number three in high esteem. The Holy Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Ghost—is a divine principle central to Christianity.

The righteous patriarchs of the Old Testament—Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—are three.

Jesus Christ, in the New Testament, rose on the third day, and the holy spirit descended upon him after three hours of darkness in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Ancient Civilizations: Greeks and Egyptians

The ancient Greeks, too, appreciated the magic of this magical number. In Greek mythology, the number three is prominent.

The primary colors recognized were three, related to the three stages of life.

The Romans, adopting this reverence, structured their roman numerals around this perfect number, giving it a position of importance.

The ancient Egyptians also held the number three in high regard. Associating it with the spiritual awakening and life force that drives the universe.

Jewish Culture and Chinese Numerology

In Jewish culture, the number three is a good number. Representing good things like good health, good luck, and good fortune.

In Chinese numerology, as per Feng Shui, three is an auspicious number, embodying the concept of ‘birth-life-death,’ thus symbolizing life path number in different aspects.

The Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number Three

When repeated in a series of number sequences, as a license plate or phone number, it is believed that the divine forces or ascended masters are trying to communicate with you.

They could bring good news or denote a time for new experiences and personal growth.

The symbolism of numbers, specifically the angel number meaning, varies in different contexts.

In the spiritual realm, it could mean that your life is aligning with the divine number and that you are on the right track.

In the physical world, the repeated numbers seen in different things—like the phases of the moon, the number of times you see a twin flame, or even in the larger number of stars in the sky—could denote positive changes.

Embracing the Power of Three

The symbolism of three, as an angel number, is a call for an open mind and is a lucky number.

The numerology behind this master number is vast and carries different meanings.

But one thing is consistent—the number three is a messenger of the divine beings, a call from guardian angels or ascended masters like Doreen Virtue, guiding us towards spiritual enlightenment and creative energy.

The Right Thing: Decoding the Meaning of the Number

number three written in the sand

The meaning of numbers has been studied since ancient Egypt and has evolved through the Middle Ages to the present day.

Numerology, for instance, assigns a special meaning to repetitive numbers. Suggesting that these are not mere coincidences but carry a significant meaning.

Zodiac Signs and Your Social Life: The Important Numbers

Your zodiac signs and social life are more intertwined with numbers than you might think.

Each sign is associated with certain numbers, leading to interesting number associations.

For example, the number three, often seen as a ‘magic number’, holds an important information in the world of numerology.

The Power of Three in Nature

Universal Tripartite Structures

The power of three is widely recognized in various aspects of nature and human symbolism.

One key representation is the tripartite structure in many cultures and systems of thought.

Consider the common division of realms as heaven, earth, and waters, signifying unity and harmony among distinct entities.

In human experience, we see a similar triad in the form of body, soul, and spirit. Providing a comprehensive understanding of our existence

Another essential tripartite symbol in nature is the concept of beginning, middle, and end.

This structure represents the cyclical nature of life and growth, where one phase transitions to the next, creating a continuous flow of transformation.

Triangle Symbols

Triangle shapes and symbols often embody the power of three in various contexts.

One well-known example is the triquetra, also called the Celtic trinity knot. Which represents three interconnected elements coming together as a whole.

In many spiritual and esoteric traditions, triangle symbols signify wisdom, unity, and power.

Triangles also appear in astrology and geometric symbolism.

For instance, a grand trine in astrology comprises three planets forming a triangle, indicating a harmonious, balanced interaction between them.

Geometrically, the triangle is one of the most stable structures due to its inherent balance and ability to distribute force evenly.

Primary Colors

number three on a wall

Primary colors, comprising red, blue, and yellow, demonstrate the power of three in visual arts and representation.

These colors cannot be created by mixing other hues, making them fundamental building blocks in color theory.

With primary colors’ help, artists and designers can create various shades, tints, and tones to evoke emotions, establish visual harmony, and explore symbolism.

When primary colors are together in pairs, they create secondary colors, which further illustrates the power of three in nature and aesthetics.

This combination generates purple, green, and orange, creating a broad spectrum of colors that shape our perception of the world.

The power of three is evident in numerous forms and aspects of nature.

By understanding and embracing the tripartite structures, triangle symbols, and primary colors, we can appreciate the interconnectedness and harmony inherent in our world.

The Role of Three in Mythology and Folklore

Triquetra and Triple Goddess

The triquetra, a Celtic knot design with three interconnected loops, symbolizes the unity of three elements or forces.

It has been in various religious contexts, including Christianity and paganism.

In pagan beliefs, the triquetra represents the Triple Goddess – the Maiden, Mother, and Crone – who embody the stages of a woman’s life.

These three aspects of the goddess emphasize the importance of balance and harmony within one’s life.

The Three Magi

The Three Magi play a significant role in the Christmas story, symbolizing the arrival of Jesus Christ as the savior of the world.

These wise men from the East followed a star to Jerusalem, where they presented gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the newborn Christ.

The three gifts signify Jesus’ roles as a king (gold), a deity (frankincense), and a sacrificed human (myrrh).

The number three in this story also represents the unification of different cultures, as the Magi were believed to be from different regions.

Fairy Tales

hand holding up the number three

The number three is a recurring theme in many fairy tales and folk tales. As it creates a sense of balance and harmony in the story’s structure.

Common patterns in fairy tales involving the number three include:

  • Three sons or daughters in a family
  • Three attempts to complete a task or overcome an obstacle
  • Three magical wishes or gifts

The third child or attempt is typically the hero or successful one. Emphasizing the importance of perseverance and the triumph of good over evil.

The use of three in these stories also helps to create suspense, making the tales more memorable and engaging for listeners and readers.

Historical and Cultural Symbolism of Three

Biblical Context

The number three holds great significance in the Bible. It is often used to symbolize completeness, perfection, or divine presence.

For example, in the story of creation, God created the world in six days, with the pattern of creation evident in multiples of three, relating to earth, heaven, and water.

In the Hebrew tradition, the Patriarchs of the Israelite nation are Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, illustrating the importance of the number three in establishing continuity and stability.


In Christianity, the number three holds immense significance due to the concept of the Holy Trinity – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

These three entities represent different aspects of God, symbolizing unity and indivisibility.

The Trinity is often depicted using a symbol called the triquetra, an ancient sign consisting of three interwoven arcs.

Which emphasizes the interconnectedness and equality of its elements.


number three on a paper in a binder with a bell

Hinduism also attaches great importance to the number three.

The religion’s principal deities are a triad known as the Trimurti – Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver), and Shiva (the destroyer).

These three gods embody the cyclical nature of existence and maintain the balance of the universe.

Apart from the Trimurti, the number three runs through various other aspects of Hinduism, such as the three Gunas (fundamental qualities of nature), three worlds (heaven, earth, and the underworld), and three stages of life (birth, life, and death)


The symbolism of three was also integral in the realm of alchemy.

Alchemical traditions sought to combine natural elements to create the philosopher’s stone, a substance believed to grant eternal life and transmute base metals into gold.

In the process of attaining this goal, alchemists emphasized the importance of the triad: the union of opposites to create a third, harmonious entity.

Alchemical literature is replete with references to the three primes – salt, sulfur, and mercury. Which were believed to be the fundamental components of all matter.

Final Thoughts

The number three has held deep symbolic value across various historical and cultural contexts, often representing completeness, balance, and divine presence.

From the three days of creation to the power of the third time, this numerical motif holds a profound significance across cultures and histories.

Often associated with the number of completion, it represents the finality of important things.

Just as Grand Rapids has expertly showcased the beauty of this concept, recognizing the evil trinity’s contrast alongside moments of great time, we are reminded of the intricate interplay between numbers and their symbolism in the tapestry of life.

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