How To Teach Your Kids Lessons and Values From Movies

Has your kid ever mean-girled her friends like the Bratz dolls or misbehaved like Alvin from the Chipmunks movies? Hey, that’s not really your fault since kids just pick up all kinds of things from the movies they watch – good or bad. They can just as easily derive positive messages from it as well. The trick on your part is to find movies that teach good stuff you want your kids to learn.

Head over to the beautiful Hoyts Erina if you’re residing in New South Wales Australia or any cinema near you and simply choose a movie that your kids prefer. Here are the tricks you need to learn in order to properly teach your kids lessons and values from movies.


Small kids ages 2 to 7. Choose a movie with simple story lines. This age group learns best from movies that have one main idea that’s central to the plot and supported by the action. Try looking for human characters. Even though animated movies rule the box office, kids learn better when it’s the human characters who demonstrate the lesson. If you want your kids to learn about bravery, for instance, they need to see attempts at bravery and courageous acts in the movie.

Big kids ages 8 to 9. Kids in this age group learn best when the story is simple. Elementary school-age kids still need to see the rudimentary cause-and-effect order of how a certain character’s motives are linked to consequences or actions. Kids also learn when they laugh, so the challenge is finding movies that don’t mock its lessons for kids. Character traits, such as curiosity can be dealt with humorously.

Teens and Tweens ages 10 and older. Start by looking for relatable characters. This age group is more engaged when they can see themselves in the characters they are watching. Many characters have flaws, which they overcome later on, which is why older kids can relate to them. Look for positive examples of the lesson rather than the negative ones. You can seek out complexity since this age group can understand plots and subplots. They start to enjoy sorting through complex ideas to figure out what’s behind the movie.

Upcoming movies. Here are the upcoming “kid and family-friendly” movies that you can watch with your little ones.

The Jungle Book – Oct. 18. The story of “The Jungle Book” is about a young boy-cub named Mowgli. One day, a panther named Bagheera comes across an abandoned boat, wherein a small baby is seen. Taking pity on the baby boy, Bagheera takes it to her small family of wolves, who consented to adopt the boy.

Trolls – Nov. 4. From the creators of Shrek comes this funny, smart, and irreverent animated comedy. This colorful and wacky movie is about the overly optimistic Trolls, with a constant song on their lips, and comically cynical Bergens, who are only happy when they have the Tolls in their meals.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Nov. 18. This creation from J.K Rowling is about the magical creatures in the Harry Potter universe. It includes several notes from Harry, Ron, and Hermione, detailing their experiences with the beasts described. Perfect for young kids who enjoyed the original series.

There you have it! Head over to your favorite cinema to find a movie that you and your kids will enjoy. Keep the tips above in mind and let your kids learn more than the fun, but also the lesson. Good luck!

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