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“Tempted” K-Drama Is A Realistic Journey Towards Love- Review

It’s time to learn what love really is in the 2018 Korean drama, Tempted! A series transitioning from high school days to adulthood, Tempted provides a realistic journey towards love. Here is what we think of the k-drama!



The main male lead, Kwon Shi Hyun, is the heir to JK Group but is treated unfairly by his father. The only way that he can temporarily forget his haunting past is when he surrounds himself with his friends. His reputation as a ‘playboy’ does not go unnoticed as his friends, Choi Soo Ji and Lee Se Joo offer a bet for Shi Hyun to seduce Eun Tae Hee. As their relationship progresses, Soo Ji begins to notice that Shi Hyun is falling for Tae Hee. When they both think that their relationship is perfect, Tae hee’s mom and Shi Hyun’s father come into the picture. Through various moments of happiness and sadness, will Tae Hee and Shi Hyun overlook the past and be together again?


Tempted Korean Drama Review:

Why should you watch the 2018 Korean drama Tempted? The show is filled with known actors and actresses such as Joy from the K-pop group, Red Velvet. But we can’t forget about the handsome male lead, Woo Do Hwan who still captures our hearts with his mysterious personality!

As the story unfolds, we ultimately see Shi Hyun fall head over heels for Tae Hee and become caught in his own web of lies. If you’re one to enjoy a drama that elicits a wide range of emotions, be sure to check out this drama! There are scenes that could be overly dramatic, but we can’t ignore the charms of each character as we dive deeper into their personal lives. You can find this mysterious k-drama on Viki but head on over to Netflix to watch Woo Do Hwan’s current drama with Lee Min Ho, The King: Eternal Monarch.


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