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75+ Best Thanksgiving Horror Movie Quotes That Are Chilling

Eli Roth is widely praised for his gripping and visceral horror films, and his latest release, Thanksgiving, lives up to the expectations of any horror enthusiast. Thanksgiving is a must-watch movie for those craving an engrossing whodunnit mystery packed with sinister plot twists and funny yet chilling quotes.

Similar to numerous horror flicks, the humor infused in Thanksgiving offers a reprieve from its bone-chilling sequence of events.

Here’s the scoop on the best Thanksgiving quotes from the horror movie!

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Thanksgiving Movie Quotes

  1. “So, I’ve been nicer to him. He’s a sweety, I paid him a pretty decent sum of money.”
  2. “Well I can’t break papers and play football at the same time.”
  3. “I mean, he’s a good guy. He hasn’t just ghosted me up so he’s front runner.”
  4. “Finish your paper.”
  5. “You actually have to wait your turn here.”
  6. “Think. Oh my gosh this is huge.”
  7. “She couldn’t have written it better herself. Okay. Man, Brainiac.”
  8. “Oh my god. These seats are for us. Our names are at the table.”
  9. “What does this look like? It’s brick.”
  10. “Yes, you know me I will not be bullied by some freaking lunatic.”
  11. “He’s hiring additional security but not closing the store.”
  12. “Wait, are you serious?”
  13. “Did your dad not see this guy tackles?”
  14. “I’m gonna send them out of pocket DM.”
  15. “Are you finished?”
  16. “I just thought, you know in light of the current situation, you might want a little protection.”
  17. “Sales are going through the roof.”
  18. “You shouldn’t have left them in the store.”
  19. “Why did they call you scuba last name?”
  20. “But I know you want to do the right thing.”
  21. “We’re off social media. You deleted every trace of yourself.”
  22. “So I get back up to full speed pitching golden.”
  23. “I’m still your friend and you can trust me.”
  24. “The traveling company was in a panic ranting about bad publicity and getting sued.”
  25. “She went into the security room and deleted all the footage. She asked me not to say anything and I didn’t stop her.”
  26. “There’s nothing you can do about it now.”
  27. “Look, there’s a backup system at my house.”
  28. “That’s probably long gone.”
  29. “He’s pretending like it doesn’t exist.”
  30. “That is right, go down to Dominican Republic. And Jean is going to come down here.”
  31. I’m not scared of you buddy.”
  32. “He’s taking the picture and then uploading it from another location.”
  33. “If I had been in lizard…”
  34. “I know this kid lineup. He goes to our school. He’s always the turkey in the parade.”
  35. “Yeah, he’s the one who started the riot. He had the bold one.”
  36. “It’s Larry or Lonnie or something. She’s probably a cheerleader.”
  37. “You didn’t know anyone other than his roommate.”
  38. “First you run. like nothing’s weird for you.”
  39. “Thanksgiving is a day of mourning.”
  40. “That was beautiful and I enjoyed hearing you read it as much as I enjoyed writing it for my blog.”
  41. “If it makes you feel any better, you’re going to be killed before you get suspended for plagiarism.”
  42. “How do you know a random security guard and why would you not tell anybody?”
  43. “I don’t know. Don’t trust military as a new guy.”
  44. “I don’t wait for a second return.”
  45. “Let’s not be naive here. I mean, the nicest guys are the most psycho. There’s better hiding.”
  46. “What’s wrong with that you? Feel like you can’t trust anybody?”
  47. “And yes, I am excluding Bobby.”
  48. “Bobby would never. I told you he was doing great.”
  49. “No, you told us he told you he was doing great.”
  50. “He is up to his eyeballs.”
  51. “Like Coach Engels says, ‘the best defense is a good offense.'”
  52. “This is not a game.”
  53. “We’re all gonna end up with 2%.”
  54. “Pocket golf. Nice. Wanting to kind of put up like a token model white box that was nice.”
  55. “Heard the man, let’s go.”
  56. “He insisted I learned how to project and made me do it over and over again. Almost blew up in my hand.”
  57. “Okay, you want to tell us about your little buddy, the security guard.”
  58. “Ladies and gentlemen, another satisfied customer.”
  59. “Hey, listen, I just want to know if it’s worth it before we pay.”
  60. “Listen, kid…”
  61. “Sometimes things end up much better than you’d expect, right?”
  62. “But then, along comes Ronnie James on five foot nothing other than the evil little outs. And he brought a magic to that band that they hadn’t seen in years.”
  63. “Let me show you so check this element of surprise.”
  64. “Let’s do this.”
  65. “I mean, you you’re the one who wanted to open the store.”
  66. “Thanksgiving is a holiday even for us.”
  67. “Tomorrow John Carver is going to go down.”
  68. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, I got something you got.”
  69. “So nice to all be together again on Thanksgiving.”
  70. “We’re all going to go around the table and say what we’re thankful for. You’re alive. So Choose your words wisely.”
  71. “Get ready. You’re about to go viral. You’re going to break the internet.”
  72. “You had to talk to everyone outside to show them how special you were.”
  73. “But you got to be careful who you trust.”
  74. “You took my family.”
  75. “I didn’t get to tell you what I was thankful for.”
  76. “Sorry, Jessica. This year there will be no leftovers.”
  77. “I told your stepmom she would make an excellent dinner.”

With mostly positive reviews from critics, this American slasher film takes on a dark perspective to the popular holiday with a star-studded cast including Addison Rae and Patrick Dempsey.

Watch Thanksgiving in theaters right now!

Best thanksgiving horror movie quotes that are chilling.

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