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The 10 Best Ways To Get The Most Out Of Amazon Shopping

Amazon is one of my favorite places to purchase from because their items come so fast and there’s such a wide variety. Here are my favorite ways to save while shopping on Amazon!

1. Get Amazon Prime. This way you can access quicker, free delivery, and even things like Prime TV and Prime Music! There are so many benefits to having Amazon Prime that doesn’t even have to do with ordering from Amazon. Definitely worth the money!

2. Get an Alexa. Alexa comes in a few different forms, from the little echo dot to the standard size, as well as a variation of colors. But she is also really helpful for a household. You can utilize your Alexa and create lists, set timers, and reminders, play music, and even have her tell you jokes! She can also lookup9 any item from Amazon for you and give you details about it.

3. TikTok. This sounds a little silly but bear with me, find Amazon coupons on TikTok. I know, it sounds kind of dumb and TikTok seems like it’s a kids app, but I have actually found some coupons on TikTok that WORK! This is a great way to save on Amazon products.

4. If you’re a student like me, consider renting textbooks from Amazon! They are much cheaper to rent from Amazon than from your school’s bookstore, and you can rent them for a really long time. When the semester is over, just go into Amazon and find “my rentals” and it’s super easy and free to return them!

5. If you’re Whole Foods shopper, or even just pop in there from time to time, make sure you have your Amazon app open at check out! Often times Whole Foods will discount certain items for Prime members and the only way to get your discount is to scan your Amazon app!

6. Prices on Amazon can fluctuate daily, so make sure you sign up for Amazon Price Drops. This way you can check the price of your item! Many times the price will only change by a few dollars (hey, I’ll take what I can get), but sometimes you’ll get lucky and the price will really drop.

7. Another tip for my fellow students! If you have an email address ending in .edu, you’re eligible for Prime Student which has all the same benefits as the regular Amazon Prime, just with a lower subscription cost.

8. Make sure you shop on Prime Day! You’ll find some of the best deals of the year when you shop on Amazon Prime Day. This is a great time to buy any subscriptions, electronics, or products!

9. Amazon Smile. Sometimes, you shop on Amazon, a little banner will appear and ask if you want to switch to “Amazon Smile” which basically means a portion of your purchase will go to a charity. Normally there will be one Amazon already is supporting that day, but you can actually choose the one you want it to go to! Click “change your charity” and you will be prompted with a list of charities. This way, you can donate while you shop!

10. Shop the Amazon Outlet! The Amazon Outlet is full of restocks and markdowns on a huge variety of items. You can find electronics, clothes, beauty and so much more! The markdowns range from small to large, but definitely worth looking through!

Make sure to try any or all of these tips next time you’re shopping on Amazon!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.