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The 12 Best Outback Hats and Western Hats for Men

Finding the right hat can already be a challenge and not knowing the difference between an outback hat vs cowboy hat isn’t going to help. The outback hat and western hat have a similar hat style with key differences. The traditional style of both outback and western hats includes having a wide brim.

There’s no wrong time to put on the perfect hat for you. However, finding the right hat can be a struggle and there’s plenty of factors to consider. Protection from wind, rain and the sun can be of importance to many hat owners. If this is the case, an outback hat or western hat, also known as a cowboy hat, could be the perfect choice. 

There’s been many different types of hats come in and out of style over the years and there’s been plenty that stay constant overall. We’ve seen the baseball cap, straw hats, a fedora hat, gambler hats, safari hats, a bowler hat, top hats and so many more.

Different styles of hats give people the opportunity to showcase their creative fashion sense. Let’s dive into some of the current trending and fashionable hat styles for men and the differences between the outback hat vs cowboy hat.

Here’s the scoop covering the best outback and western hats for men!

1. Dorfman Pacific Men’s Outback Hat with Chin Cord

The Dorfman Pacific Men’s Outback Hat with Chin Cord is a top competitor when it comes to talking about the best outback and western hats. While this hat meets the outback hat fashion standards, it isn’t just for show.

The design of this hat follows the original form of Australian Outback hats. The hat has a wide brim with the front and back that slope down. Proper protection is provided by this hat as well. With a UPF rating of 50+, it’s guaranteed to provide shade on a sunny day. Even on the extremely hot days, the interior brow band and lining is there to absorb any sweat or perspiration. Hats such as these were and are still worn in Broken Hill, which is a mining town in the Australian outback. You can see where it gets its name.

Obviously, we all know the outdoors can be unpredictable. That’s why the chin cord can be a top feature of this hat on a day with high winds. Take advantage of this feature because you wouldn’t want to lose this purchase!

2. Queue Essentials Western Style Pinch Front Straw Canvas Cowboy Cowgirl Straw Hat

The Queue Essentials Western Style Pinch Front Straw Canvas Cowboy Cowgirl Straw Hat is amongst the best sellers due to both it’s popular style and functions. If you’re looking for a cowboy hat, this one leads the pack at #1 in Men’s Cowboy Hats.

The hat takes the original shape of the classic cattleman style. The headband is elastic, providing room for stretch and ensuring the hat to be long-time lasting. The materials of this hat, straw and palm leaf, allow for a more breathable and lightweight feeling. The high crown is also a typical feature for a cowboy style hat, that was also often seen in a gallon hat.

It’s always fun to have options too, isn’t it? This seller of this hat has provided their customers with different colors and fabrics. A couple fabric options include felt or canvas. The colors range from black, brown, pink, white and sand.

The western style design comes with both comfort and style making it a hard option to pass up. It’s perfect for a classic look whether you’re going to a rodeo, concert or just something to pair perfectly with your western outfit.

3. Outback Trading 1497 River Guide UPF 50 Waterproof Breathable Outdoor Cotton Oilskin Hat

The Outback Trading 1497 River Guide UPF 50 Waterproof Breathable Outdoor Cotton Oilskin Hat is another one of the best australian outback hats. Outback Trading Company is a leading all-weather outdoor apparel company. Here’s one of their products with top reviews.

Oilskin hats are great to have on hot summer days or for outdoor activities. Oilskin hats are able to keep your head and hat dry as the water runs right off. This makes the hat not just water resistant but waterproof!

The cotton oilskin outback hat does a good job in keeping your head cool with the quick drying elastic sweatband that moves moisture away from the skin. The River Guide hat features shorter brims and vented grommets that are there to provide as much breeze and breathability as possible.

If you’re considering buying an outback hat the Outback Trading Company can provide you with great options and customer service.

4. Henschel Men’s Aussie Crushable Hat

This hat takes a different approach to the outback style hat. The Henschel Men’s Aussie Crushable Hat is another good option for western wear, but with a few unique features.

This mesh hat is made of breathable material to provide the customer with comfort and UPF protection. The mesh crown allows for breeze to pass through, while still providing protection from sunlight exposure.

This aussie outback hat is a crushable hat making it easy to travel with. The Henschel Outback Crushable hat has a sturdy brim in which you are able to mold and hold its shape. Whether you are going out of a boat, fishing, hiking, etc. this hat would be great to have with you and would enable you to have much fun on your adventures.

Investing in an outback hat vs cowboy hat can be a touch choice, but this hat will make everything easier because of the great style! This hat will be a great option to wear in a pool hall or out under the sun, making it the best Australian outback hat for travel.

5. Shapeable Outback hat Western Style Leather Cowboy hat for Men and Women Wide Brim Vintage Old Style

Shapeable Outback hat Western Style Leather Cowboy hat for Men and Women Wide Brim Vintage Old Style Hat

The Shapeable Outback hat Western Style Leather Cowboy hat for Men and Women Wide Brim Vintage Old Style Hat is a top option if looking for a leather outback hat. The stylish hat is made of high quality leather for a good price.

Leather makes a hat easy to be cleaned and durable for long periods of time. The leather allows dust to be easily removed or fully cleaned properly with the right cleaning product.

This is a hat that can make a fashion statement. The hat creates a signature style, but brings a personality to the look being aimed for. While western hats are often looked at as being for farmers, ranchers, outdoorsmen/ women, the goal for this hat is for whoever wants to switch up their fashion style. This hat is known to go for a gambler hat look.

Although the look of this hat steals the show a bit, it still is practical for weather purposes as well. This leather hat is most definitely multi purposeful.

6. Barmah Hats Vintage Kangaroo Leather Hat

The Barmah Hats Vintage Kangaroo Leather Hat Item 1018 is a bold choice in the western wear category. The leather material is handcrafted in Melbourne, Australia giving it unique and careful touches. Buffalo hide is another material that can be used in making these styles of hats.

This barmah hat is completed with beautiful features. The braided band gives the hat a modern and trendy look. The hat is also completed with a stonewall finish, which are intricate details on the material of the hat. The flat top gives off a classic look similar to pork pie hats or even english pastry hats.

These types of hats used to be popular at a jazz club mainly during the 19th century. The band often was finished with a ribbon. This type of hat has been in style for a long time and it’s not going anywhere soon!

Obviously, this hat displays a strong sense of fashion, but it’s functional for the weather and outdoors as well. The wider brim provides excellent sun protection. The brims range from a 5-8 inch brim, which provides protection from the rain or other weather conditions. 

If you’re really looking for something outside the box with an elegant look, this hat has the option to be bought with a crocodile hat band. This hat checks boxes hitting both fashionable and functional features.

7. Outback Trading Men’s 1392 Broken Hill UPF 50 Water-Resistant Crushable Australian Wool Western Cowboy Hat

The Outback Trading Men’s 1392 Broken Hill UPF 50 Water-Resistant Crushable Australian Wool Western Cowboy Hat is a perfect example of outback hat vs cowboy hat. It has qualities of both styles of hats and they are clearly shown.

This hat has the brims most similar to an Australian outback hat. However, the top of the hat has similar indents to an American cowboy hat. This type of hat is an elegant hat perfect for all kinds of different events in the colder seasons. It’s even practical for a walk around the city or admiring a snowy river.

Wool is the perfect material for a hat in the cold weather of fall and winter. This hat is made of 100% wool. It’ll be able to keep you warm due to the Australian wool material. The wide brims provide protection from the harsh winds during the fall and winter months. If the hat had smaller brims, wind would be more accessible to the face and skin.

This wool hat has features similar to akubra hats, which are often made from fur felt. The akubra hat is another hat that can be good to have for different looks during different seasons.

There’s a good chance this hat won’t go out of style any time soon.

8. Dorfman Pacific Men’s Twill Outback Hat

outback hat vs cowboy hat

Another one of the best outback hats is the Dorfman Pacific Men’s Twill Outback Hat. It is giving us all of the Indiana Jones vibes and we are loving it.

The hat is made out of cotton and comes in three different colors. The brown color leather band completes the look and is there to provide comfort as well.

Even a wide-brim fedora is unable to provide UV protection like this hat is able to, just like Indiana Jones would’ve needed. The outer edge of the brim is able to be adjusted for your needs and provides great sun coverage.

This twill outback hat, just like many others, is not suitable for a washing machine and should be hand washed. All that is needed is a damp cloth and the proper detergent to clean up the hat.

Take this beautiful light brown outback hat on any of your adventures. It’s perfect for work, walks, canoeing and all other activities.

9. Fedora for Men Women Wool Felt Outback Panama Hat Classic Band Wide Brim Adjustable

The Fedora for Men Women Wool Felt Outback Panama Hat Classic Band Wide Brim Adjustable is the hat to wear if you’re headed to the derby. Everyone knows you can’t go to a derby without showing off some of your best and favorite hats. The new style of fedoras show the mark of the determined hipster.

This derby hat is made of Australian wool and wool felt. It is made in an entirely environmentally friendly manner and of high quality. The material is soft, but yet totally breathable.

Another great choice for events such as a derby are straw fedoras. Wide brim fedoras as derby hats allow for you to showcase your fashionable taste, but still are practical for a sunny day spent outdoors.

These wool hats come with an adjustable velcro piece on the inside in order to make it more breathable and fitting for your measurements. The hat also comes with two fillers as well to reduce the circumference if needed. However, still be sure to check your measurements to make sure you order the correct size.

This is a sturdy hat that will be sure to have you turning heads at all the events you wear it to.

10. Sterkowski Cattle Leather Classic Western Cowboy Outback Hat

The Sterkowski Cattle Leather Classic Western Cowboy Outback Hat is another great option that combines the features of both an outback hat and cowboy hat. You can see the brim is slightly floppy and able to be adjusted as an outback hat is. The top again shows more similar properties to a cowboy hat.

The hat has a thin wire in the brim that makes it easily adjustable. It’s a wide brim hat that allows for protection from the unpredictable weather and the sun. Cattle leather is a heavy duty material. This means the hat is extremely durable and long lasting.

Not to mention, the cattle leather is a good look and comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from including black, brown and tan. If you’re looking for a hat that can be both durable and fashionable, this could be the perfect match for you. If you can’t decide between outback hat vs cowboy hat this hat will fit both styles!

11. Leather Down Under Hat Aussie Bush Cowboy Style Classic Western Outback Brown/ Black

The Leather Down Under Hat Aussie Bush Cowboy Style Classic Western Outback Brown/ Black is another great option for both fashion and practical use. 

These Aussie hats are made of 100% oiled leather. Oiled leather gives the hat a softer feel compared to other leathers and makes it appear less shiny, a more matte look. This also gives it a moisture resistant surface.

This is also a wide brim, therefore it’ll be able to protect you from the sun, rain and wind if necessary. The brim is shapeable and can be positioned any way that is right for you.

Whether you’re looking for a hat to provide you with protection from the weather or if you’re looking for something trendy that gives off a bit of a different look, these fashionable hats are a good choice.

12. Men’s Straw Outback Lifeguard Sun Hat with Wide Brim

The Men’s Straw Outback Lifeguard Sun Hat with Wide Brim is a fun option available. The straw material is a classic for cowboy style hats.

This hat has all the necessary features, including a wide brim that is adjustable and a drawstring chin strap to make sure the hat stays on well and does its job. The straw is a great material choice because it allows for air flow to go through the hat, especially in the hot summer weather.The hat also comes with hat size tape in order for it to be better fitted for your head. 

The hat is a fun option regardless if you’re headed to work outside or going out to a concert or fair or just want to put a hat on.

Obviously, finding the right hat for your needs can be tough. The factors to consider bewtween an outback hat vs cowboy hat are endless, from style to durability to fit to material to comfort. It’s not an easy choice, but listed above are 12 of the best options filled with accurate information if you’re looking for an outback or western hat. We hope this guide helps you to find the perfect hat for you!

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