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The 13 Best Most Expensive Hockey Skates

There are many hockey skates creators, they all claim that they have the best skates or that they have the cheapest skates and that you should buy theirs over other expensive skates. These complications may cause confusion as to which you should purchase when buying your hockey equipment.

This article compiles the best most expensive hockey skates. After all, if you are willing to pay a high price, it is a good idea to buy the best. Going through this list is a great way to start finding what you are looking for.

Whether you have been skating for a long time at a senior skate level and are looking for high end skates or you are just starting to shop for junior skates to join the travel team this list will be a huge help!

Here is the scoop on the most expensive hockey skates to help you find the best pair!

1. Bauer Vapor X600 Senior Ice Hockey Skates – Size 7 D

Bauer Vapor X600 Senior Ice Hockey Skates

The Bauer Vapor X600 Senior Ice Hockey Skates is a great pair of high performance Bauer skates. This Bauer manufactured Skate is the top choice on our list.

These vapor skates have proper tendon guard which gives great structural support, especially for young players. These skates have one of the better skate fit for kids and have all the basic features that Bauer usually equipped their skates with.

If you are looking for true custom skates that just feel like pure hockey from the top of the boot to the end of the blade these are for you! You will also want to pair these with a skate blade holder like the tuuk lightspeed edge holder to keep them in perfect condition!

2. Marsblade O1 – Off-Ice Roller Skates/Chassis

Marsblade O1 – Off-Ice Roller Skates

The Marsblade O1 – Off-Ice Roller Skates are less expensive than the first mentioned. However, these good skates deliver value for your bucks. These skates were customized with Flow Motion Technology.  This technology creates a great feel for skaters. Whether experienced players, semi-professional players or even young kids. This technology produces comfort for all skill levels.  Hence if you are looking for skates for your kids, check out these as entry- level skates.

These skates were also designed to increase overall performance on ice even without skate blades. So, if you are looking for better performances in your skates, these are some of the skates you should be looking at. These skates can also fit almost any brand of skate, which is also a plus.

3. Jackson Atom Ultima Freestyle Men’s Inline Figure Roller Skate

The Jackson Atom Ultima Freestyle Men’s Inline Figure Roller Skates are stylish and one of the best most expensive skates on amazon.  There are several different features mentioned about these spikes.

These ice skates are made with an atom mirage frame and comes at a price point of 379.95 USD. The bearing in these skates is the Bionic ABEC7. And the stopper on these spikes is the Bionic Artiste.

4. Jackson Ultima Fusion Elle and Freestyle Figure Ice Skates

Next up is the Jackson Ultima Fusion Elle and Freestyle Figure Ice Skates. These stiff boots are the right choice for all players. This pair of skates has advanced features that takes care of the needs of your feet. Its supreme design has technology that eliminates pressure and irritation on tendons above ankles. This is very important to prevent lace bite. 

Regardless of your foot type, skating exposes you to injuries like shin splint etc. This skate is designed specially to reduce the risk of irritating the shin. These higher end skates give the traditional fit but are designed to be lightweight which makes it the best choice for advanced players.

Because advanced players are more prone to more extensive injuries, these skates are top of the line in lowering the risk of injuries in the shin and heels.

The cost for these skates is 320 USD. As an advanced skater these would be a great choice to invest in.

5. Alkali Revel 2 Senior Inline Hockey Skates

The Alkali Revel 2 Senior Inline Hockey Skates is another great pair of skates. These high-end senior skates are some of the best choices on the market. They are expensive but is ideal for younger players, semi-pro skaters, and advanced players.

This skate is made by one of the best brands on the market. These are extra-stiff skates are thermoformable boots. The wheel on these boots gives the players full control. These are a comfortable fit. These skates promote better agility and better strides.

This is a better toe pick as the technology in these skates supports the toe and creates smoother movements while playing. The price point of these top tier skates is 400 USD. Overall, this is the right skate to look at when looking for a high-performance skate.

6. Roller Hockey Skates, Adult Professional Racing Skates 4 90-110MM Wheels Carbon Fiber Inline Skate for Women

These stylish skates are specially designed for advanced players. These stiff boots are PU leather wrapped which creates the beautiful aesthetic look.

These line skates are a comfortable fit as the technology within them resists moisture and makes the boots breathable. However, they would easily pass the squeeze test thanks to the stiff boot. 

The comfortable nature of this skate goes beyond breathability as its lightweight and sturdy which creates better performance while being comfortable. Additionally, these skates are unisex which makes it a great choice for any gender.

7. Alkali Revel 2 Junior Inline Hockey Skates

Alkali Revel 2 Junior Inline Hockey Skates

The Alkali Revel 2 Junior Inline Hockey Skates is another one of the best and most expensive hockey skates. These skates are from one of the top brands on the market. It is a comfortable fit and is one of the best most expensive skates on the market. These are the junior liner versions to the senior liners mentioned at number 6. These come with similar technology.

They are extra-stiff thermoformable skates. The Konixx Tachyon wheels on these skates also give players better control on movements while playing. The technology within these skates always promotes agility and quick release. As seen in the photo above these skates have two larger rear wheels and two smaller ones at the front. These are another great selection when looking for the right hockey skates for you.

8. Jackson Ultima Ice Skates Freestyle Fusion Mens

The Jackson Ultima Ice Skates Freestyle Fusion Mens is another great skate. This is another skate made by a popular brand on the market and they are some of the most expensive hockey skates. If you are on a tight budget this would be an affordable choice with good structural support.

These skates are priced at 320 USD which makes it one of the cheapest skates on the list. These skates are also equipped with tuuk edge holders. And the skate blades also add to the aesthetics on these skates. 

Though this is cheaper than all the skates that have been mentioned before, it’s still a skate that is designed for advanced players. The technology within this skate is designed to provide a high level of comfort to any hockey player.

There is also special technology installed to reduce risk of  injury, like the specially designed covered tongue with a soft-top line at the top of the boots, which eliminates shin irritation. The lace silts in the tongue keeps the tongues in place. This is another lightweight skate which helps with performance and smoother movements.

9. FR Skates FRX 80mm

Next is the FRX 80mm Skate.

These skates are one of those relatively cheap skates that still fall in the best new hockey skates category. This is another one of those skates that you’d look at of your on a tight budget but still desire a skate with great quality. The new fit system in this skate produces a tight fit so If you like that tight feel on your feet when you’re wearing your skates, this might be the best choice for you. 

The design on these skates is the quarter package. And if you don’t like a really tight fit, that’s fine too just consider going half size up when purchasing these skates.

The cost for these skates is 220 UD. The technology in these spikes still produces great quality because this is from one of the better brands on the market.  So, in this case cheaper isn’t necessarily bad because it is manufactured by a trusted brand. One of the great features of these skates is the anti-shock technology that protects your feet if you are skating on a bad surface.

Additionally, all the different parts on these skates are replaceable so if a specific part get damaged you can easily replace it. There’s special warranty that comes with these skates from the manufacturer.

10. Alkali Revel 4 Senior Inline Hockey Skates

This 80  millimeter skate is made by Alkali which is one of the best brands on the market. As such it is created with the same long-lasting quality that Alkali is known for. These skates are built extra stiff which helps with control while playing.

The thermoformable technology helps with the comfort level of these boots. These skates were designed to give the perfect fit for any foot type, the revel skate features ix boot technology fits your foot like a glove.  

This skate also comes with a forward pitch and toe spring feature that better optimizes the players strides. And as fans of Alkali skates know, these skates are equipped with the feature that enhances agility and produces quick starts for players.

This skate comes with two large rear wheels and two larger wheels up front. These skates come at an affordable price of 210 USD.

11. Jackson Atom Ultima Mystique Women’s Inline Figure Roller Skate

These Jackson ice-hockey skates are built with stylish fashion for women. The white and brown color is clearly appeasing to the eyes. These are specifically designed to protect intermediate players and works great off ice. These skates are created by Jackson, which is a well-known brand on the market.

These are stiff boots that are fashionable and comes with the usual quality that Jackson is known to provide. They are lightweight which makes moving around smother and they are designed with ABEC7 bearings. These boots come at a competitive price range of about 239-250 USD. 

12. Rollerblade Maxxum Edge 125 3WD Unisex Adult Fitness Inline Skate, Metallic Grey and Lime, Premium Inline Skates

This skate is one of the best cheapest skates on the market. This skate is created for any skating situation, whether urban, fitness, commute or recreation. This is a good choice for those who just wants to get into skating for the first time. It is a comfortable fit profile as its breathability technology gives your feet the best feel.

Additionally, the shoe is designed with a V-cuff for versatility and forward flex.  This feature long with the heel shock absorber, which dampens vibration, makes this a good choice for advanced players.

Other features on these new skates are the special wheels to increase speed and maneuverability. These wheels produces the best performance while skating and lessens vibrations.

This skate is also known for its long-lasting quality. At a cost of about 420 USD you can get these durable skates. 

13. Bauer Supreme S25 Senior Ice Hockey Skates

The Bauer Supreme S25 Senior Ice Hockey Skates are another pair of the best hockey skates no matter what your skill level is. These are a great pair of entry-level skates or they will work for semi-professional skaters too.

The design of the Supreme makes these some of the highest quality skates on the market. That being said, you will surely want to protect them with a tuuk edge blade holder to keep the blade safe.

There are various methods to figuring out if a pair of skates will fit, for example the pencil test but hopefully this list will help you get one step closer to finding the right pair of skates.

In conclusion, there are several different types of skates on the market to meet all your needs. Whether you are a casual skater, an intermediate player or an advanced player. There is a pair of hockey skates to meet your needs.

Within the 16 best cheapest skates, there are skates with multiple features like: energy transfer, stainless steel runners, and specific structural support. It is for you as the buyer to decide which is the right hockey skate to meet your needs.

Skates can be an expensive piece of equipment. This list is a compilation of the best most expensive skates on the market today, however if you are on a budget, the list also has some lesser expensive skates that you may afford if you are on a tight budget.

There are certain  styles and fashions that you may go for or they might be a specific feature that you are looking for. Whatever you are looking for, it is available in one of these brands!

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Tuesday 25th of January 2022

What a terribly false article... left out the a tual best and most expensive skates on yhe markets.... mission wm01 inlime hockey skate. Bauer 2xpro inline Bauer hyperlite ice

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