The 20 Best Basketball Shoes Under $50 (2023)

Trying to find a new pair of basketball shoes to accommodate your needs can be hard. Especially when trying to find a pair in your price range. That’s why we had to create the 20 best basketball shoes under 50 dollars for both men and women.

If you are on a super tight budget, this post is for you. Name brand basketball shoes tend to be the first choice when shopping because you can trust that they are of good quality, great performance, and comfortable shoes. But sports shoes can get very expensive, so we made a list of the best basketball shoes at a price tag you can afford.

Here’s the scoop on the 20 best basketball shoes under $50!

1. PUMA Men’s Legacy Low Basketball Sneakers

At $49 these PUMA Men’s Legacy Low Basketball Sneakers are right at your price point! These shoes are made with a premium engineered mesh upper, full sticky rubber outsole, and a lightweight EVA midsole, making them ultra comfy and designed to keep you from slipping on the basketball court.

The knit fabric upper gives stretch and follows the movement of your foot as you are playing, so your focus can be solely on winning the game.

2. And1 Men’s Rocket

Now, these are the best cheap basketball shoes out there. The And1 Men’s Rocket Basketball shoes have been a go-to for basketball players in need of a comfortable shoe for casual use. It consists of synthetic material to create the leather upper, mesh tongue, and cushioned footbed.

At a price point of $30, these basketball shoes don’t break the bank. These are a pair of shoes you can wear on an outside court and not worry about if you’ll ruin your shoes.

3. And1 Men’s Maverick Lace-up Basketball Sneakers

Another pair of And1 Basketball shoes if you are on a tight budget. At only $20 these are by far the cheapest basketball shoes we could find. We love the And1 Men’s Maverick Lace-up Basketball Sneakers because they have the traditional basketball shoe look, similar to the Air Jordan, with all the great qualities expensive shoes have.

With a non-marking outsole, scuffs are not a problem! All across the board, these are a solid shoe to have in your closet.

4. Adidas Pro Bounce Low Basketball Shoe

These Adidas Pro Bounce Low Basketball Shoe look way more expensive than $46! With their stylish design, these shoes mimic the look of expensive basketball shoes. The herringbone pattern rubber outsole resembles those on the Nike Kyrie, which gives you a grip and keeps you from slipping up and down the court.

They are padded around the ankle area and have a flexible bounce insole so you can be comfortable playing for a long time! The Adidas Pro Bounce overall design makes these the best budget basketball shoes out there.

5. Puma Uproar Palace Guard Sneakers

Created with a dynamic lacing system, these Puma Uproar Palace Guard shoes do a great job at keeping your foot in place at all times! They have a sleek design, rubber soles, and a wrap-around TPU heel piece that gives you great support while playing a serious game of ball!

Palace Guard pays tribute to one of the great arenas in basketball history and will make you feel like a true basketball player when wearing them.

6. Puma Legacy Dark Mode Basketball Shoes

I mean, how cool are these Legacy Dark Mode Basketball Shoes! Not only do they have a unique design, but they also have a premium engineered knit mesh upper, full sticky rubber outsole for great traction, and HYBRID FOAM cushioning making them one of Puma’s signature shoes.

Don’t worry if you need a larger size, they go up to size 14 making them a great pair of basketball shoes for big men on a low budget!

7. Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes Sneakers

There are so many things we love about these Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes Sneakers. The rubber damping sole in net shape helps provide you with ground holding and the molded heel counter makes for better support protecting you from injury. The upper venting holes make them breathable and the sole force position supports your overall weight.

In these shoes, you don’t have to stress stability or comfort. They come in an array of amazing color schemes for you to choose from. These give you all the necessary qualities expensive shoes have, but at the best value of only $42.

8. Nike Unisex-Adult Precision Iii Basketball Shoe

For men or women, this Nike Unisex-Adult Precision Iii Basketball Shoe is the signature basketball shoe. Created with a lightweight midsole and multi-directional traction team up allowing you to put in long hours on the court with soft steps and quick cuts.

These are definitely one of the most comfortable basketball shoes out there, and with the iconic Nike swoosh, they will have you feeling like a true basketball star!

9. Reebok Resonator Mid Mens Basketball Shoes

At $38, these Reebok Resonator Mid Men’s Basketball Shoes were a must to add to the list of affordable basketball shoes. The sole material is made up of 100% synthetic textile while the upper outer base material is 100% Nubuck leather.

These shoes also include a removable sock liner and Reebok memory tech proving optimal comfortability. The style of this looks a little bit like the Adidas men’s hoops, but hits of suede give it a unique look and will make you a showstopper when you hit the court.

10. Reebok Royal BB4500 HI2 High Top

Looking for a stylish high top? Then check out these retro-style Reebok Royal BB4500 HI2 High Top basketball shoes. The lace-up closure with a high-top design not only gives the shoe an awesome look but makes for better ankle protection when hooping.

These are the right shoes for someone looking for a great basketball sneaker they can rock in style on and off the court.


As a basketball player, comfortability is the most important thing to keep in mind when searching for shoes. And these FILA SEVEN-FIVE MEN’S BASKETBALL SHOES are made with EVA midsoles proving optimal comfortability, so they had to make the list of best basketball shoes!

Fila has updated the design to be sleeker than the older models. And if you’re not sure if the grey color scheme is your favorite, they come in three different colors, so you can pick which one best fits your vibe.

12. Adidas HOOPS 2.0 SNEAKER – Women’s Basketball Shoes

Adidas HOOPS 2.0 SNEAKER - Women's Basketball Shoes
Adidas HOOPS 2.0 SNEAKER – Women’s Basketball Shoes

If style is one of the first things you look for in a basketball shoe, then check out the Adidas HOOPS 2.0 SNEAKER – Women’s Basketball Shoes. The low top and round toe make for an awesome basketball shoe that you can rock when playing a game of ball, or with your favorite sporty outfit off the court.

The padded collar and tongue paired with the mesh lining and cushioned footbed make these a pair of super comfy basketball shoes you’ll never want to take off!

13. Adidas POSTMOVE Basketball Shoes

Here is another pair of stylish and quality women’s basketball shoes. The Adidas POSTMOVE Basketball Shoes come in both classic white, and halo blush and are designed with iconic stripes down the sides of the shoes. They also contain cloudfoam super cushioning, so the last thing you’ll have to worry about is being comfortable in these cute shoes!

Wear these while on the court, or pair them with a cute sun dress for a super trendy fit. With a 4.7 star review and rating and at $47, these Adidas basketball shoes are a must if you need a new pair of multi-functional shoes.

14. Puma Uproar Charlotte ASG Fade Basketball Shoes

Can you believe these are only $49? We couldn’t believe it either! These Puma Uproar Charlotte ASG Fade Basketball Shoes are one of the top budget models out there. The wrap-around TPU heel piece and HYBRID Foam midsole give you a great court feel.

The pull tab on the back makes them easy to slip on, but the laces give you extra security around the foot. They are made with premium materials, so you are getting a bang for your buck!

15. Sweetnice Men’s and Women’s High Top Basketball Shoes

These aren’t your name brand basketball shoes, but they have everything you need to play a good game. The Sweetnice Men’s and Women’s High Top Basketball Shoes have a wear-resistant boot-like design that gives you full coverage on your foot making you feel secure when running up and down the court.

The shoe is a knitted texture with a sock-styleb ankle which allows them to move with your foot as your go. They are also lightweight, have an EVA midsole, and come in two unique color waves which makes these a great choice if you want a funky and functional basketball shoe.

16. Adidas SM Pro Boost Mid Basketball Shoes

With a lightweight textile upper, breathable mesh lining, and light strike foam cushioning with Boost drop-ins these are some of the most commonly worn basketball shoes among high school teams! The good news is the Adidas SM Pro Boost Mid Basketball Shoes are only $39…

If you were wanting the Adidas Isolation basketball shoes, these are a perfect dupe at a way better price!


Another awesome Adidas basketball shoe for only $39! Like the Adidas mid basketball shoes, these are some of the best shoes you can get for hooping.

Giving you lightweight comfortability, traction, and stability these are some of the cheapest basketball shoes you can find without skipping on quality or performance aspects.

18. Fila Torranado Evo 2 Mens Basketball Shoes

Lightweight, comfortable, and breathable are the top three features the Fila Torranado Evo 2 Men’s Basketball Shoes provide. These shoes hit all the marks that make up good basketball shoes, and that’s why they made it on the list.

The shape of the shoe is unique but engineered for pure comfort. Everyone has a preference of brand, and if Fila are yours, then these basketball shoes would be a perfect fit for you.

19. Adidas D.O.N. Issue 2 Basketball Shoes

Quality can be a common problem when trying to find a cheap pair of shoes. But you won’t have to worry about that if you purchase these Adidas D.O.N. Issue 2 Basketball Shoes. They have a synthetic sole, an engineered cord lacing system ensuring maximum stability, and contain a flexible BOUNCE cushioned midsole for a springy, responsive feel.

These are a good choice if you are on a budget. Also, the style and color of these shoes are super cool giving you the extra confidence you need to play a good game!

20. Adidas Own The Game 2.0 Sneaker

If you worry about toe support or comfortability these Adidas Own The Game 2.0 Sneaker are for you. They have a round toe with a bumper for increased toe protection and support. Synthetic materials are the main content of these shoes, which also make up the durable outsole.

You may think synthetic materials aren’t good, but they actually last very long and can endure many games before wearing down. That means these shoes are sure to last you a long time!

When you think of cheap shoes, you think you’ll miss out on some important qualities that you’d normally get with expensive brand name basketball shoes. But that’s not necessarily the case. We listed the 20 Best Basketball Shoes Under $50 and they meet all the necessary requirements for a great pair of quality shoes.

So you can enjoy your game while not breaking the bank. This list has so many awesome pairs of basketball shoes, and at these price points, you could grab a couple of pairs!

A pair of new shoes will help you take on an NBA season of your own! So, which one will of these basketball shoes be your latest addition?

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