The 20 Best Crochet Stitches For Baby Blankets (2023)

A baby blanket is always a great gift to give! A handmade baby blanket is even that much better. Crocheting a baby blanket shows just how much you care. Whether you are an expert crocheter, or this is your first project, we have the best crochet stitch for a baby blanket that you can use to make yours special!

There are lots of different patterns and different stitches that are available for all different skill levels. Depending on your crochet experience and how many skeins of yarn you want to you, you may want to adjust your baby blanket size from a crib blanket to something bigger.

No matter who you are, you can learn to do these easy crochet stitches. There is nothing more special than making the perfect gift by hand and giving it to someone important.

Many baby blanket patterns require light or worsted weight yarn, but you are free to choose yarn in a solid color or many different colors! Feel free to get creative and make something you are proud of.

Whether you love working with bulky yarn and chunky yarn or something more fine, these stitches are for you!

Here is the scoop on the best crochet stitch for a baby blanket!

1. Blanket Stitch

Whether you are making a cozy blanket for a little girl or a baby boy the blanket stitch will make things easy! This is one of the most basic stitches out there. You can find a free pattern that features the blanket stitch for you to get started on your blanket.

A blanket stitch is a very simple stitch that is perfect to use for making blankets, it’s right there in the name. Try this free crochet pattern to see just how easy a blanket stitch can be!

2. Single Crochet

Single crochet stitches are great for baby blankets! These are the most basic crochet stitches so they are very beginner-friendly! You can watch this video tutorial to learn how to do a single crochet stitch.

The great thing about baby blankets is that no matter what stitch you choose, even a simple single crochet stitch, the blanket will still be cozy with the right yarn!

Many expert crocheter’s first projects were baby blankets, so this is a great place to start for beginners.

3. Double Crochet

The double crochet stitch is another very easy stitch, making it the best crochet stitch for baby blanket beginners. It is super easy! The main difference between the single and double crochet, is that the double crochet is twice as long.

You can find yourself an easy free pattern that uses these double crochet stitches and get to work! Check out this great free crochet baby blanket pattern here to start your project!

4. Shell Stitch

The next stitch on our list is the shell stitch. This beautiful stitch is so much fun to create a blanket with. You can choose lots of fun bright or pastel colors to create the ultimate baby blanket.

All you need for this simple pattern is your favorite yarn, a pair of scissors, and a J crochet hook.

5. Cluster Stitch

The cluster stitch is another great stitch for baby blankets. This beautiful stitch makes a blanket that will be the perfect baby shower gift!

Since these stitches are closer together, the blanket will be extra warm and cozy for a little boy or girl.

You can try this free crochet blanket pattern to make an adorable baby blanket using the cluster stitch! All you need is a large hook and 6 skeins of bulky weight yarn!

6. Slip Stitch

The slip stitch is another very simple and handy crochet stitch. Whether you choose to make your entire baby blanket using this stitch or you use it for a decorative border, it will look amazing!

Bringing a handmade simple blanket to an upcoming baby shower is sure to impress. Here is a video tutorial so you can learn how to do the slip stitch.

7. Waffle Stitch

This beautiful stitch is perfect for adding texture and comfort to any baby blanket! The waffle stitch is accurately named because of the waffle-like grid pattern that it creates. If you really want to make a waffle blanket you can adjust the pattern to make a square blanket too!

This pattern tutorial is very easy to follow and gives you great inspiration for different color combinations to try.

8. Half Double Crochet Stitch

The half double crochet stitch is the perfect go-to if you are looking for the best crochet stitch for baby a blanket. The stitch creates fast and easy rows so you can crochet a blanket in no time at all! This simple stitch actually has 1 less step than the double crochet stitch, so it’s easy to learn.

This video is a great beginner tutorial. Also, because it is in a video format it’s easy to follow and you don’t have to worry about having to read a crochet pattern and getting confused about seeing things like sl st or last ch.

9. Ripple Stitch

The ripple stitch is a great stitch to use if you want to create a simple, yes gorgeous baby blanket! Once the rows chain together, it creates a beautiful ripple. By the end of the row, you will have a beautiful wave effect.

This blanket would be a great gift for a baby with a mermaid or ocean nursery! Learn how to make it here with this tutorial!

10. Moss Stitch

Making the perfect baby blanket out of the moss stitch is incredibly easy! The moss stitch is actually a combination of the single crochet and a chain. Once you get the hang of it you can finish your baby blanket in no time.

This beautiful pattern offers instructions for creating your very own blanket out of the moss stitch. Arriving at a baby shower with this blanket is a great way to impress.

11. Side Saddle Stitch

The side saddle stitch is another unique stitch that will create a beautiful design for a baby blanket. This stitch is used to create clusters of yarn that are close together while others are far apart, making a striking design.

This great pattern explains how to use the side saddle stitch to make a baby blanket.

12. Tulip Stitch

The tulip stitch is perfect for crocheting a blanket for a baby girl. This adorable stitch lets you easily change colors to create small tulips in the pattern, or just use one color to create this beautiful design.

This easy stitch pattern for a baby blanket shows how simple the stitch really is. You can adjust the number of stitches if you want to make it a square pattern instead. Also, the tulip stitch naturally creates

13. Larkfoot Stitch

Another really beautiful and unique crochet stitch for baby blankets is the larkfoot stitch! This stitch looks like lots of small pieces interlocking together to create a foot pattern.

This gives you the opportunity to really play around with different colors in each row. Here is a great free pattern that showcases the larkfoot stitch!

14. Herringbone Half Stitch

This classic crochet stitch is sure to look incredible for your baby blanket. You may want to make one for yourself too!

The herringbone half stitch uses simple stitches to create a herringbone pattern with your yarn. The result is a classic, sleek style that looks so cozy!

Check out this great free pattern to learn how to make an easy blanket.

15. Even Berry Stitch

Another one of the best crochet stitches for a baby blanket is the even berry stitch. This stitch creates a really fun texture that babies will love to feel and play with, which is an added bonus!

A berry stitch blanket will be a great addition to any nursery. This pattern gives great instructions on how to make a blanket using the berry stitch.

16. Cross-Over Block Stitch

The cross-over block stitch creates an adorable staggered look depending on the color of yarn you use. This stitch will create a nice and lightweight, summery baby blanket that will be perfect for nap time.

Try this free pattern for yourself and make a blanket you will love!

17. Granny Stripe Stitch

The granny stripe stitch is another classic crochet stitch that crocheters have used for countless baby blankets! This super easy stitch allows you to choose fun yarn for the color changes to make a beautiful stripe pattern with it.

This video details everything you need to know about making a granny stripe baby blanket. Once you are comfortable using this stitch, all you do is have each row repeat to create your blanket!

18. Star Stitch

The star stitch is another very fun crochet stitch that adds a small spark to every blanket. Each row of a baby blanket using the star stitch will have small starburst shapes in it that are so cute! This stitch will work up to a quick blanket in no time.

This crocheted baby blanket pattern is perfect for getting started with the star stitch.

19. Diamond Stitch

The gorgeous diamond stitch is a dainty pattern that will make a beautiful baby blanket. This intricate design is lightweight and breathable, so it will be a perfect gift for a summer baby shower.

All you have to do is find the right colors and get started on this soft blanket. Check out this easy pattern and start making your blanket using the diamond stitch!

20. Bobble Stitch

The final stitch on our list is the bobble stitch. This stitch creates a beautiful blanket with a very fun texture. What makes the bobble stitch so special, is the bobble part itself!

This blanket will have rows of raised dots that are so fun for babies to feel. You will have repeat row after row of fun bobbles. This great texture is perfect for babies who are just starting to develop their motor skills.

Be sure to look at this pattern for a great baby blanket pattern! There are so many easy crochet baby blankets you can create, all you have to do is pick from our list of easy crochet baby blanket patterns and get started.

No matter what type of yarn you like using, whether it’s in a skein or ball of yarn, or paintbox yarns, Bernat blanket yarn, there is a blanket pattern for you. You may have a hard time getting started, but it’s important to keep trying.

If you are frustrated trying to choose one of your next crochet projects just try one of the patterns on this list! What are you waiting for? Grab your best yarn, favorite hook, and start stitching!

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