The 20 Best Entry Level Hybrid Bikes [2023]

Hybrid bikes are a great choice for everyone looking to start bike riding. They are a mix of road and mountain bikes so they can easily ride on gravel roads or be used for road riding. 

Most people use hybrid bikes for their daily commute to work or school, making it an excellent choice for those who ride on city streets!

Biking has always been a favorite for people when they’re kids, but who says it’s just for kids? Finding the right adult bike is always exciting and gives you the chance to let your inner child out for an activity you loved so much growing up.

What to Look For in a Bike

Braking can vary from model to model, some have mechanical disc brakes, hydraulic disc brakes, triple chainsets, or even wide-ranging cassettes. 

Mechanical brakes use a steel cable when the lever is pulled, the cable slows down your bike. These are what most of us know when we think of bike brakes.

When you apply hydraulic brakes, there is a type of fluid that is filled in the brake line that then puts pressure on the pads that stop the bike. It’s very similar to how a car is made with those brakes!

Most bikes are moving to make hydraulic brakes standard in design, but if you have a bike with mechanical brakes, you can always install these at a bike shop or at home! 

Add-ons to bikes are a popular choice when people make their dream bikes. Finding the equipment you prefer is the best part of owning the bike and the cycling process! 

Some add-ons include water-bottle holders, flights on the front and back, storage throughout the bike, and even the mechanics of the bike can be changed.

A lot of bike sellers will have the extra parts you can add-on on their website that they always recommend adding. Usually, when adding these parts, it’s always best to use the same company the bike is made from.

On the back of bikes, there are rim brakes. These are friction pads that are forced onto the rim of the rear wheel when the brake lever is pulled. These are pretty standard across all bikes!

All About Bikes

A bike’s tires can make or break a great ride, which is why all of the best entry level hybrid bikes have wider tires than your typical road or mountain bikes as well.  Although some do come with a skinner tire, wide tires are more popular. 

The Shimano tourney is responsible for holding the front and rear derailleurs, shifters, cranksets and hubs for bikers that intend to use their new hybrid bicycle as commuter bikes. It’s meant for long distances and road use, perfect for a city commute. 

The front derailleur is what shifts the chain on a bike with more than one chainring. While the rear derailleur is what shifts the chain at the rear sockets of the bike. 

They both can come in many different models, but they are important to the bike and how it rides. And are especially important for different weather conditions you may encounter on your new bike.

Along with the rear derailleur, there is a part called the internal cable routing that locates the brake and rear derailleur. The internal cable routing makes sure the cables are protected if you were to crash. 

The cables are prone to snagging or breaking in half if they are in enough crashes, the internal cable routing prevents that! Most bikes will have their own internal cable routing, but there is always a chance to change it out for a different option.

The best entry level hybrid bikes all have flat handlebars from the mountain bike design instead of the drop bar you see on road bikes. They also put the rider at a more upright riding position slowing the rider down but making it safer for rough terrain. 

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes usually will range between $300-$10,000. In order to find the best bike for a good price, we’ve got the scoop on the best entry level hybrid bike.  

Most of these models will have either an aluminum frame or steel frame. Aluminum frames also referred to as an alloy frame, they’re light and are mostly rust/corrosion resistant making them a less maintenance option.

There are also carbon frames, which are also really light and make for speedier trips. The carbon is plastic that is reinforced with different fibers making it strong and resistant. Carbon is the up and coming material that bikes and bike parts are being made of.

Although aluminum is still number one for most bike companies, a lot of forks will be made from carbon because it can hold vibrations really well.

Should You Buy A Hybrid Bike?

When it comes to hybrid bikes, the front fork on the bike is really important. The fork is what holds the front wheel and keeps it attached to the bike. The most common option bikers use is called the carbon fork. 

There are different types of materials used for forks, but carbon fiber is mainly used because it’s light and adds to the lightweight frame most bikers are looking for. 

When talking about forks on a bike, there is also the option of a rigid fork or a front suspension fork.

Rigid forks are what are on traditional bikes. They are as their name describes, rigid and don’t have any give with weight distribution. They do best on flat pavement roads that don’t experience a lot of bumps and hills.

You won’t see these types of forks on a mountain or hybrid bike since they are going over rough surfaces compared to a road bike that typically stays on flat roads.

Suspension forks are able to move with the terrain a bike is being ridden on. If the rider hits a bump, the spring in the fork will compress and fluids will move throughout the piston making it easier for riders who tend to ride on bumpy roads. 

More and more bikes are coming standard with suspension forks, since even roads can be unpredictable at times!

The new year is always a good reason to start something new, but finding the best choice out of all the fitness bikes out there can be a little overwhelming. 

Well, good news! In order to be prepared to become the next professional biker, here is the scoop on the best entry level hybrid bikes!

1. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women

Our top pick for the best level hybrid bike is the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike. Equipped with a lightweight aluminum frame, this option is one of the best hybrid bikes on the market. 

It has 28 inch wheels and a 21 speed SRAM grip shifter that make it perfect for pedaling up those steep hills and for longer rides.
This bike also has front and rear fenders to keep your tires dry during the rainy season, so it is a perfect choice! Nothing can stop you and this bike from having fun days!

2. Tommaso Forza Shimano Tourney Hybrid Disc Brake Fitness Bike

Next on our list is the Tommaso Forza Shimano Tourney Hybrid Disc Brake Fitness Bike. This bike has a lightweight frame and is a good choice for those that live in the city. Making it a popular choice for a commuter living in the city.

It has a flat bar, reliable shifting and a compact frame geometry making it a comfortable ride for you wherever you decide to go! A plus for this bike is the lifetime frame and fork warranty and the disc brakes that are guaranteed to keep up with your riding. 

It’s optimized for a hilly area and different terrain making it the best hybrid bicycle you can get on the market!

3. Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Bike Hybrid Retro Style Cruiser

This stylish and comfortable bike is the perfect fit for people wanting that retro feel of bikes. With 700c wheels and a 7 speed twist shifter, the Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Bike Hybrid retro Style Cruiser is perfect for beginners. 

The bike also has a rear rack for storage and is in the perfect price range for those not wanting to spend a ton of money. 

It comes with a wider seat making it one of the premium comfort bikes on the market right now. It’s perfect for city riding or on your local bike paths, being the best option for family riders! Making it one of the best entry level hybrid bikes out there.

4. Canyon Commuter 7

The Canyon Commuter 7 bike is the perfect city bike for commuters in bike friendly cities. Its lightweight aluminum frame makes it compact for storage. 

The commuter 7 has the great feature of lights on the pedals for safe night riding, especially during the winter months! It is one of the top hybrid bikes right now and is gaining popularity by the day. It also uses upright geometry to increase your speeds on the road.

The brakes are hydraulic disc brakes with three finger levers giving you the stopping power you are looking for in a bike

It’s at a higher price point, but the Gates belt drive really makes a difference when you’re pedaling through the city streets. But with a higher price comes with their good quality materials which makes it worth it in the long run!

5. Trek FX 3 Disc

The Trek FX 3 Disc is a primed performance hybrid bike. It is equipped with a vibration absorbing handlebar for a more comfortable ride and giving you better control as you ride those long distances.

It has 700c wheels and is able to have rear lights attached if lighting on a bike is a concern for you. The aluminum frame makes it lightweight and easy to transport and store. 

The brakes are the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with a lever, so it’s easy to get the smooth stops when you’re done riding! The fork is made of Trek’s own FX carbon but can always be replaced.

6. Co-Op Cycles CTY 1.1 Step Through Bike

The lightweight Co-Op Cycles CTY 1.1 Step Through Bike is perfect for those shorter people out there. One of the best features of the bike is the low cross bar making it an easy to mount and dismount on and off the bike. It really is one of the best hybrids for beginners.

The seating arrangement also makes it easier for you to have that upright position all riders aim for with their bike. It also contains a wide range of gears with 24 different gear options. Since it is smaller in size, it really helps get up to speed if you’re ever in a hurry. 

The Co-Op Cycles CTY 1.1 Step Through bike offers mechanical brakes with puncture resistant tires making it perfect for dirt roads! 

7. Cannondale Quick Disc 4

This Cannondale Quick Disc 4 is something to look out for on the road. With only 9 gears and a wheel size of 700c, it is perfect for a workout, riding around town or a fun off roading experience. 

In the most recent update to Cannondale bikes, the frames are lighter than ever and are made out of aluminum. It has an integrated wheel sensor that tracks your activity on an app for your phone! Meaning, you can track your road bike speed after a workout and set goals throughout the year.

There’s 360° reflective accents to make sure you’re seen in those darker hours which is great for late night city commuters.

8. Cannondale Bad Boy 1

Another Cannondale favorite is the Cannondale Bad Boy 1. Different from the previous bikes on our list, the wheels on this bike are 650b wheels. Which means they’re better for the off roading and dirt paths you may take. 

This bike is geared toward more off road riders than commuters that stay on the pavement. The wider tires make it easier for the bike to get friction on hilly roads and especially helps in wet weather!

It has an already installed rear light and an alloy seatpost for your saddle whichever one you choose! It’s one of the best hybrids there is for rougher conditions.

9. Trek Dual Sport 2

The Trek Dual Sport 2 is the perfect bike for those looking for a smooth ride. It goes well on a variety of surfaces with a wide range of gears to choose from and hydraulic brakes to guarantee safety.

It’s known as the go anywhere hybrid bike for a reason. Gravel? It can ride there. Pavement and different bike paths on the way to work? Perfect for that too. 

You can easily accessorize with different types of frames and lights, even a water bottle holder, while keeping the slick and minimal style. Like Cannondale bikes, you can also track your rides with their app DuoTrap S!

10. Marin Fairfax 2 700 S Bike

The Marin Fairfax 2 700 S Bike is on the lower side of the price range, perfect for those on a budget. It has a series 2 aluminum frame with internal cable routing and an integrated kickstand mount. 

There is also a Shimano drivetrain that can ease you on all of your shifting worries! It is a popular option especially for those looking for the best entry level hybrid bike.

The fork is made out of aluminum as well, and the brakes are hydraulic disc brakes. The 700c wheels are puncture proof giving you ease on the road! This truly is a great bike.

11. Batch Lifestyle 700c Bike 

On the more affordable side of our list, we have the Batch Lifestyle 700c Bike. As the name suggests, the bike comes with 700c wheels and also has a flat handlebar. 

It has a 7 gear shift unit which makes it super easy for beginner riders looking to step foot into biking but don’t want to make a $500 commitment. 

It has different brakes than any of the bikes on this list. The brakes with this bike are alloy linear pull brakes. The frame is also made of alloy with a steel fork. It’s perfect for cruising through your city or small town.

12. Giant Escape 1 Disc Bike

This flat bar bike is one of the most versatile on our list. The Giant Escape 1 Disc Bike is the best way to begin your bike journey. The tires are perfect for all weather conditions and with a vibration absorbing fork, it makes different weather fun to ride in. 

This bike is completely customizable with room to add fenders and a rear rack if you choose. There is even room for a water-bottle holder!

The Escape 1 has an innovative D Fuse seatpost that makes the ride comfortable and fun the entire time you ride!

13. Marin Presidio 1 700c Bike

The Marin Presidio 1 700c Bike is perfect for smaller commuters. It is very low maintenance and a comfortable ride for those longer rides. The aluminum frame also helps to keep that shine even after those long rides. 

It has rack and fender mounts giving you a place to put all your workplace bags. The hydraulic brakes help to stop easily and Marin aluminum double wall rims paired with their 700c wheels.

A downside to this bike is that there is no front derailleur, if that is something you are interested in.

14. DiamondBack Division 1

A quirkier style of bike is the DiamondBack Division 1 hybrid bike. The wider tires make it perfect for different terrain, especially dirt roads and gravel.

The fork and frame are made from aluminum and the brakes are mechanical disc brakes. It comes with an 8 speed shifter, but it is only on the right handle bar. 

It is a very upright set bike helping your posture from being hunched over, giving you the upright position you want on these bikes!

15. Atlas Fitness Hybrid Bike – 21 Speed

The Atlas Fitness Hybrid Bike 21 Speed is the perfect budget friendly bike for beginners. It comes in cute colors and is made with high quality products as well. 

The 21 speed and threadless steering system makes it easy for anyone to gain real control while riding through the busy city streets. 

The front and rear derailleurs are made from Shimano Tourney and 7S respectively. These enhancements give you a wide range of gearing with a lot less effort giving you an effortless ride. 

16.  2021 Polygon Heist X5

The 2021 Polygon Heist X5 made with an aluminum frame and a Suntour NVX fork is a comfortable ride whenever you need it. Especially for off road riding, the fork makes it extra comfortable while the brakes give you the control you need. 

The front bars are made of alloy while the wheels are double wall alloy rims, allowing you to have extra strength and durability for your ride.

Although this bike is offered as an off roading bike, it is also perfect for a commuter looking for a more mountain bike feel!

17. Poseidon Flatbar X

The Poseidon bike brand has a lot of great options for hybrid bikes. One that really sticks out is the Flatbar X. It has a sleek design and a very high set saddle for that upright geometry you’re looking for. 

It is designed to grow with you on your biking journey and has a 10 speed cassette. The Flatbar X is especially handy when you are dealing with hills and bumpy terrain. The is made with a carbon fork that offers vibration dampening. 

It has a flat bar, as the name suggests, with flat bar levers for their mechanical disc brakes. It really is a good adventure bike for the adventurous bikers out there!

18. Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike 24 Speed Disc Brakes 

As a commuter, the Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike 24 Speed Disc Brakes is perfect for you!

The 24 different speeds makes it easy to zig zag through the city traffic but also builds up your muscles in a workout. 

The frame and fork are a hydroformed alloy aluminum with the disc brakes that give you the stopping power you need. 

This version comes with a built in water-bottle mount and has platform pedals for easy riding. The wheels are 700c and come with a flat handle. 

19. Retrospec Ascent 27.5 Mountain Bike – 21 Speed

For a stylish and more compact option, go for the Retrospec Ascent 27.5 Mountain Bike – 21 Speed. The 21 different speeds gives you a variety of options to use when zipping through any path you choose. 

The tires have a grippy material making it super reliable during wet weather conditions, especially on pavement during the rainy season. The frame is made out of alloy and comes with a threadless suspension fork that absorbs impact.

It comes with a Shimano Tourney derailleur and Rapidfire shifters making it easy for you to quickly shift gears when you need to!

20. Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike

To round up our list, we have the Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike. With the combination of road bike speed and mountain bike versatility, it makes for a great hybrid bike. Schwinn is a trustworthy brand that gives out high quality products!

It has an aluminum dual sport frame with a suspension fork that is perfect for all different types of riding. The wheel size is 700c and is great for those taller riders.

The 21 speed also is good for a quick shift in gears when riding through the streets while the rear derailleur helps with those precise shift changes. 

Why Try Biking?

With the new year, there has never been a better time to get into cycling. The benefits that come with it are all reasons for you to try it out. 

Although it can be a little overwhelming to start, biking is really a good way to be healthy this new year. Not only is it a fun activity you can do almost anywhere, it has amazing health benefits for you as well.

A good tip to getting into cycling is to start slow, it can be overwhelming when you start something new like riding bikes for more than just fun. 

Starting slow give you the opportunity to really find your niche and see if this is something you really are into.

A few benefits to cycling include how good it is for the environment, it is a fun way to get outside and of course for your overall fitness and physical health.

When it comes to your health, biking is great for your heart and helps you gain muscle quickly. Skipping that ab workout is not a problem when you are regularly biking. 

Indoor biking has become a huge new exercise in the past couple years, with companies like Peloton and Nordictrack being at the top of the list of indoor bike sellers. But nothing will beat the advantages outdoor riding gives you compared to your indoor workouts. 

Which is why riding a bike to work has gotten increasingly more popular throughout the recent years, especially in cities like New York or Chicago. The amount of cars coupled with small and confusing streets make all the more reason people are biking to work.

Biking Benefits

With more cycling, there is less gas being omitted to the air, helping with pollution! We all want to be climate heroes and cycling is a great way to do that.

Biking is also a great time to spend with family or friends. This new year, make it a pact with your closest friends to go on weekly or daily rides together! Spending time out in the fresh air looking around the city is always a great way to start, or end, the day.

Kids can always benefit for more time outside. Making cycling a family event is a fun way to get that family tie when everyone is busy with school and work. Kids always have fun while getting in their exercise as well!

Hybrid bikes are the best of both worlds for someone that needs to road bike for commuting or for their neighborhood streets. Also, they are great for those first roads and rough terrain that a mountain bike is fit for. 

Although finding that perfect fit for a hybrid bike can be hard, once you find it everything falls into place. The best entry level hybrid bikes are always worth the hunt. Once they are found, everything from then on out is perfect for your rides.

Hybrids can be more on the expensive side compared to other types of bikes. If you are looking for a cheaper option, getting a road bike or mountain bike may be your best bet.

I hope these 20 best entry level hybrid bikes help you on your journey to finding that perfect hybrid bike for you and your life! Enjoy the fun adventures!

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