The 20 Best Fanny Packs For Disney World (2023)

Fanny packs are making a comeback and everyone is absolutely loving them. They are a convenient way to carry your basic essentials (lipstick, cards, ID) and look good while doing it too!

Disney World is a magical place to have fun and there’s no fun in stressing over your purse you have to carry around all the time.

The good news is Disney allows you to bring a bag on rides and a fanny pack is the best option for easy, care-free storage and mobility!

A fanny pack sits along your hip or even around your chest. It’s simple and easy without the hassle of a strap.

Another great thing about fanny packs is you don’t have to remove them for rides! Even with a lap bar or strap, you don’t need to remove the hip pack.

You can just slide it to the side and go! It doesn’t get much more secure than that.

Also called bum bags you can keep your Disney gift cards, portable phone charger, and keys secure throughout the day.

Fanny packs are the perfect size between a large bag and a small size backpack. Fanny Packs don’t carry much weight so you don’t have to worry about it being too heavy to carry.

We’ve got the scoop on the 20 best fanny packs for Disney World. These top picks include everything you need to know to find the best fanny pack for you!

Fanny Packs

1. MAXTOP Large Crossbody Fanny Pack

This fanny pack comes in multiple different colors and is the perfect park bag!

The MAXTOP Fanny Pack has 4 zipper pockets that are great for hands-free carrying and has enough room to store your phone, key, credit card, IDs, headphones, and so much more.

You can wear it in front of your waist, back on your hip, across your chest, or over your shoulder. It’s perfect for various occasions and makes for a great gift as well.

2. Adidas Originals National Fanny Pack

This Adidas fanny pack features a zippered main pocket and small pockets in the front.

It’s made of lightweight polyester and the zip pocket in front keeps your phone or keys within easy reach.

Stylish fanny packs are a convenient way to carry your essentials and look good while doing it too. This fanny pack is available in 13 other colors and styles.

3. Amazon Basics RFID Travel Fanny Pack

This slim fanny pack is perfect for the lightweight traveler. Feel extra protected and confident with its RFID blocking material!

Use it on the plane, in the car, and at Disney Parks. You’ll get the best use out of this small bag as it’s not too bulky and not too small. Keep all you need in the best fanny pack around.

It keeps your cash, receipts, and important items organized and secure. The waist strap can be adjusted in length for a perfect and comfortable fit.

This fanny pack offers neutral options in black and khaki.

4. Clear Fanny Pack

This soft, cute, and waterproof fanny pack is designed to make life easier and more fun. It’s a great option for any trip.

Disney World is filled with plenty of water rides like Kali River Rapids and no one wants to leave their belongings behind. That’s why this fanny pack is the ultimate Disney World go-to fanny pack.

You can also get into venues with clear bag policies, such as concerts, stadium events, game days, festivals, and hiking.

It has an adjustable belt that will perfectly fit everyone. It has two pocket compartments and is the perfect size to fit all.

You can easily go through bag check with this clear fanny pack.

5. KEESPENCE Fanny Pack

The ultimate fanny pack – the KEESPENCE Fanny Pack. This fanny pack includes a water bottle holder which is very convenient at an amusement park on a hot sunny day.

This hassle-free fanny pack will make your next trip a blast. It is equipped to carry your cell phone, brochures from the park, IDs, cards, a small camera, and so much more!

It’s also waterproof and washable for any weather condition. Stay hydrated and keep all your bottles of water handy!

6. Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends Fanny Pack

This Disney fanny pack is appropriate for the occasion! It is functional, cute, and great for pictures.

Carry your favorite Disney Park essentials with this fanny pack and everything else you need like lip balm, credit cards, keys, hand sanitizer, and more.

A Disney bag is the perfect option for any day at the parks!

7. Vera Bradley Sling Backpack

Similar to a fanny pack, this cute Vera Bradley sling backpack is perfect for any occasion.

This backpack is great for your weekend getaway at Disney World! Wear over your shoulder or across your body as a sling bag or belt bag to carry everything you need.

The exterior of this cross-body bag features a front flap pocket with a buckle, a zip pocket, & a hidden zip pocket on the back for your valuables.

You can use it as a smaller backpack or as one of your shoulder bags. This backpack/fanny pack is available in 12 different colors.

The interior features a slip and a zip, keeping all of your belongings tucked away and organized. Sling bags are great to throw over your body and get to where you need to be.

8. WATERFLY Fanny Pack

This will become your new favorite fanny pack that holds two water bottles which is perfect for a traveling family heading to Disney World!

This fanny pack is unlike any others, you can simply add whatever you need in it! It has an adjustable waist strap for you to wear as a fanny pack or carry on your shoulder.

It also features a breathable back pad to keep you comfortable all day while at the parks. With the two water bottle holders, you can easily chug along all the water you need.

The WATERFLY Fanny Pack is perfect for those who carry more than they need with its large size.

9. Zip Running Fanny Pack

This adjustable simple fanny pack is perfect to travel with. It’s lightweight and can help store all your small items.

You can certainly keep your everyday essentials within easy reach this way plus this simple fanny pack is available in 12 other vibrant colors.

This cute hip pack has better quality with 100% premium durable nylon belt so you and your kid can run around with everything you need on hand, hands-free, and worry-free.

10. Minnie Mouse Fanny Pack

This cute fanny pack will get you compliments everywhere at Disney! It’s functional and adorable at the same time.

It’s made of great quality and there is plenty of room to store everything you need. This is one of the best bags for Disney.

The practical design has an adjustable waist belt and a quick-release buckle for secure and comfortable wear.

11. Home-X Genuine Leather Lambskin Fanny Pack

This red fanny pack contains a lot of compartment pockets which allows you to store more than you can hold.

The Home-X Genuine Leather Lambskin Fanny Pack has the features of a fine handbag yet leaves your hands free to snap photos of your favorite memories at Disney World.

It has a large main section, a close-to-the-body pocket for valuables, a front pouch, and three exterior zip pockets.

12. Slim Water Bottle Holder Fanny Pack

This super slim fanny pack includes a water bottle holder which is a great plus. This sporty fanny pack is lightweight, holds items, and also holds your water bottle which makes it have lots of functionality!

Its water-resistant material protects your phone and other valuables safe and dry from any adventure to the water parks at Disney World.

It also features a key chain hook you can add your house key, car key, or room key. It can be hung on the hook and then put in the pocket for easy access and security.

13. KEGE Slim Fanny Pack

This slim blue fanny pack is cute and holds all your essentials. It’s lightweight making it easier than ever to get around the parks without the hassle of a big bag!

It’s suitable for all-day wear and walking at Disney World.

14. Mickey Mouse Disney Fanny Pack

This classic waist pack with Mickey Mouse print is perfect for any Disney lover! 

The spacious main compartment is perfect to store your phone, keys, or snacks while the smaller back zippered pocket is great to store your cash, cards, and other valuables.

The Mickey Mouse Disney Fanny Pack is a great addition to your Disney wardrobe!

15. Shoulder Fanny Pack

You can wear this fanny pack in multiple different ways. You can wear it on your shoulder or even on your waist also!

It contains a water bottle holder which is perfect for Disney. Sholder bags are great for keeping your most needed items close. The easily adjustable strap makes it easy to fit comfortably.

The bottle carrier Fits a bottle up to 30oz; 3 separate zipper pockets to keep your phone, cash, keys, credit cards, and so much more.

Disney does not offer free ice water so having a place to keep your water bottle is an essential aspect of this fanny pack.

16. EVEREST Signature Fanny Pack

This hot pink fanny pack is super cute to wear with your Disney outfit! It has two compartment pockets which are perfect to hold your items.

With three zippered compartments: a front pocket with detachabale key ring, a large middle compartment, and a secure back pocket for valuables.

17. Vera Bradley Fanny Pack

This Vera Bradley fanny pack is cute for any occasion especially a trip to Dinsey World!

Its weather-friendly, water-repellent fabric is durable & lightweight for everyday use. This cute bag has a front zip pocket that features 3 card slips with RFID Protection to help keep your personal information safe.

Whatever you want to call it, fanny pack, hip pack, or waist pack – this functional bag allows you to wear it around your body or across you as a cross body bag.

18. AINEON Fanny Pack

This fanny pack is a great add-on to your outfit and isn’t an eye sore! It is functional yet pretty at the same time.

The adjustable shoulder straps can be adjusted to whatever length according to your body. It can be worn in different ways as a crossbody bag, fanny bag, chest bag, or Disney fanny pack.

The best thing is you can store your essentials, keep them neat and organized!

19. WATERFLY Small Fanny Pack

This water-resistant fanny pack is perfect for any weather or any cold water from the parks. You wouldn’t have to worry about getting anything damaged and it holds all of your essentials!

It’s perfect for Splash Mountain and keeping everything dry.

There are 4 pockets on this fashion waist bag, including 3 front pockets and a hidden back anti-theft pocket to store your passport or cash. 

The Waterfly belt bag with heavy-duty soft nylon fabric is breathable and comfortable to wear.

20. 4Monster Water Resistant Fanny Pack

This fanny pack is lightweight and water-resistant that you can wear around your shoulders or around your waist.

While ensuring portability, it still has a practical capacity, which can perfectly hold keys, wallets, mobile phones, tissues, and much more!

Disney World Bags

A traditional backpack is another great option to carry everything you need especially if you have young children and can fit a smaller diaper bag in it as well.

The best backpacks have main pockets and outside pockets that can also fit your camera bag as well.

Whether you’re headed to Universal Studios, Universal Parks, Disney Springs, or Magic Kingdom, or any of the Disney Theme Parks you will want to carry your essentials plus everything you buy while at Disney.

A cooler backpack is great if you have little kids that love to eat. You can keep all their favorite drinks and snacks cold.

Add adorable pins and keychains to make your Disney World experience one of a kind for an additional cost.

If you are a frequent park member be sure to check out my disney experience app.

There you have it the best fanny packs for Disney World!

If you’re looking for more inspiration on how to wear fanny packs at Walt Disney World Resort social media has tons of inspiration.

At the end of the day, you’ll be glad you had a fanny pack and a hassle-free day. The price range for fanny packs can be very cheap or very expensive depending on the brand and accessories.

This post contains affiliate links and I will receive a small commission, thank you for your support!

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