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The 25 Best Crystals For Empaths

Crystals are an invaluable tool for empaths. They have the unique ability to help us ground, center, and raise our vibration so that we can be at peace with ourselves and others.

They are also excellent energy protectors by helping to deflect negative energy away from us or even absorbing some of it into themselves.

As an empath, you know already that your energy, or vibration, can be all over the place. You may even feel like you’re living in a constant state of overwhelm and anxiety.

Crystals help by calming and soothing us so we can tune into ourselves and recharge our batteries after a busy day or night.

This is why they make such wonderful companions not only for empaths but for anyone feeling out of sorts. These types of crystals can even help us stay grounded and balanced when dealing with other people’s energies.

We sometimes can be affected by other people and it can hinder our personal growth as well as our spiritual growth.

Crystals for empaths can heal and protect the aura, which is the energy field that surrounds us. They can help to restore our balance and offer refuge from lower energies we may come into contact with – such as those of others or situations in day-to-day life.

The best way to block negative emotions or toxic energies is to use the following crystals listed below. These are the best stones to use in your daily life and to always be in tune with yourself!

We’ve got the scoop on the best crystals for empaths!

1. Clear Quartz

You most likely already have a crystal or two of clear quartz lying around your home, if not then you should! They’re one of the most versatile ones available for empaths.

Quartz is able to amplify your energy or intention. You can lay one on top of your chakras, you can hold one in meditation, and you can wear it as an amulet or talisman.

They’re also excellent for deflecting negative energy and are used quite often in crystal healing!

2. Selenite

The selenite crystals are very powerful at raising the vibration of your energy. They’re great to have around if you’re feeling stuck or heavy.

They also offer protection from psychic attacks. Selenite works by sending the negative energy back where it came from, turning around and bringing that energy into itself before then transforming it into a positive light.

It’s not only an empath’s best friend but there are many other benefits too.

3. Black Tourmaline

The black tourmaline is excellent for deflecting any negative energy that comes your way. It’s also a powerful healer on an emotional level as well as a spiritual one.

Black tourmaline crystals can help to release anxiety, fear, depression, and anger while restoring a loving state of mind and heart. They are great protection stones and will always block unwanted energies trying to enter your life.

4. Fluorite

Crystal fluorite is a protective stone and it’s great to have around empaths. It helps to filter out the negative energy.

A piece of fluorite prevents you from absorbing any of this energy so can be a really helpful companion when you’re going through a particularly strong or busy time.

This is one of the best crystals to use to balance your own emotions, especially for sensitive people who have trouble expressing their emotions!

5. Labradorite

The labradorite is a protective shield that repels any unwanted or harmful energy. It offers protection from psychic attacks and has been used to protect travelers from negative entities. As well as from physical harm during their journey.

These protective crystals have powerful healing properties that can help with emotional support and help you reconnect with your human spirit and the human body!

It is always important to stay in tune with your mind and body in order to keep your emotions balanced!

6. Black Obsidian

The black obsidian is another one of those stones that’s excellent for protecting the aura. Especially if you’re going through a particularly strong or draining day.

It’s also grounding and can be very beneficial if you’re having trouble getting to sleep. It helps to clear the energy of any negative thoughts that may be keeping you awake.

This black stone allows you to relax and recharge so you feel more energized in the morning.

7. Rose Quartz

The benefits of rose quartz are both for empaths and non-empaths alike. It’s the stone of universal love, offering comfort, compassion, and healing to all who are in need.

The rose quartz stone is connected to the heart chakra. It can restore balance to your energy field by drawing out any lower vibrations that may be holding you back from being your best self so you feel more cared for, protected, and treasured.

This is a good crystal to keep with you in order to attract new people into your life and show you the true feeling of unconditional love!

8. Hematite

The hematite is excellent for grounding the energy of an empath. It can also help to remove any negative or unwanted energy that you may take on after being around other people.

This powerful crystal is very effective at protecting your auric field so you feel more confident and secure in yourself, knowing that only the positive energy of the universe is able to penetrate your protective shield.

9. Angelite

Crystal Angelite can help an empath go into a meditative state in order to commune with their guardian angels and spirit guides. They can help with guidance about how best to deal with any difficult situations they’re facing.

This powerful stone also allows us to see things from another perspective. Brings a feeling of peace and calm as we can feel supported by the spirits surrounding us.

It can also help us see the energy of others and the emotions of other people. Seeing the different auras of others helps give us that perspective on how to deal with other people.

10. Red Jasper

The red jasper is another stone that’s excellent for grounding energy after you’ve been around other people. It’s known to stimulate courage as well as offer protection from any negativity or psychic attack. It may be beneficial to keep some on you if you’re going to be in a busy, public space.

If an empath feels any type of stress or anxiety, this stone is a great aid to bring calmness and balance to your emotions.

It is connected to the root chakra and makes a great option to use for natural healing, finding your inner balance, and always staying grounded when feeling people’s emotions.

11. Lapis Lazuli

The Lapis Lazuli is not only an empath’s dream. It can also help protect against psychic attacks, heal emotional wounds, and promote good communication.

These are some of the best protection crystals. They are especially beneficial at promoting positive vibrations while deflecting any negative energy. This is an excellent stone to have around you when you’re in a busy environment.

It is connected to the third eye which will always attract positivity and can even help you improve your own personal power and psychic abilities!

12. Amethyst

The Amethyst is another great stone for empaths as it can help cleanse any negative energy that may be lingering within the body and aura. It’s also extremely beneficial in helping you get to sleep, especially if you’ve had a lot on your mind.

It is connected to the crown chakra which can help bring clarity to your mind and block any negative vibes. Especially during any hard time, your emotions and energy levels can be all over the place and cause your body to feel weak and sore.

This stone is a great choice to help heal your physical health and physical body!

13. Aventurine

The aventurine is excellent for empaths as it’s grounding and relaxing, while also offering protection from any negative energies.

This is the perfect stone to use when you feel like the energy around you is becoming too much to cope with, this stone can help steady your thoughts while stilling any anxious chatter in the brain so you can relax, recharge, and feel more in control of your surroundings.

14. Aquamarine

Crystal Aquamarine emits very calming energy that can be beneficial to emotional stability when you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed by the people around you.

Sometimes you can feel a heavy aura or the emotions of others coming into your personal space and it can be stressful. It’s also excellent for psychic awareness as it helps with divination so if you work in any form of mediumship, it can be beneficial to keep this stone on you.

15. Smoky Quartz

The smoky quartz can be especially helpful for empaths as it’s excellent at absorbing excess energies, which may be making you feel too overstimulated.

It’s also very grounding and calming, which can help eliminate any feelings of anxiety so you may feel less overwhelmed. It also brings clarity to your mind and vision and can block any negative feelings.

Smokey quartz is a great empath protection crystal to always keep your emotions balanced, so it is a good idea to keep this stone with you, especially when you are with a lot of people!

16. Green Jade

The green jade is a stone of abundance and good luck, which is why it’s often recommended for those who are looking to manifest their desires.

It helps to bring in positive energy while ridding of any negative or stagnant vibes so it can be helpful for those who find themselves feeling drained after being around others.

It’s known to assist in controlling our emotions and providing us with knowledge on how to deal with the energies of others or negative people. This beautiful green stone will always bring harmony and happiness into ones’ life and keep your energy in a steady flow.

17. Moonstone

The moonstones can be extremely beneficial to empaths as they’re excellent at relieving stress and anxiety while stilling the busy mind that may be making you feel overloaded.

It also allows us to tap into our intuition in order to access the messages from the moon who governs your emotional state, lending a helping hand when you’re feeling too overwhelmed.

As an empath and sensitive person, you are always an emotional sponge to the feelings of others. This stone can help relieve tension and anxiety within your body and allow you to work on personal growth and inner strength!

18. Sodalite

The Sodalite is an excellent stone for empaths as it’s known to help with communication. It can be especially helpful when there are difficult conversations that need to be had, as it can provide the courage and clarity needed to express yourself in a way that’s respectful and understanding of the other person.

It is connected to the throat chakra which can help with your communication skills and improve your expression of emotions to others!

It’s an important thing to understand as an empath because it is crucial to be able to talk clearly about your emotions, with others as well! This is a beautiful stone that has a positive impact on any empath!

19. Fire Agate

The fire agate is another excellent stone for empaths as it can help soothe stress and anxiety while lending a helping hand during times of self-doubt.

It’s also excellent for psychic protection so it will shield your energy from any negative outside influences, offering you clarity when you’re feeling overwhelmed in a crowd.

20. Black Kyanite

Crystal black kyanite is excellent for empaths as it can deflect any negative energy while stilling the mind so you won’t feel bombarded by other people’s emotions.

This can be a powerful protection stone from energy vampires who try to suck all your positive energy out of your body, for their own use.

Black kyanite will block those negative people from your life and protect your emotions at all costs! These are one of the top crystals that aid in meditation, helping to keep the mind calm and clear while still remaining open to psychic guidance.

21. Rutilated Quartz

The rutilated quartz is a good stone for empaths as it’s excellent at absorbing negative energy, making it a great shield to keep on you during times of high stress.

It also helps with communication, offering clarity and insight without overshadowing the truth so you can feel reassured that your emotions are being honored.

In ancient times, people use this stone because it had a strong connection to the divine realm and was able to aid in manifestations! It could be considered a success stone because of its ability to attract an abundance of luck and good fortune!

22. Petalite

The Petalite is good for empaths as it’s excellent at calming both mind and body, making for a great stress reliever.

This beautiful crystal also inhibits the projection of one’s own negative energy onto others which can make people more receptive to your words.

It has powerful vibrations of energy because it is connected to the spiritual realm, which can be great for someone who wants to reconnect with their spiritual side!

23. Lepidolite

The lepidolite is an excellent pick-me-up for empaths as its energy is deeply calming, offering stability and strength when you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed.

It’s also very helpful in relieving stress and anxiety, which can make it easier to stay grounded in uncomfortable or chaotic situations. These are some of the right crystals to use when you want to attract stability and balance into your life!

24. Sugilite

Sugilite’s strong purple energy is excellent for empaths as it can help ground and stabilize your energy while keeping you calm in a high-pressure situations. It also helps with your mental clarity, which is important when you’re feeling overloaded by the people around you.

25. Charoite

The charoite has an incredibly soothing energy that’s great for empaths when you’re feeling drained by the people around you.

You never know how much time you are spending with people, and it can be very draining, especially if you are an empath and can feel every emotion in the room. It vibrates on a very high frequency, making it excellent at relieving stress and anxiety while stilling the mind to aid in meditation.

All of these crystals are great for empaths, but remember that you can always pick and choose which ones work best for your own unique energy!

To manifest the best results, prepare your crystals for their new home by cleansing them in saltwater overnight.

Then place them in the sun during the day so they can soak up all of the positive energy from the light. Once these steps are complete it’s time to get ready for your crystal-infused healing!

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