The 25 Best Crystals For Zodiac Sign Leo

When it comes to crystal healing, there are so many options for you. You can online shop and look up the best crystals for Leo sign which helps you stay focused.

Not only are zodiac crystals great for healing, but so are essential oils! These oils are similar to healing crystals. They help relieve stress and attract positivity and abundance into your life!

But when all is said and done what you’re really looking for is a list of zodiac sign crystals that will help empower your own strengths in order to achieve the best that life has to offer.

Leo is a sign that requires a lot of self-love. When you don’t love yourself, it’s very difficult to be able to give and receive love from others. You can’t expect people to love you if you don’t love yourself.

Leo season begins on July 23rd through August 22nd and is the fifth sign of the zodiac. Since it is the fifth sign, it is considered a fixed sign within the astrological lineup and is considered a powerhouse of leo energy.

The true birthstone of this astrological sign is the peridot stone. Peridot is known as the stone of compassion and inspires creativity and peace to use in all aspects of your life!

‘The 25 Best Crystals For Zodiac Sign Leo ‘ is a list of crystals that are designed to help you get the most out of life specifically for your zodiac sign.

Top 25 Best Crystals For Zodiac Sign Leo

1) Ruby

This fiery red stone is the best crystal for a Leo sign because it helps them to boost their energy levels. It increases self-confidence which is very important when trying to reach their goals in life.

Ruby is also known to enhance creative thinking, courage, confidence, and a love for life!

Any Leo sun sign is influenced by the energy of the sun. This stone is great to stay balanced and grounded when it comes to showing your emotions to the world and other people!

2) Gold

Both gold and Leos are very proud of who they are. This is one of the best crystals for the zodiac sign of Leo to help them stay motivated.

Gold is a very lucky stone because it can bring an abundance of wealth and prosperity to your life! Gold gets its different properties from the fire element & energy of the sun. In turn, will help keep you motivated to find your path to success!

3) Sunstone

This crystal gives Leo the extra boost of confidence they often need in order to get what they want out of life. These powerful stones are associated with independence and originality.

Since Leos have a zest for life, they are often natural leaders when it comes to any situation. The Sunstone is the ideal crystal to help manifest any leadership position, especially in the workplace!

4) Royal Azel

Royal azel, also known as Sugilite, is known to boost the ego and help any Leo sign to achieve their goals much faster.

This Leo gemstone is known to radiate positive energy and protect you from any negative energies. It also helps when it comes to being in a toxic relationship so you can get out of it quickly.

When you know someone is not right for you, and not letting you grow as a person, this is an excellent stone to have to give you that little boost of love and positive vibrations to walk away from those relationships and focus on yourself!

5) Citrine

Citrine is considered to be the Leo birthstone. It can help them stay focused and grounded when life gets too hectic.

This is one of the best healing crystals. It helps with emotional balance, purifies the body of any toxins, and strengthens your immune system.

Sunny citrine is connected to the sacral chakra stone. This can help realign your different energy flows within your body and allow you to be more in tune with your decisions and emotions.

6) Red Tiger’s Eye

Tiger eye is another one of the best crystals for a Leo individual. It helps give you the courage to get what you want out of life.

This healing stone helps give you the drive to go after what you want and give you the courage and confidence to achieve any goal in life!

Tiger’s eye is extremely rare because of its properties. It will always attract abundance and success in any task you take on! It almost gives you that feeling of being a tiger and seeing through a tigers eye to fight for what you want!

7) Fire Agate

Fire agate is considered to be a grounding stone because of its calming energy and protective force. It is a great protective stone to have. It will block any negative feelings or negative thoughts, that were holding you back from showing your true Leo personality!

A good time to use fire agate is when you are having a hot flash or feeling stressed. If you place it on your forehead, all your stress and bad energy will be relieved.

8) Hematite

Hematite is great for Leos on a mental level because it helps to keep you grounded. It boosts your confidence and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything that comes your way!

It has radiant energy that encourages you to showcase your artistic expression and follow your true passions in life!

9) Carnelian

This is another great crystal for Leo’s especially when they are feeling indecisive or doubt themselves too much. It helps to give them the push that they need to go after what they want.

Carnelian is connected to the heart chakra that is great to use to calm any emotions or frustrations towards something.

A Leos love holds strong energy. This crystal is great to help out with your love life and any relationship you make with someone!

10) Moonstone

Moonstone is great for Leos who are expecting their first child. As well as those who may be struggling with fertility issues.

The Moonstone is known to have radiant divine feminine energy and is great to use in these types of situations. For a Leo moon sign, this is the perfect crystal to use to help balance out your love and relationships.

Overall, it can help keep you calm and get reconnected with your own personal power to push through any difficulties. Especially when you are expecting and entering motherhood.

11) Bloodstone

Bloodstone is one of the best stones for this zodiac sign. It gives them courage and the inner strength to remove any fears they have when going after what they want.

It helps to get rid of negativity and brings in more positivity which is what Leos need! When you are ever facing a stressful time, this natural stone is great to use to cleanse and realign your energies and have a clear mind!

12) Lapis Lazuli

These Leo stones are great for activating intuition and insight. Leo tends to have problems with letting their guard down. This will help them open up more to people around them rather than being secretive all the time.

This precious stone has been used by healers, priests, and royalty to help balance out their emotions and get in tune with their psychic abilities. Being able to get in touch your with psychic abilities will help strengthen your intuition and judgment!

13) Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline has a calming effect on any Leo when they are feeling down or upset about what life has handed them lately.

It helps to restore harmony and balance into their lives. This will then lead to success rather than feeling drained all the time.

These beautiful stones represent love and compassion, two traits that are associated with this astrological sign. Not only does it attract love and compassion, but it can also help balance Leo’s emotions and heal any past heartache.

14) Golden Azeztulite

Golden Azeztulite is associated with the solar plexus chakra and the third eye. These powerful crystals are very pure and were found in the Himalayan mountains during the New Age.

It helps transform and awaken your soul and body to realign and become energized again. For the best results, use this crystal for motivation and manifestation to be in tune with the spiritual realm. Let those guardian angels guide you on the right path!

15) Black Onyx

Black onyx is considered one of the birthstones of the Leo earth sign because it is an element of the earth!

It is a favorite stone to use to get in touch with your passions and become a master of your own destinies! It is also used for protection when you are confronting an enemy or put in a difficult position at work.

16) Amethyst

Amethyst is another great crystal for Leo’s because it helps to slow you down when life is moving way too fast and gets you back in touch with your spiritual side, which is what Leos need at times!

When life gets hard, sometimes we act out and make decisions without thinking and think we can never come back from it.

But, on the flip side, we can always learn from our past mistakes and take this as a powerful sign to use this stone to help us reconnect with our inner selves!

17) Lepidolite

Lepidolite is able to bring deep emotional healing and relieve any stress in your life. It is known to activate the throat and heart chakra to help you become more in-tune with your body, something a Leo might struggle with.

These different crystals are great for an air sign because they can help you gain a strong connection with yourself and others, as well as lead you on the right path for a good life!

18) Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a great crystal for Leo’s because it helps them to embrace change and brings in more love which they need! It can help heal heartache, resentment, and anger issues towards yourself or others.

The best ways to use these special crystals is to have them around your house or in your purse, and let them be the center stage of your life.

You will feel a wave of positivity and love flowing into your life when using tourmalinated quartz. You might just have some good luck and meet your soulmate!

19) Red Jasper

Red Jasper is one of the best healing gemstones to have when it comes to balancing your emotions and energies.

It is known as the ‘supreme nurturer and will always protect and support you through a difficult time. This stone is also connected to the root chakra, which can make you feel grounded and able to withstand any difficulties.

Red Jasper is one of the best crystals for leo sign that can help you rebuild a better foundation for your life!

20) Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is another one of the best crystals for Leo’s because it can be carried around with you to repel negative energy.

It helps to fight viruses and bacteria which are great for women who are pregnant! It also keeps you in line with the spiritual realm and can help you transform negative energy into positive energy!

21) Yellow Topaz

Golden yellow topaz can enhance confidence and pride within your life, without inflating your ego too much.

It also helps with concentration issues which will help Leos more easily achieve their goals and even attract financial success within your career!

22) Tiger Iron

Tiger iron is another one of the best crystals for Leo’s because it empowers them when they are feeling down. It brings in more courage, energy, and willpower which are all things that Leos need to accomplish their goals!

These crystals for leo sign can balance the male/female energy within Leos so they can feel happier overall.

23) Crimson Cuprite

This is another one of the best crystals for Leo’s because it can help to activate the crown chakra. When this chakra is activated you are able to accept more change in your life and see things from a higher perspective which means Leos will be happier overall!

24) Lolite

Lolite is a tumbled stone that helps to relieve stress and anxiety, which is something that Leos need at times. It also can enhance your dreams and intuition, especially at night.

It is best to put it under your pillow to feel positive vibrations and peace within your dreams!


Amazonite is the stone of truth, and is great for any Leo or water sign! This special gemstone helps to restore any fatigue or trauma that you have experienced in the past.

Since it is linked to water signs, it holds the same energy as the sea and can help keep the flow of your emotions at a steady pace. It will always bring clarity and peace to your life and is useful in every situation!

Leo Traits

Some of the personality traits for a Leo zodiac sign are known to be fun, loyal, outgoing, and honest. Leo’s energy is very strong and when it comes to forming relationships with others, they are very devoted to making long-lasting connections with others and value passion, experience, and love!

Fun fact, Meghan Markle is a Leo and embodies all the wonderful characteristics this sign has to offer!

Leo is one of the fire signs, meaning that they are warmhearted and inspired by life! They need others to help fuel their fire and never want to have a dull moment in life.

Leo’s are very hard workers and they will stop at nothing until their goals are reached. They have a lot of courage and once they have made up their mind about something, it takes a lot to stop them from going after what they want.

They are the life of the party and everyone loves to be around them because they always put a smile on your face.

Leo Crystals

Crystals are great for Leo’s because they are easy to carry around with you so Leos can feel empowered all day long. It doesn’t matter what issues they are having they will be able to find a crystal that is right for them!

The best crystals for Leo are the ones that help them feel empowered, energized, motivated, and confident.

Leo stones can do wonders when it comes to not only your physical health but also the mental side of things as well.

Either having them in your house or at work, it is even better when creating jewelry out of it.

By wearing it all the time, you will always feel the vibrations and good energy! Even when it comes to using your crystal, it’s important to stay true to yourself and remember what got you there in the first place.

That’s why these are called best leo crystals because they will help you achieve your goals and get the most out of life with new beginnings.

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