The 25 Best Crystals For Zodiac Sign Taurus

Taurus is the first of the earth sign and the second sign of the zodiac. The star sign dates for the Taurus season are from April 20th to May 20th.

Taurus energy can be very strong and some of the personality traits are trustworthy, generous, kind, and patient.

Additionally, there is a certain earth element connected to the astrological sign that plays a big part in who you are! Crystals are a great way to manifest this.

The Taurus is a fixed sign, ruled by Venus. They have a calm and steady nature. That is to say, Taurus people are artistic, loving all that is beautiful in the world.

They make great business people because they know how to keep a good eye on their investments. However, they can also be stubborn and this gets them into trouble sometimes.

Zodiac crystals are everywhere. They are even in technological devices, like mobile phones, and have many other practical uses as well.

There are many other affiliate links that dive deeper into the history of the zodiac signs and the symbolism of Taurus in ancient times. But we wrote this entire blog post to explain what crystals are best for you right now!

The first step towards understanding crystals is knowing which crystal you need for your astrological sign. Below is a list of the 25 best Taurus crystals to use to achieve success in all aspects of your life!

1. Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz is the Taurus birthstone that is thought to help emotional healing and bring inner peace to the mind and heart.

Above all, Taurus individuals should keep a piece of rose quartz as a part of their accessories or as a rose quartz bracelet. It is one of the best healing crystals to use when attracting love into your life!

In addition to the physical benefits, it is also said that rose quartz is connected to the heart chakra and the planet of love, which is planet Venus. Much like Rose Quartz, the rescue stone, also known as Rhodonite, has similar properties to the quartz.

The rescue stone can help mend or fix any relationship problem you are having and guide you in the right direction!

With these two energies, this gemstone will help attract new love into your life! Whether it is a friend, partner, twin flame, or even just self-love, Rose Quartz will give you the best results!

2. Amethyst

Amethyst is also a birthstone for the Taurus zodiac sign. It can help to alleviate any stress or anxiety that is preventing you from making any decisions.

Amethyst has a healing effect on the brain and spinal cord, which is also great for sleeping because it is can help to cure insomnia.

A Taurus individual should keep an amethyst stone at home or in the office, to help stay calm, cool, and collected. It’s known as the healing stone.

3. Bloodstone

Bloodstone is one of the best crystals for Taurus individuals because of its powerful tools and properties! It has a calming effect on the mind, which in turn provides a peaceful sleep.

It also controls anger and stress, while providing energy to overcome depression. This is the perfect beautiful stone for crystal healing!

Bloodstone is a crystal that belongs to the chakra system. Therefore it does have some religious significance for those born under Taurus.

It is used for grounding and protection from any negative energies. This can then influence you to understand your inner self and avoid any situations that do not benefit you.

4. Pearl

Metallic pearls are very rare. But when it comes to beauty they are unmatched. Pearls symbolize faith, charity, and innocence. Therefore they can bring an abundance of good luck and prosperity.

Although it is said that Taurus signs typically shouldn’t wear this stone because it does not align with the Taurus moons or planets, they can still be a symbol of elegance for you!

5. Moonstone

People born under the zodiac sign of Taurus are said to be associated with the moon. Keeping a moonstone next to you will not only ward off any negative vibrations but will also provide a calming and cooling effect.

Moreover, it is known to promote positive energy and create a solid foundation for you to stay balanced and even grow spiritually!

Even if this is not your astrological sign, Taurus could be your moon sign and you would still be able to feel this type of energy and translate it into your life, especially during a full moon!

6. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a perfect match for a Taurus! This gemstone symbolizes clarity and harmony and possesses the same powerful energy as the sea.

This is a stone that is said to help Taurus with their violent temper. It can help suppress emotions and instill a sense of peace. Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, this might come in handy for people who have problems with low self-esteem or lack of motivation.

It can also help you increase your sex drive which will benefit you if you are single. Therefore, if you love relationships or connecting with other people, these are the right crystals to have with you!

7. Garnet

Garnet is an excellent stone that encourages gratitude and service to others since it is the power stone of prosperity and abundance!

This is a stone that strengthens friendships and relationships, especially romantic ones. It will help them make new friends and strengthen your natural tendencies of love!

Moreover Garnet is the talismanic birthstone of Taurus, and most people wear this type of crystal jewelry to always feel its special energy!

8. Citrine

Citrine is the stone of joy, which is aligned with the Taurus sun sign. For instance, it gives you the courage to take charge of any situation and bring new beginnings into your life!

Citrine is connected to the solar plexus chakra, which can help enhance confidence and hard work! You should always have citrine at work or at home to feel that positive energy that will push you to achieve those goals you always wanted!

Taurus individuals should wear this stone as it will not only provide them mental peace but can also be used to promote determination and confidence!

9. Topaz

Topaz is a stone of manifestation because of its strong energy and ability to heal any emotion within your body!

In addition, it is associated with energy and stamina which makes it a great stone for those who are plump or overweight.

As a result, topaz is thought to give people the energy to burn calories and lose weight. It also gives their immune system a boost that helps fight against infections.

10. Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is one of the best gemstones for Taurus individuals. It is connected to mother earth, just like a Taurus person.

Similar to Pink Tourmaline, Boji Stones also have the same properties as an earthy Taurus. Boji Stones are known to re-connect your body and mind back to a pure state. It almost seems like a cleanse and the start of a new chapter of life!

Additionally, this is a perfect crystal to help with any emotional healing and open your heart to new people, new things, and new relationships.

11. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger Eye crystal has protective qualities and helps individuals fight stress and depression. It represents the power, strength, and fearlessness of the tiger.

However, the tiger’s eye provides them with confidence, which can help if they are going through a bad time at work or lack of motivation is eating away in their daily life.

Therefore, each Taurus individual should have a piece of this gemstone in their house or in their pocket to feel the energy and you might find yourself stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something you have never done before!

12. Lapis Lazuli

This Taurus stone can give you strength and courage in any battle. It also acts like a protective shield that ensures your safety when you are in an unsafe zone.

Without a doubt, Lapis Lazuli has special psychic abilities and healing powers that can help you understand your own inner wisdom, strength, and awareness.

This stone is also connected to the third eye chakras, which helps you re-connect with your thoughts and feelings and make decisions in a calm and rational way.

You already have so many natural gifts to put out into the world, and with a little help and guidance with this crystal, you are bound to have the best life possible!

13. Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is associated with communication and self-expression! This is a stone that has soothing powers, making it easy for you to relax after a long day at work.

It calms the mind and provides spiritual reflection. However it can be really hard to express your emotions and show your creative side to different people, and you might have been feeling this way for a really long time.

In addition, Blue Kyanite is connected to the throat chakra which is even better for helping you work on communication.

Overall this Taurus stone will be very useful to you and can help you express your feelings, be more truthful about yourself, and feel more at peace!

14. Clear Quartz

This is one of the best Taurus gemstones to use to enhance your mental strength and clarity! In addition, Clear quartz is a great healing crystal and can help any Taurus individual overcome any problem that they are facing in their lives.

Importantly the energy of Taurus people can be fast and aggressive at times, but this crystal is great to use to focus on your intentions and be more patient and gentle when it comes to making decisions or doing any activity!

15. Emerald Gemstone

The Emerald is the birthstone for Taurus and brings an abundance of luck, prosperity, hard work, and love, all fantastic qualities for Taurus natives.

The emerald stone is the symbol of truth and love, and can help influence your life in many ways!

Whether you are working on a new project, spending time with your best friends or family, the emerald stone works in a wonderful way by continuously sending you an abundance of peace and good fortune that will allow you and your relationships to keep growing!

In addition to this, it not only provides mental clarity but is also good for your eyes but it has healing qualities.

16. Ammonite

This is a stone that has protective qualities, giving the Taurus individual protection against negative energy. It also provides mental strength and can help them overcome any obstacle they are facing in their lives.

17. Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine can help re-connect your heart to help stimulate inner peace and positive energy! As the name suggests, this is a stone that has balancing energies.

Therefore it helps balance their chakras which helps Taurus individuals achieve faster spiritual enlightenment.

18. Green Jade

You can consider Green Jade as the birthstone of the sun sign of Taurus! This protective stone with incredible healing properties that can help balance and stabilize your thoughts and emotions.

This is a great stone to carry on you all the time because it will surround you with positive energy and love!

19. Yellow Jade

Yellow Jade helps to promote happiness and peace, as well as strengthen self-love and confidence if you are carrying it with you.

The crystal has protective qualities that help an individual fight off evil energies. It also gives their relationships a boost, which will be useful if you are single or looking for a new partner.

This is a perfect stone for Taurus folk to use because it has so much energy that can truly enhance the finer things in your life!

20. Citrine Topaz

This crystal can help provide friendship and bring good fortune. It will help Taurus individuals strengthen their friendships, especially romantic ones.

Moreover, this stone helps them stay motivated by increasing self-esteem which makes it perfect if you are having problems with work or school.

21. Goldstone

This is a stone that helps you become more creative. It helps them increase their imagination, which can be helpful if you are running short on ideas or need to give your creativity a boost.

22. Lepidolite

This is one of the best crystals for Taurus individuals who are looking to solve problems. Above all Lepidolite can be a substitute for gems like diamonds or emeralds, which everyone knows are expensive.

This stone not only provides mental clarity but also keeps you calm during tough situations. It has deep healing, reducing stress, and depression qualities.

An element of Taurus individuals is that they prefer stability, instead of change. You can use Lepidolite in a way to help you grow and change throughout life, and it will block and stress or negative energy surrounding you that is preventing you from doing things.

23. Tiger Iron

This is a stone that has protective qualities and helps individuals fight stress and depression. It also provides them with confidence, which can help if they are going through a bad time at work or lack of motivation is eating away in their daily life.

As a result, each Taurus individual should have a piece of this gemstone in their house.

24. Turquoise

This is a stone that helps an individual overcome any challenge they are facing in their lives. It also brings good fortune to its owner, no matter how difficult or challenging life events are.

25. Jade

Jade is said to be a protective stone that has many healing qualities. Most importantly it provides the Taurus individual with both physical and spiritual protection, which can help if you are in an unsafe zone either at work or playing sports.

Taurus Crystals

Above all, crystals are a great way to bring positive vibrations to your life. You can manifest your wishes and attract endless possibilities to your life by using these crystals.

You can also save them for special occasions or place them in specific areas of the house to attract good vibes.

Moreover, these crystals will not only push you towards success but will also help you with any negative energy that might be surrounding your life.

Since they possess certain healing properties, these crystals can not only make you feel better but can also help you find solutions to some of your personal problems.

To sum up, crystals are a great way to manifest your feelings and emotions.

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