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The 25 Most Expensive Flashlights [2022]

Whether this is your first time or not looking for the best flashlight for you, I have good news… You are in the perfect post! 

Whether you’re camping, crab hunting or playing flashlight tag you can never go wrong with a good one.

Flashlights are great for helping us see in really dark places so it’s only right you have the best!

Here you will find the complete scoop of the best flashlights that will help you make the best purchase decision.

We have the complete list and a ton of options, from the most accessible to the most expensive flashlights so that you know what best suits you and which one of the following best adapts to your needs.

1. Olight Warrior X Pro 2100 Lumen

Olight is a brand of high-end flashlights that are very powerful and versatile for different purposes.

They have a 5-star rating on Amazon which make them one of the best flashlights on the market, and their prices vary from $100 to $120 dollars.

The Olight Warrior X Pro is a very compact size with a durable aluminum alloy body, knurling design for better handling, and is ideal to go camping or perform heavy-duty tasks.

It has a bright light range of 500mAh, a rechargeable battery with a vibrator indicator when it is low, and a single direction stainless steel pocket clip for practical use.

2. OLIGHT S2R II 1150

If you are looking for a powerful flashlight but that also has an appealing design, this Olight S2R II with 1150 lumens of light is the perfect one for you.

This small flashlight offers great features and comes in 3 different colors for under $75 dollars.

It has a portable magnetic USB charger for its 18650 lithium battery, a magnet on the flat tailcap to put it on a surface and work hands-free, and a dual direction pocket clip.

In addition to all, the flashlight is waterproof supporting 2 meters of deep-drown, has a tactile side switch with five brightness levels, and all of this fits in the palm of your hand.

3. GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000

When it comes to finding a good and super bright flashlight at a very affordable price, the best option is this 2 pack bundle from GearLight with S1000 LED tactical lights available on Amazon for less than $20 dollars.

This low price flashlight has a tactical switch used to project different modes of light and has a zoomable feature to adjust the size of the light.

Also, these handheld flashlights are water and drop resistant, work with 3 AAA batteries lasting up to 10 hours when run in the lowest setting.

It is not the most expensive flashlight on the market but it will last you a long time, it is preferred for daily tasks.

4. YIERBLUE Rechargeable Spotlight

The YIERBLUE Rechargeable Spotlight with 2000 lumen LED is a high-quality flashlight, perfect for outdoor activities.

This super-bright flashlight comes with 3 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that provide around 20 hours of runtime, and an output port ready to charge your cell phone or any other device.

In addition to that, it is a high-impact resistant, waterproof, anti-reflective coating that generates a wide brilliant focused spot beam, and it can stand up perfectly if you want to use it hands-free.

Other convenient features are that it has three light settings (high, low, and flashing), always delivers non-fading brightness, has a red lens for hunting, and has a lifetime warranty.

5. Olight M2R Pro Warrior 

This Olight M2R Pro Warrior is a reliable flashlight similar to the first one mentioned earlier but is a more compact size perfect for everyday carry.

It has a two-button interface, a max throw of 300 meters, 5000mah rechargeable battery that claims to last a maximum runtime of 50 days.

This compact flashlight is perfect to fit in small spaces with maximum brightness to explore further.

Moreover, it is waterproof, the stain steel double-way pocket clip allows it to be carried easily and the aluminum alloy body composition makes it very durable.

Even though it can be an expensive flashlight for many people, it is certain to say that it is one of the best flashlights in 2021.

6. ThruNite T1 

This is a very practical mini flashlight with high lumens to project max brightness.

The ThruNite T1 delivers a maximum output of 1500 lumen and has a rechargeable battery aided by an included USB charger so you don’t have to worry about finding new replaceable batteries every time.

Another function of this flashlight is that you can adjust the level of light you want to be displayed, in addition to selecting the firefly, turbo, and strobe light shortcuts modes.

The amount of light that this little flashlight throws is super intense compared to its size, and it comes in really cool metallic colors with strip texture for good grip.

If that wasn’t enough, this amazing gadget has a battery life indicator, magnetic tail cap, and a pocket clip.

7. ThruNite Catapult V6 

This is another powerful flashlight from ThruNite that delivers an expensive light of such great value.

This Catapult V6 SST70 has 2,836 lumens of intense white light, a beam distance up to 692 meters, and is powered by rechargeable batteries.

Thus, it counts with six light levels including a blinding strobe mode which is a great feature for emergency situations.

The size of the reflector is very wide which is optimal to throw as much light as you need to illuminate an entire darkroom or camping tent.

Its anti-abrasive finish, aluminum body construction, and tactical knurling helps to carry it easily and makes it one of the reliable and durable flashlights.

8. Fenix TK16 V2

This flashlight is also another good option if you are looking for one that is compact, strong, and durable.

The Fenix TK16 V2 claims to have a lifespan of 50,000 hrs, it is waterproof resisting up to 2 meters underwater, includes a rechargeable battery pack, and is easy to use the dual tactical tail switch.

It’s great for casual users because of its practical size, 380 maximum high-quality light output, and has instant strobe mode as well.

This flashlight also includes a battery carrying case with a USB type C charging cable and a single-side stain steel clip. 

9. Streamlight 88066 ProTac Rail Mount HL-X

If you are looking for a multipurpose, practical, and compact flashlight, the Streamlight 88066 ProTac Rail Mount HL-X is perfect for you.

It comes in a portable size, delivers a bright light of 1,000 lumens and it can adjust to go from little light to high cool white intense light.

Thus, it has a multi-battery versatility which means that it can be rechargeable or use 2 cr123A lithium batteries.

The design is super strong, made with aircraft aluminum that makes it impact and water-resistant.

It comes with a thumbscrew mounting tool that easily attaches to different items and with a remote switch cable which is ideal if you want to change the light modes quickly. 

10. Pelican 7060 

Take a quick look at this heavy-duty super bright tactical flashlight!

This flashlight was developed with the collaboration of the LAPD (City of Los Angeles Police Department) at the beginning for their officers but now it has become one of the most popular on the market.

It is well known because of its maximum power brightness with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that illuminates a large area and has a light cannon that makes it lighter.

The Pelican 7060 has dual switch technology for easy access and includes a momentary mode of high to light beam.

In addition to that Pelican products claim to have excellent customer service with a lifetime guarantee of excellence.

11. Pelican 7600 

This is another style of reliable Pelican flashlights.

With excellent kind of power, the Pelican 7600 features 944 lumens powered from a USB rechargeable ion lithium battery and throws a high-performance LED light in three colors (white, red, and green) which is a good thing for night vision.

It also delivers selectable brightness levels using a single-button interface, has a hard-anodized finish, a run time of more than 3hrs in high mode, and almost 30hrs in low mode, and it also has a stain steel clip.

All of this without mentioning that the Pelican lifetime guarantee claims to replace it without additional cost if it breaks!

12. Coast Polysteel 600R

The Coast Polysteel 600R flashlight has one of the brightest lights at a very good value.

With its tough style, this is one of the most durable and strongest flashlights on the market and it claims to be dropped and crushproof.

It features a 530 lumen light output and a twisting focusing tool for the lens, delivering an ultra view at its widest setting.

It also offers a dual power system technology which means that it can be charged by using a USB cable or 4 AA alkaline batteries.

This flashlight comes in 4 different colors on Amazon. It is an excellent option for those who perform heavy work or high-risk activities because they do not have to worry anymore about what flashlight they are carrying.

13. Nitecore P20iX

The Nitecore P20iX is one of the best tactical flashlights, featuring 4000 blinding lumen light reaching up to 220 meters.

It is easy and fast to charge using a USB-C port that is usually compatible with your cell phone or other electronics, it also has strobe light mode and four brightness levels.

This flashlight is strongly designed that it even includes a bezel on the top meant to break a glass in case of emergency and is waterproof as well.

It includes a tactical holster to attach heavy-duty belts or other places and a battery organizer.

Additionally, this incredible flashlight can run for 30 minutes on turbo mode and around 350 hours on low brightness mode.

14. Streamlight 66604 250 Lumen MicroStream 

This Streamlight Flashlight is almost the size of a pen but is extremely powerful and versatile.

This little flashlight is special to take with you everywhere, either hiking, camping, exploring, and even walking with your dog at night.

It can be used hands-free thanks to its double-sided stainless steel clip, and it has a beam distance of 68 meters with 250 lumens.

The battery type it includes is a lithium-ion cell pack that can be easily rechargeable because it has a USB port.

This reliable mini flashlight is lightweight that delivers a super bright light at a very affordable price that will last you for a very long time.

15. Anker Super Bright Tactical Flashlight

This is a long-lasting powerful flashlight that is among one of the best sellers items on Amazon.

It has a super affordable price featuring many things that are necessary for a good flashlight.

For instance, its 900 lumen CREE LED light is strong enough to reach in length two entire football field.

It has zoomable lenses, selective settings from high mode to low, and strobe light setting, and all of these using a 3350mAh battery that is rechargeable with an included micro USB cable.

It has a classic design but compact size, it is tough, reliable, water-resistant, has an anti-slip finish, and is impact resistant.

Moreover, it has five adaptable settings and 6 hours of extended battery life!

16. RAYOVAC Floating LED Lantern Flashlight

If you are looking for a flashlight with a wide lantern style to be your ally when a power outage may occur?

Then, the RAYOVAC floating LED lantern flashlight is a great option for you. This can also be used as the brightest headlamp when needed.

Thanks to its 7 high-quality LED lights and a long beam distance reachability, this can illuminate a large dark room or any other space without holding it with your hands and has an easy-to-use button.

It has a 6-Volt RAYOVAC battery included that can last up to 30 hours, and this amazing flashlight also floats when in water.

17. Maglite RL1019 LED Rechargeable Flashlight

The Maglite RL 10119 has the most classic, elegant design of a flashlight on this list but it is also one of the most functional ones.

It has the full power of 643 lumens, advanced lighting, and function sets for outdoors, law enforcement, and military purposes.

It projects a straight bright beam, advanced focus system, and it is impact and water-resistant.

Even though it has a sleek shiny design, it also features a knurl diamond texture design for a better grip and handling.

This is a very reliable flashlight, often used by military servicemen that also includes a charger for the wall and car, and a holder to stick it on the wall.

18. Goal Zero Torch 500 

If you are looking for a cool futuristic flashlight style, the Goal Zero Torch 500 is perfect for you.

This is a 500 lumen multipurpose flashlight that adapts to different situations.

For instance, if you want to use it as a spotlight or floodlight for any emergency events, since it has several clips around it so that you can install it either on the ceiling or let it stand up next to you.

The Goal Zero Torch 500 can be recharged in different ways, such as using 5200 mah batteries,  through a USB-C port, or through its built-in solar panel!

Yes, you will never run out of battery again. In addition, it also includes an output USB port to charge your cell phone, tablets, and more.

This flashlight is a creation of engineers  from the USA, who have more than 50 years of experience in solar energy and have been designing different gadgets to help the poorest communities to have access to a better quality of life using this type of energy.

19. NITECORE i4000R

The NITECORE i4000R flashlight has a similar design of the one mentioned here above from the same brand but has better range, 400 more lumen than the other one (4400 lumen in total).

The last update of thio one is that it has a rechargeable battery using a USB-C charger, and has a max output of 230 meters of cool white light.

The strobe mode is always ready by holding on the setting button for a moment, has 4 brightness modes, it is waterproof, impact resistant, and has a tactical texture for easy grabbing.

The NITECORE i4000R kit includes the 5000mAh rechargeable battery, battery case, and a strong holster.


This is one of the most expensive flashlights of the list but it certainly is one with the highest lumen flashlight as well.

It has 13,000 blinding lumens emitting a distance beam of 324 meters that fit in the palm of your hand.

The small size IMALENT MS03 (4.5 inches long) flashlight has a high quality design made to resist a 1.5 meters impact, and is water resistant as well.

Additionally, it has 5 brightness levels, battery indicator, USB-C battery charger, and it can easily fit in your pocket.

It is durable and reliable, perfect for outdoor intense activities, exploration, or for a casual user that wants a trusty powerful flashlight that could last forever.

21. YIERBLUE 600 Rechargeable spotlight

This is the ultimate sturdy powerful spotlight flashlight by YIERBLUE which comes in different colors in this available flashlight on Amazon.

This is a rechargeable light that has 6000 lumen with 2 LED lights that projects a spot beam brightness for over 800 meters.

It has three selective light settings, which are flashes red and blue, high white mode, and low mode.

The battery lasts over 20 hours using rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion batteries(10000mAh), it also includes a portable foldable tripod which is an amazing tool for easy standing while camping, hiking, or working hands-free.

This flashlight also has a power bank outlet to conveniently charge your preferred devices in whenever needed. It is great to have one of these spotlights in case of a power outage. 

22. RAYOVAC Tactical LED Flashlight IP67

This is another well known RAYOVAC tactical LED flashlight on a classic strong design at an amazing price found on Amazon.

It has a durable metal body, it is waterproof, shatterproof, and has shock absorbing rubber features.

The brightness of 350 lumens comes from the power of 2 AA batteries which last for a long time on the featured eco mode of this flashlight.

It throws a 528 feet of beam distance of bright light, and has different light setting modes including energy saving mode.

It is one of the best rated flashlights on Amazon for less than $15 dollars!

23. Energizer LED Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight

The trusty Energizer brand is for many a symbol of durability and good quality, and for that reason, it is hard not to think that they can create a very effective flashlight as well.

The Energizer LED tactical rechargeable flashlight has become one of the favorites for many people because high 800 lumens with exceptional brightness.

It includes a USB charging cable, holster with belt loop, reversible metal clip, and it is water resistant.

It has a medium size and tactile texture which is very convenient to use indoors or outdoors at a great value.

24. IMALENT MS18 Brightest Flashlight

This is named to be the World’s Brightest flashlight!

Even though it is the most expensive flashlight of them all, it is all worth it because it has 100,000 Lumens.

The Imalent MS18 gives you the maximum brightness ever. Uses LED rechargeable lights and delivers a maximum beam distance of 1,350 meters on its high setting since it has 9 lighting modes.

It is made out of very durable material such as aluminum alloy making it virtually indestructible.

As this flashlight has 18pcs American CREE XHP70 second LED’s it can produce extreme heat but thanks to its advanced technology, this flashlight contains an integrated crookes radiometer to control the heat and ensure its optimal performance.

IMALET offers very good customer service giving a five year guarantee!

This is the most amazing flashlight you have ever seen! Just try not to overpass the privacy policy when using this monster flashlight because it can trespass an entire football field with its powerful brightness and more.

25. AlpsWolf Rechargeable Flashlight

The AlpsWolf Rechargeable flashlight gives you high lumens and incredible brightness at a very affordable price.

This spotlight flashlight is double-sided and has 1,200 lumens powered from a 10000mAh battery that lasts up to 20 hours running.

It has 3 light modes on one side which are high, low and strobe, and 4 light modes on the other side which are, low, middle, high and red/blue strobe light in case of emergency.

It also features two switches to control the sides, a USB port to charge, and power output to connect and/or charge any other devices.

Furthermore, this flashlight is splash and rain proof, impact resistant, and has a middle handle to easily transport from one place to another.

Without a doubt this is a complete and multipurpose flashlight that you will need for many occasions.


It is always a good idea to have a flashlight on hand because sometimes the simple phone flashlight is not enough to find something that fell in the middle or under the car sets and sofas (Yes, This happens to everyone!).

They also come in handy to look for something outside in the dark, go out confidently to walk with our pets, camping, hiking, sailing, working, or simply exploring the world.

There are different types of flashlights that can help us make all of the activities above easier and safer as well as help us from occasions when we are in trouble or emergency.

There you have it, the 25 best flashlights!

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