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The 25 Best Indoor Guinea Pig Cages For Your Pet [2023]

You never know when you may be adding a new furry friend into your family and of course, your home. When it comes to buying a new guinea pig, you have to be prepared to supply the little animal with a small home of its own.

With that in mind, the best guinea pig owners are the ones with the right cage with all the important things to create a comfortable environment for your little pets.

Deciding on the best guinea pig cage for your pet can be difficult when presented with ones of all different sizes and shapes at your local pet stores. Here is a list of the 25 top indoor cages for your guinea pig:

1. Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

The Midwest Habitat is a multi-level cage with plenty of space allowing easy access for easy cleaning. This cage is a good choice for small pets, giving them ample space to climb and explore. With wide shelves, your guinea pig can enjoy a large play area.

Additionally, since these pets are very social animals, the amount of space allows for a pair of guinea pigs to coexist within the cage comfortably. 

2. Krolik XXL Cage

The Krolik XXL Rabbit Cage is not limited to housing rabbits. It is a spacious cage with a deep plastic base, which can be filled with a decent amount of hay. Additionally, the cage includes a water bottle and food bowl. 

This cage is big enough for your guinea pig to eat, sleep, and play around. There is also an extra living space off to the side of the cage for maximum comfort for your pet!

3. Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat

This Midwest Guinea Pig Cage is a good guinea pig cage because it has a removable wire mesh top and a canvas bottom. Also, the living area is 9 square feet of space so your new pet will have plenty of room to explore. 

This is a great option for those that have multiple guinea pigs and want to let them run and play.

4. Living World Deluxe Habitat

The Living World Deluxe Habitat is not a big cage, but it’s made from high-quality materials. It is a simple type of cage with a plastic bottom and comes with a hay guard, hay feeder, and tip-proof food dish that is on the balcony of the cage.

Additionally, this balcony allows for an elevated feeding area, which makes for a great hiding place for your pet.

5. KAVEE C&C Cage

KAVEE has a numerous amount C&C cage and pens. This cage pictured below specifically is a great option for your pet guinea pig. It has plenty of floor space allowing for a good living area.

There is even a ramp on the bottom of the cage that leads to a second floor. Your guinea pig can be free to run around in this cage.

6. Cavie Guinea Pig Cage

The Cavie Guinea Pig Cage is the best option for a starter home when it comes to housing a single guinea pig. The cage size may be small, but there is enough space for your pet to roam.

This small animals cage has a deep base and comes with all the accessories needed to supply your guinea pig with the things it needs.

7. Midwest Homes Luxury Rabitat House

This Midwest cage is ideal for all small pets. This cage is a standard size, however, you can also add an extension to make it a bigger cage with extra space for your guinea pig. It’s easy to put together and can be assembled without any tools necessary.

8. AmazonBasics Pet Habitat

This Small AmazonBasics Pet Habitat is one of the top picks. It is a larger cage with separate spaces. There’s a divider panel in the middle making it a good guinea habitat guinea pig cage for pet owners with more than one animal. The divider can either be used to separate two pets or create a dual living space. 

9. Mcage Large 32-Inch Long Cage

This Mcage is a spacious, multi-level home. With up to six separate floors, there is extra space for more than one furry friend or lots of roaming areas for your single guinea pig.

With wheels attached to the bottom, this is the right cage for those planning on moving their pet around with them. Whether it be for indoor or outdoor use, the extra-large cage is very mobile.

10. GUTINNEEN Indoor Cage

This indoor and outdoor cage is the kind of cage that is aesthetically pleasing. It is made of wood and is painted like any nice piece of furniture would be. Additionally, it has removable wire floors, which make for easy cleaning.

This cage is a great piece of decor for your home and your guinea pig can live a life in this cage with no worries!

11. SONGMICS Pet Playground

This Pet Playground is the best choice when looking for a home with open space for your guinea pig to explore. This cage is not only large, but it’s a two-story, apartment-style pen.

Also, it’s very customizable, allowing you to place care areas like your guinea pig’s food bowl, water bottle, and hay rack wherever you please within the cage. This cage is big enough for all your guinea pigs to run around!

12. EMUST Cage

The EMUST Cage is a great cage for any small rodent-like pet. It comes with a slide, bath, and exercise wheel along with the more important factors like a food bowl and water bottle. While there isn’t much space, it’s an ideal cage for travel and is a very affordable option that comes in many different colors.

13. PawHut Small Animal Cage

The PawHut Small Animal Cage has a main house as well as a gated-in outdoor area. It’s a good idea to consider a dual living environment as it can help maintain your pet’s physical health.

With four wheels, this cage is mobile, allowing you to choose whether your guinea pig should be placed in the shade or in direct sunlight depending on the day.

This is a great option to let your guinea pig out to run around while also keeping it in one spot.

14. PawHut Two-Level Cage

The PawHut Two-Level Cage fulfills any minimum requirement of a guinea pig home. As it is dual-leveled, there is plenty of room for exploration. With a wire top, there is plenty of ventilation and access to sunlight. The cage also has multiple small platforms for your pet to relax or climb on.

You can also place this cage outside if you needed it to be.

15. Mcage Large Two-Level Cage

This Mcage Two-Level Cage is a very durable and secure cage for your pet. With wheels and a front door that locks, there should never be a concern about your guinea pig getting injured or escaping from its home. Additionally, there’s a slip-proof ramp connecting the bottom floor to the upper platform.

16. Mcage Large Cage With Tunnel Tube

This cage has all the important considerations included such as a food bowl, water bottle, and even a play tunnel tube for your furry friend. Additionally, it’s very portable, making it easy to transport and safe for your pet to travel in.

This is a great option for your guinea pig allowing it enough room to feel comfortable!

17. Eiiel Indian Indoor Habitat Cage

This Eiiel cage is a dual-leveled home that can house one or more pets with the ability to create separate living habitats. It’s extremely spacious, giving your guinea pig plenty of room to run around. There’s also an area set aside for hay or wood shavings.

18. AmazonBasics Pet House

This AmazonBasics Pet Cage House is the perfect starter home for your guinea pig. It has all the basics and essentials from a food bowl and water bottle to a hay feeder and space under the balcony that provides a great hiding place for your pet. 

19. Universal Two-Story Small Animal Critter Home

This Mcage is exactly as its name suggests: universal. With plenty of versatile space and a deep bottom, your guinea pig will feel secure and right at home. It also comes with the basic necessities like a water bottle.

This cage is big enough and allows for two different levels for them to play on or sleep on.

20. ZENY Small Animal Cage

This ZENY cage has four levels and two front openings, which allow for easy access to each floor so that cleaning is no problem at all. While it’s a large cage, it is actually very transportable and can be folded up in order to be stored. 

21. PawHut Habitat

This PawHut Habitat is not only multi-leveled, but it comes with two hanging tunnels and two hammocks. This cage is perfect for your pet, giving it a place to explore, swing, and relax. It’s like a playground for your guinea pig!

22. Petsfit Indoor Cage

This Petsfit Cage will not only be a great home for your guinea pig, but it will also look nice in your home. Made of wood as well as wire, this cage looks clean and fashionable while also providing a secure and comfortable home for your pet. 

You can also place this cage outside to give them some new scenery to look at.

23. Aivituvin Three-Tier Cage

The Aivituvin cage is three levels connected by anti-slip ramps. Two of the floors have little “huts” in which your guinea pig can hide so they feel comfortable and safe. There is also a seesaw for your pet to play on and ample space for all the necessary equipment to keep your guinea pig healthy.

24. Ware Manufacturing Sweet Home Sunseed Cage Starter Kit

This guinea pig cage starter kit is perfect for you new pet owners. This cage is specifically for those unfamiliar with guinea pig caretaking. It includes everything you may need like a deep plastic base, water bottle, bowl, bedding, chew treat, and food. 

25. Kaytee Deluxe Guinea Pig Cage

Kaytee Deluxe Cage

The Kaytee Deluxe Cage is a two-level pet home. While there is hardly a minimum size for a guinea pig cage, this particular one isn’t extremely large. Nonetheless, it’s spacious enough for your pet and comes with all the necessary equipment like a safety ramp, water bottle, and food bowl. 

How To Pick A Cage

Picking the perfect cage for your guinea pig is not as easy as it may seem, especially as a new pet owner. You want to find the ideal home for your furry friend. And so, with this list of best cages, there’s no doubt you will choose the right one.

To pick out the best cage you want to first make sure it is big enough for your guinea pig. Make sure there is enough room for it to run around, eat, and sleep. Then you want to make sure that it is easy to put together or already put together. Reading the reviews will also help you pick one out.

Whether you’re scrolling through the humane society website trying to decide if you should buy a guinea pig or just leaving the pet store with a new family member, you now know where to go to find the greatest home for your future or current little animal.

You can also purchase many accessories for your guinea pig not only for them but for their cages as well!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

The 10 Best Indoor Guinea Pig Cages For Your Pet