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The 25 Best Tennis Shoes To Wear With Jeans

Are you wondering what the best tennis shoes to wear with jeans are?

Whether you are choosing for comfort, style, durability, or weight, you have to find the best tennis shoes for you!

Here’s the scoop on the 25 best tennis shoes to wear with jeans.

1. Chukka Boots

Chukka boots are always a great shoe to pair with blue jeans; especially straight or skinny jeans. These dessert boots are a great option for dressier attire

Not only do they look amazing, but they also offer excellent comfort! They work great with darker jeans and a polo or button-down! These are an efficient way to elevate all of your outfits to a business casual type of look.  

2. Classic Sneakers

If you like the casual look, maybe just a classic pair of sneakers is the way to go. You can go multiple different avenues to fit the classic style you are looking for.

These are also a great choice of tennis shoes to wear with skinny jeans.

3. Athletic Shoes

For athletes in sports or people looking for specific comfort, maybe an athletic shoe could be the best shoe for you. You could pair an athletic shoe with a more casual outfit, maybe skinny jeans with a cuff, bootcut jeans, or even mom jeans! Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour are all great options!

Although some of the name brands can be expensive, some options are more affordable! Not to mention, adorable!

4. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots are your Doc Martin, mid-ankle type of boot! You could pair these shoes with wider-legged jeans to cover the boot but still show the platform. That way, tucking your jeans into the boot won’t stretch it out! 

Chelsea Boots are also the perfect shoes to pair with skinny jeans!

5. High Tops 

High tops are a great option for a mom jean or a jegging! This pair of sneakers comes above your ankle, so they also offer some ankle support! A very fashionable high top right now is the Platform Converse!

These are also the best tennis shoes to wear with skinny jeans!

6. Sperry’s Boat Shoes

Boat shoes offer rubber soles that are typically made for wearing on a boat. These shoes pertain to a personal style as well as offer durability for your hobbies!

7. Monk Straps

Another option on our list of the best tennis shoes to wear with jeans is Monk Straps.

These shoes are great when you want to look classy, but also be comfortable! They work great with dress pants and jeans, with any size leg!

These shoes have two buckles across the top that add some style to the shoe.


This Adidas shoe has the old-fashioned tennis shoe feel to it.

Tennis shoes can be the best sneakers when looking at durability, comfort, and price! They are very versatile, meaning get any color you want!

9. Nike Flex Runner

These lightweight shoes are the right pair of shoes, especially when working out or running!

They are usually paired with athletic clothing however, they look great with skinny jeans! As a bonus they come in many different colors!

10. Chuck Taylor Converse

Chuck Taylors are always a low-key look! They are easily paired with any type of jeans as well and always manage to pull an outfit together

Not only that, but they also are great workout shoes! They offer a lot of help when lifting weights, and the high tops are a great support for your ankles!

11.  Chunky Boots

These shoes have never been more in and they fit perfectly with all types of jeans. They go great with a cropped tank and some high-waisted mom jeans!

Chunky Boots can be knee-high, ankle, or mid-ankle and have a larger platform fitting more firmly around your leg and ankle.

12. Nike Air Max

The Nike Air Max is a very popular shoe, I mean, what Nike shoe isn’t? These are great shoes for comfort and everyday wear! They also have a lot of fun colors and patterns that you can choose from when ordering online or looking in a store! 

They are very versatile to fit many different styles! Try wearing a pair with some distressed jeans.

These are also one of the best tennis shoes to wear with skinny jeans. Just add a cuff to your jeans!

13.  Ankle Boots

Next on our list of the best tennis shoes to wear with jeans are Ankle Boots!

Ankle Boots are always the better shoes for skinny jeans or wide-legged jeans; depending on if you want to show your shoe or just the platform. Ankle Boots are very stylish, and get bonus points for their ability to be dressy or casual!

These shoes work with all sorts of different outfits and are a great alternative if you don’t want to wear knee-high boots. Another perk is that they offer warmth and dryness for your feet in bad weather!

14.  Vans® Filmore Women’s High-Top Sneakers

High-Top Vans are a perfect choice to complete any outfit. They pair well with any style of jeans and they never go out of fashion!

15. Oxford Shoes

These shoes are a mix between a casual tennis shoe and a dressier shoe. These are your best bet for that casual and dressy look! You could wear these shoes with dress slacks, khakis, boot cuts, or even skinny jeans! 

These shoes alone are a good reason to look into getting a pair but the price on some is even better!

16. Reebok Off White Club C 85 Vintage Shoes

These vintage Reebok sneakers from PacSun are the perfect addition to any outfit! Not only are they stylish but they add a vintage feel to your outfit.

17. Vintage Check Cotton Sneakers

These luxury sneakers are one of the great wardrobe staples. Who doesn’t want luxurious sneakers that you wear on special occasions? Luxury sneakers are the LEDs of lightbulbs, they all work the same, but some shine brighter! 

The Vintage Check Cotton Sneakers are a great option if you are looking for something more stylish to add to your wardrobe.

18. Running Shoes

Sometimes running shoes can be the best casual shoes! These New Balance Running Shoes are an excellent choice of footwear to wear with jeans!

These shoes are great for support in the arches of your feet. Maintaining minimal injuries with the durability and comfort of the shoe.

Being worn for comfort, try pairing these tennis shoes with skinny jeans!

19. Flat Sandals

Flat sandals are always a good idea to be casual, comfortable, and dressy! They are also a great choice for those summer months; they offer the perfect look.

Flat sandals are best paired with skinny jeans to be able to show off that gorgeous sandal! These are a great starter shoe for those warmer months when you don’t quite want to break out those heels yet!

So go get your toes done and bring out the sandals, you won’t regret it! 

20. American Eagle Platform Tennis Sneaker

These American Eagle sneakers would pair well with any pair of jeans you wear! White sneakers go great with any outfit combination.

Additionally, they are sure to give your feet the support they need for your day-to-day life.

21. Combat Boots

A pair of Combat Boots are usually traditional styles for most people. These shoes have been a staple in most people’s wardrobes for a long time!

22. Women’s Low Top Canvas Sneaker

The Off-White Gum Canvas shoe is a great option for a shoe to pair with jeans! Additionally, this style of shoe comes in a multitude of colors so you can get them in your favorite color.

23. Black Dress Shoes

If you are looking for dressier shoes, then black dress shoes are an option for you! Not only do they give off the dressier look that you’re looking for, but black shoes are always so chic. 

This shoe is great for business attire!

24. Air Force

Air Force’s are not only super trendy but recyclable? Yep! Nike has a shoe in the Air Force line that is made from recycled plastic bottles!

Air Force 1’s are one of the best white sneakers for style and comfort! This is a stylish, classic, white sneaker that will go perfectly with any outfit!

They also are a great tennis shoe to wear with skinny jeans as well! Especially distressed jeans. Air Force’s are always an excellent choice when looking for a stylish and comfortable shoe.

25. Hey Dude Shoes

Last on our list of the best tennis shoes to wear with jeans are the Hey Dude Shoes.

Hey Dudes are the newest casual trend! If you get yourself a classic pair of these shoes, you won’t regret it.

The best thing about these shoes is that you can pair them with any type of jeans! If you have wide-leg jeans, straight-leg jeans, or any type of jeans outfits, hey dudes fit perfectly!

We hope that you enjoyed getting the scoop on the 25 best tennis shoes to wear with jeans!

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