The 25 Best Water Aerobics Shoes For Women [2023]

Water aerobics is a really great exercise for so many reasons. Low-impact, easy on the joints, and a great cardio workout, water aerobics is perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels. And because you’re in the water, it’s also a great way to stay cool while you get your sweat on!

But what kind of shoes should you wear for water aerobics? You want something that will provide good traction on wet surfaces, but that won’t absorb too much water and become heavy or uncomfortable.

Here is the scoop on our top picks for the best shoes for water aerobics!

All About Water Aerobics Shoes

There are a few different types of shoes that can be worn for water aerobics. One option is to wear aqua socks, which are socks that are designed specifically for use in water. They usually have grippy soles to prevent slipping, and some even have water drainage holes to help reduce the amount of water they absorb.

You will want to look for a shoe with excellent traction, a rubber sole, and a more snug fit so walking on wet surfaces won’t be a problem.

Another option is to wear water shoes. These are similar to regular athletic shoes, but they’re made with quick-drying materials and often have drainage ports or vents to help release water. Water shoes usually have good traction, too, so you can feel confident moving around in the pool without fear of slipping.

If you don’t want to invest in a good pair of water shoes, any old pair of sneakers will do the trick. Just make sure they’re comfortable and that you won’t mind getting them wet!

The most important thing to look for in water aerobics shoes, no matter what type you choose, is good traction. Wet surfaces can be slippery, so you want to make sure your shoes will help you keep your footing. Look for shoes with grippy soles, and avoid anything that’s too smooth or slipper. You might also want to consider getting a shoe with a bit of extra ankle support to prevent sprains and strains.

1. BARERUN Barefoot Quick-Dry Water Sports Shoes

Looking for the best shoes or water socks that will let you enjoy water sports without sacrificing comfort? Look no further than the BARERUN Barefoot Quick-Dry Water Sports Shoe! Made with high-quality, breathable mesh uppers and a durable rubber sole, this shoe provides both comfort and protection against sharp objects.

The smooth neck design prevents chafing and makes it easy to put on and take off for outdoor activities or aerobic exercises. Plus, it’s available in multiple sizes to fit different feet. So whether you’re enjoying a day at the beach or swimming laps at the pool, make sure you have the BARERUN Barefoot Quick-Dry Water Sports Shoe!

2. PAGE ONE Water Shoes

Next up is the PAGE ONE water shoes! Made of breathable fabric and rubber material, these shoes are perfect for a day at the beach or any outdoor activity. The quick-dry feature ensures that your feet will stay dry and comfortable, while the light weight makes them easy to pack for any adventure.

3. ALEADER Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

Slip on these ALEADER Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes for a comfortable, breathable water aerobic experience. They are a perfect choice for deep water swims. The mesh and sticky rubber sole create a durable and grippy shoe, while the open mesh and hole in the soleuse breathable materials in various colors.

Solyte midsole provides lightweight cushioning, and ComforDry sockliner ensures your feet stay cool and dry. You can get a perfect fit and especially when you are doing activities for a long time, and maybe find a pair with velcro straps for more stability.

4. Crocs Classic Clog

The Crocs Classic Clog is the shoe that started a comfort revolution around the world! With an easy to clean design and quick-drying properties, these iconic clogs are the perfect choice for any activity.

The pivoting heel strap ensures a more secure fit, while the ventilation ports add breathability for good drainage and to keep your feet cool and comfortable all day long.

5. Racqua Water Shoes

The Racqua water shoes are lightweight and flexible, making them perfect for your next beach outing. The super-grip outsole provides maximum traction, while the wide toe design allows for a barefoot feel.

With an ergonomically molded toe guard and anti-slip rubber sole, Racqua shoes will keep you safe and comfortable on your adventures!

6. VIFUUR Water Sports Shoe

Looking for a water sandal or aqua shoes that will provide both comfort and style in the best way? Look no further than the VIFUUR Water Sports Shoe! Made with 100% synthetic rubber (like a regular sneaker) for better grip, this shoe is not only comfortable to wear, but the best option for durability.

The smooth neck design prevents chafing like with flip flops, and the breathable fabric is stretchy and comfortable for activities of aqua jogging. The rubber outsole is an excelled choice to protect your feet from sharp objects, making it perfect for any activity.

Whether you’re hitting the yoga studio, going for a walk on the beach or to the swimming pool for aqua aerobics, the VIFUUR Water Sports Shoe are the right shoes to keep your feet happy and so your bare feet don’t get burnt on the hot sand. You also get thermal protection if it’s a little bit cooler outside. Get em’ in different colors, these are an excellent choice and the best pair of water shoes!

7. Ryka Hydro Sport 2-W

The Ryka Hydro Sport 2-W is a versatile and durable women’s pair of shoes that can take on any challenge and give you a secure fit. The 100% mesh construction of these aerobic shoes keeps your feet cool and comfortable, while the webbing midfoot cage provides medial and lateral support. These are also some of the best water aerobics shoes and make it on the list of the best water shoes with nice features.

The removable, perforated Nitracel footbed offers cushioning and breathability, and the compression molded EVA foam and EVA midsole with drainage ports provides superior comfort. The highly flexible outsole design includes drainage holes and sticky rubber for a good grip on slippery surfaces like in locker rooms, and protection from sharp objects.

8. Nautica’s Women’s Water Shoes

The perfect shoe for a variety of water sports! Nautica’s Women’s Water Shoes have a durable air mesh upper and sneaker sole, making them perfect for the beach, surf, kayaking, boating, or any other wet and slippery conditions.

The amphibious shoes are also equipped with drainage holes at the bottom to ensure proper water flow out of the shoes and keep you cooler and healthier. The convenient bunge cord closure system makes them easy to put on and take off – ensuring a secure feeling fit.

9. Torotto Water Shoe

Next up is the Torotto water shoe! Made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, this comfortable and breathable fabric is perfect for keeping your feet cool and dry. The rubber sole is soft yet durable, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Plus, the different colors and styles available mean there’s something for everyone. So why wait? Get your hands on a pair of Torotto water shoes today!

10. Aleader’s Mesh Slip On Shoes

Next up are Aleader’s mesh slip on shoes. Made of durable fabric and equipped with a rubber sole, these shoes are perfect for a variety of activities, both in and out of the water. The air mesh upper allows your feet to breathe, while the Solyte midsole provides excellent bounce-back and durability.

Plus, the water grain outsole provides great traction in wet and slippery conditions. And finally, the ComforDry sockliner ensures an optimum cushioning performance. Whether you’re swimming, fishing, or just hanging out at the beach, Aleader’s mesh slip ons are sure to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable.

11. UBFEN Womens Water Shoes

The UBFEN Womens Water Shoes are perfect for activities by the beach or in the pool. Made with a rubber sole and a flexible twist and loop, these shoes are easy to take on and off. The updated sole is durable and features great wearing resistance.

12. Hiitave Water Shoes

With a non-slip rubber sole and shock absorption performance cushioning, Hiitave water shoes are perfect for beach games, swimming, surfing, pool activities and more. Made with quick dry materials and an integrated drainage system, your feet will stay comfortable and cool all day long.

13. Land’s End Women’s Slip on Water Shoe

Another great choice is the Land’s End Women’s Slip on Water Shoe. This shoe is perfect for those who enjoy spending time in nature, as it is durable and can protect your feet from hot sand, shells, and rocks.

The mesh upper allows water to pass through so your feet won’t feel weighed down, and the perforated removable foam footbed ensures easy drainage. Plus, the adjustable bungee with cord lock provides a secure fit. So go ahead and explore – these shoes are a great way start. Your feet will thank you!

14. SIMARI’s Mesh Water Shoes

Looking for a summer-ready water shoe for water exercise? Look no further than SIMARI’s Mesh Water Shoes! Made of 92% polyester and featuring breathable fabric, these are the proper shoes for hot days walking long distances on the beach or pool.

They are a great way to stomp around the pool area, but obviously not good for things like long hikes. The protective rubber sole features a bump texture design to help you stay balanced on slippery surfaces, while the elastic-shoelace with locking mechanisms ensures a snug fit. And with the sleek design and 8 drainage holes in each sole, your feet will stay feeling cool and dry all day long. These are pretty hot on the market today!

15. WateLves Water Shoes

Rock your next water sport with WateLves! This professional anti slip rubber outsole ensures you won’t take a spill, while the quick-dry and super-comfortable design keeps you feeling your best.

Plus, seven holes on each bottom keep things cool and minimize our environmental impact. Keep your feet safe – and looking good – with WateLves!

16. Speedo Surf Knit Pro

The Speedo Surf Knit Pro water shoes are perfect for those who love spending time in the water. The Surf Knit upper is engineered for ultimate support and breathability, while the hydrophobic rubber EVA insole provides excellent traction.

The S-TRAC outsole is designed to disperse water and improve your performance, making these shoes a must-have for any water lover.

17. SKECHERS® Cali Gear Go Walk 5

With the SKECHERS® Cali Gear Go Walk 5, you’ll enjoy a comfortable and durable water-friendly walking shoe. Made with solid color EVA and a round closed toe, this slip-on design is perfect for easy on/off.

Plus, front and side panels with sculpted perforation detailing offer added breathability, while a sculpted logo heel adds interest. You’ll also love Quick-Fit Portal heel accents, smooth soft interiors, contoured comfort footbeds and lightweight ULTRA GO™ cushioning for enhanced comfort.

18. YALOX Water Shoe

Another great choice is the YALOX Water Shoe! The breathable and stretchy fabric on the upper part of the shoe ensures your feet are comfortable, while the thick foam arch-support insert protects your feet from stepping on sharp objects.

The unique sole with drainage holes prevents water build-up, keeping your feet cooler and healthier. And finally, the non-slip rubber outsole provides good grip even in slippery conditions.

So go ahead and enjoy your favorite water sports worry-free with the YALOX Water Shoe!

19. L-RUN Athletic Hiking Water Shoes

If you’re looking for a versatile and comfortable shoe for your next workout, look no further than L-RUN Athletic Hiking Water Shoes. Made with stretch material and an elastic band for a perfect fit, these shoes are lightweight and flexible, making them ideal for long hikes with rough terrain or everyday wear.

With a thick outsole for extra traction, these shoes will keep you safe and stable on any surface. The L-RUN Athletic Hiking Water Shoes have you covered.

20. WHITIN Minimalist Barefoot Sock Shoes

Are you looking for a minimalist and eco-friendly alternative to your current shoes? Look no further than WHITIN Minimalist Barefoot Sock Shoes! Made of durable and machine-washable sock uppers, our shoes feature a slip-resistant and non-marking rubber outsole with good traction.

Perfect for everything from trail running to casual wear, these shoes are the perfect way to enjoy barefoot freedom and comfort without sacrificing safety or durability. So ditch those bulky sneakers and try a pair of WHITIN Minimalist Barefoot Sock Shoes today!

21. ALEADER’s Mesh Slip On Water Shoes

best shoes for water aerobics
ALEADER’s Mesh Slip On Water Shoes

Slip into something more comfortable this summer with ALEADER’s Mesh Slip On Water Shoes. Made of durable air mesh fabric, these shoes allow your feet to breathe while you’re enjoying a day at the beach or pool.

The Solyte midsole offers excellent bounce-back and durability, as well as superb cushioning performance for a cooler, drier and healthier shoe environment which is good for flat feet, arch support and plantar fasciitis. The Water Grip outsole provides exceptional traction in wet and slippery conditions, making these perfect for any summer activity.

22. Nautica Women’s Rawan Athletic Water Shoes

Looking for a versatile shoe to take on your summer adventures? Look no further than the Nautica Women’s Rawan Athletic Water Shoes. Made of strong and breathable neoprene material, these shoes are perfect for swimming, water sports, and general beach activities.

They’re also super lightweight and flexible with open mesh, making them easy to wear all day long and for swimming at the bottom of the pool. You get a range of motion with these and they are also great for water aerobics classes.

And with a rubber gripping bottom that also provides foot protection, you’ll have good traction and won’t have to worry about slipping or falling. So don’t wait any longer – order your Nautica Women’s Rawan Athletic Water Shoes today!

23. Merrell Women’s Hydro Moc Water Shoe

The next pair of water shoes are the Merrell Women’s Hydro Moc Water Shoe. These are the perfect choice for days spent in and around water. Single injected EVA construction makes this shoe more durable than similar products on the market, while an articulated heel ensures a secure fit.

Whether you’re enjoying a day at the beach or exploring a new trail, the Hydro Moc is the right pair of shoes and a great choice for any adventure. A good reason to get this water shoe is that you will get the best results from your workout even if you are wading in shallow water.

24. Centipede Demon Water Shoe

Looking for versatile water shoes that are also comfortable? Look no further than the Centipede Demon Water Shoe! This is a good water shoe perfect for a variety of activities, from beach-going to poolside lounging.

The thick outsole is slip-resistant, protecting your feet from sharp objects and providing traction on wet surfaces. These are a great pair of water shoes or pool shoes, and the upper part is made of a stretchy, breathable mesh fabric that dries quickly and offers good breathability.

An elastic strap makes it easy to slip the shoe on and off, and an adjustable toggle lets you customize the fit. Whether you’re enjoying a day by the water or simply taking a walk on a rainy day, our Centipede Demon Water Shoe has got you covered!

25. Xero Shoes Aqua X Sport

Next is the Xero Shoes Aqua X Sport! This versatile shoe is perfect for any outdoor activity, from paddle boarding to mud runs.

Featuring a wide toe box, a non-elevated zero drop heel and a flexible sole with just the right amount of protection and ground feedback, the Aqua X Sport will help you keep proper posture while enjoying all your favorite activities.

The breathable mesh upper with quick drying lining and non-absorbent tongue sheds water quickly, while the speed laces with adjustable mid foot and instep straps provide a secure fit. So whether you’re exploring new trails, need cross-training shoes or hitting the waves, or if you need a running shoe the Aqua X Sport is ready for anything!

These are also more modern water shoes like the Speedo surfwalker pro. You can get a lot of these surf shoes in surf shops around L.A or San Diego.

Important Things to Remember About Buying Shoes for Water Aerobics

best shoes for water aerobics

When choosing shoes for water aerobics,  it is a good idea to keep a few things in mind.

First, one of the main things is to make sure the shoes you choose are a comfortable fit. There is nothing worse than having to stop your workout because your shoes are too tight or too loose.

Second, make sure the shoes you choose have great support, great traction and are slip-resistant. This will help you stay safe and avoid injury during your workout.

Finally, be sure to choose the right pair of water shoes that are quick-drying and breathable. This will help keep your feet cool and dry during and after your workout.

The important thing is to wear shoes or aqua socks that you feel comfortable moving in and that won’t slip on wet surfaces or slip off during water activities. Whether you choose aqua socks, water shoes, or just a regular old pair of sneakers, as long as you’re able to move freely and stay safe, you’re good to go

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect pair of shoes for your water aerobics workout! Throw them in the washing machine after to wash any dirt out.

That is the scoop on the best shoes for water aerobics for women! So whether you’re looking for a shoe to wear during your next water class or just want a comfortable and stylish option for summer, any of these choices would be a great pick. So get out there and enjoy the water in style! Best of luck!

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