The 30 Best Budget Dishwashers Under $700 (2023)

Whether you are new or experienced in home appliances, whether you understand the differences in dishwasher features or not, or whether you like to wash your dishes by hand or in the dishwasher, everyone has to have clean dishes to use. We’ve got the scoop on the best dishwasher under $700!

best dishwasher under $700

Dishwashers are one of the most frequently used household appliances, so finding an affordable BUT good dishwasher is imperative to making your life easier. This article explores various options of dishwashers for large families, small families, one person, a tiny house, a New York apartment-sized kitchen, and all of the in-betweens!

Depending on your dishwashing needs, the prices may vary. If you are looking for a small, compact dishwasher, then chances are your dishwasher will be significantly cheaper than those who are buying to clean the dishes for a family of 6!

Perhaps you are on the lookout for an energy-efficient, high capacity dishwasher with various wash options or the perfect dishwasher with additional features like a stainless tub, look no further because you can find all of these types here! 

We are giving you the Scoop on Dishwashers for under $700! These may not be the best dishwashers you’ve ever seen, but they are most definitely loved by my customers and budget-friendly for all!

1. AIRMSEN AE-TDQR03 Portable Countertop Dishwasher  

This small, compact countertop dishwasher is small but mighty! Holding up to 5 liters inside the built-in water tank, this dishwasher also has air drying components! 

With 5 different wash cycles, this countertop dishwasher is fast, efficient, AND portable! Coming in a classic black and white colorway, the dishwasher should blend and match almost any setting it’s placed in and comes at an affordable price.

2. Danby ddw621wdb Countertop Dishwasher 

If one of the key features of a dishwasher for you is it being on the countertop with different settings, this is the perfect find for you. There are a lot of different brands that offer a countertop dishwasher, but this is by far the most highly rated. 

This is a great selection of dishwashers because there are 6 cycle options and it is the ideal choice for small spaces. 

By far, the Danby DDW621WDB is the best countertop dishwasher. This is one of the options for best dishwasher under $700!

3. Whirlpool wdt710pahz

For sleek, stainless steel, tall tub design dishwasher, this one comes at an excellent price. There is a stainless steel interior, as well.

The lower rack is large enough for pots and pans while also having room to fit a cutlery basket. 

When you are looking at a list of the best dishwashers and brands, this Whirlpool will always be at or close to the top of the list!

4. Frigidaire FFCD2418US

One of the top-ranked brands for kitchen appliances, this dishwasher is no different. It can handle heavy cycles full of dirty dishes with less water.

Many modern dishwashers come prepared with a overlook the plastic tub and move directly to the stainless steel tub. There is no need to hand wash baby bottles or other dishes because there is a hard food disposal.

5. Spt Countertop Dishwasher

This compact-size countertop dishwasher does not make much noise and is an excellent choice if you are looking for a quiet dishwasher for your small kitchen with a low noise level. 

With 6 different wash options and a stainless steel tub, this dishwasher is perfect for an apartment or tiny home-style living. It even comes with a silverware basket! There is a short cycle time which is just one of the many important features.

This is one of the options for best dishwasher under $700!

6. Frigidaire FFCD2418US

If you are looking for a good dishwasher that saves on water consumption, and a lot of time, and has a third rack equipped with spray arms with a drying process along with a normal cycle, this is the best new dishwasher in your price range!

For large families needing a large capacity dishwasher, look no further! This is one of the most reliable dishwasher brands (and other appliances too)! This is a perfect choice if you want electronic controls and other special features.

7. Frigidaire fgip2468uf Dishwasher

If One of your major requirements for a dishwasher is an energy star certification, this is a great option for you! For those of you who have little ones running around, the best part about this dishwasher is the smudge-proof stainless steel.

With the energy star rating, this dishwasher does not compromise its performance, it is still efficient and effective. 

The adjustable racks allow for easy baby care, which is an important thing for the right dishwasher. This is one of the options for best dishwasher under $700!

8. Danby ddw631sdb Countertop Dishwasher

Compatible with most kitchen appliances and kitchen faucets, this countertop dishwasher is energy efficient and one of the quietest dishwashers.

With the quiet operation, this is one of the best budget dishwashers that you can find on the market right now. It has 6 different place settings and washes cycles while maintaining its compact size, too!

The first thing you’re looking for may not be the features of a fruit wash, but the rinse aid can do just that!

9. MegaMixer Energy Star Built-In Dishwasher

This low-cost dishwasher gives you the best of both worlds with energy efficiency and an included heated drying system!

Perfect for when you have left the house already, with a delay start it makes doing the dishes an easy task. In the MegaMixer there is almost too much space and a soil sensor.

10. Proexpress Countertop Dishwasher 5 in 1

Not only is this countertop dishwasher small and portable, but it also comes with a disinfecting tool for all of your needs when the stomach bug or COVID hits your home!

With 5 different rinse and wash cycles, this dishwasher is a bang for your buck.

11. OUKANING Kitchen Portable Mini Dish Washer

The see-through door on this mini dishwasher ensures that it is getting the job done. This automatic dishwasher requires no extra work, all you have to do is go from the dinner table to the dishwasher, and out fresh it comes!

12. Sunpentown SD-9254SS

Coming in a beautiful stainless steel enclosure, this dishwasher comes proudly with an energy star and a heated drying rack. For an all-inclusive dishwasher, this is going to be the one for you!

If you are building a home or just looking for a new dishwasher, perhaps built-in is the way to go. With much more space and rack width, you will be able to knock out a week’s worth of dishes in an hour!

13. Avanti DWF18V3S Dishwasher

The Avanti dishwasher has 3 wash options and 6 different cycle processes with interior LED lights, while also being one of the quietest dishwashers on the market. It has one of the lowest noise ratings!

The metallic, stainless-steel exterior excentuates the aesthetic appeal of the dishwasher. This is one of the options for best dishwasher under $700!


This GE dishwasher is perfect for the busy family or friend that is constantly on the go. If you don’t have time to rinse off your dishes or scub off those tricky spots, this dish washer contains a Pirahna hard food disposer!

With two levels, this dishwasher holds much more than meets the eye, it is perfect if you are super busy.

15. COSTWAY Countertop Dishwasher

For those with forgetful tendencies, fear not, because this countertop dishwasher has a 72-hour hold on the dishes so they don’t spoil or crust.

There are also air-drying options, LED controls that are enabled with touch, and 5 different washing settings for programs.

16. HomeLabs 18 Inch Wide Built-In Dishwasher

Stainless steel and an energy star rating elevate the status of this built-in dishwasher. The light up LED control panel allows easy usage for those young and old!

With 6 different wash cycles, this dishwasher is one of the most prestigious ones you can find for under $700!

17. EdgeStar BIDW1802SS

The EdgeStar dishwasher comes prepared with 8 different place settings AND an energy star efficiency rating.

A few key features essential to this built-in dishwasher are the options for heated drying and sanitization, as well as an automatic leakage detector to ensure your water bill remains as low as possible.

18. BLACK+DECKER Portable Dishwasher

Barely making it under $700, this Black+Decker Portable Dishwasher is revolutionary because it is portable, yet it is the same size as many of the other dishwashers we have discussed.

The larger size of a portable dishwasher could be a game changer for larger traveling groups or families.

There is no need for direct plumbing and there is a simple and user-friendly guide to set up. To top it off, this dishwasher comes prepped wtih 6 different wash cycles. This is the best portable dishwasher and one of the most affordable dishwashers for its bells and whistles!

This is one of the options for best dishwasher under $700!

19. COMFEE’ Countertop Dishwasher

Perfect for camping, traveling, or small apartment style living, this countertop dishwasher comes stocked with a 5 liter built-in water tank. This allows you to go off the grid but still have the convenience of a dishwasher at your fingertips!

With a steam and air function, the 6 washing programs and different settings enhance the 360 degree dual finned spray.

This is a budget model that still knocks off all the food particles, and based on consumer reports, this is one of the best countertop dishwashers!

20. Bosch SHE3AR76UC Ascenta

The 24-inch wide Bosch Dishwasher is perfect if you are looking for an afforable and large stainless steel but black dishwasher.

With more than 14 place settings, 6 wash cycles, a santizing option, a dry option, and an adjustable top rack, this dishwasher is a good choice for you! The front control panel allows easy access to start up.

This is one of the options for best dishwasher under $700!

21. SPT SD-6502W

Coming in with a built-in stainless steel tall tub, this 24-inch dishwasher hits all the nails on the head. This is a good option for people with a lower budget but still want all the bells and whistles.

With an energy star, this dishwasher will be determined to save you a dollar or two! It contains a smart wash and a heated air dryer to ensure the proper care of all your dishwashing needs!

22. SPT SD-9254SS

The SPT built-in stainless steel dishwasher comes with a top-mount control panel with an LED display. In the direction of stainless steel, the tall tub in the base of the dishwasher is also stainless steel.

Because of the metallic nature of the dishwasher, the heated drying features are enhanced. With both 6 different washing functions and an energy star, this dishwasher is a winner!

23. EdgeStar BIDW1802 18Black

A sleek, black built-in dishwasher, is what every interior design inspired individual needs on a budget. It comes equipped with an energy star rating and various different cycling programs.

24. Zerodis Dishwasher

For under $25, this USB-powered portable dishwasher is a game-changer for those who are on the go living in an RV, a camper, a college dorm room, and many other small spaces.

All you have to do is pop this thing into the sink of dirty dishes and they come out clean 15 minutes later!

Just plug in the dishwasher to charge and then once it is fully powered, it is ready to go. One of the simplest and cheapest options for a dishwasher.

25. Xelpurac Countertop Dishwashers

This Xelpurac Countertop dishwasher is much like the previous one. With a USB charger, this dishwasher is completely portable and very user friendly.

The best part and different from the Zerodis is the sterilization intelligence system, which allows for the security of knowledge of fully cleaned dishes.

26. Slopehill Portable Dish Washing Machine

This portable dishwasher is unlike any of the others we’ve mentioned so far. It is placed into the water with the dishes and released ultrasonic waves for complete distrubition and allows for a total clean.

With a portable USB charger, this dishwasher can be used anywhere: hotels, friends’ houses, RV, etc.

27. Galanz Dishwasher

The built-in, slate grey and stainless steel model of the Galanz dishwasher offers a top control panel with 6 different cleaning cycles for various types of dishes.

28. Danby 18 Inch Built in Dishwasher

The Danby dishwasher comes prepared with 8 different place settings, 6 wash cycles, and 4 temperature options.

All of these different features ensure that you have the cleanest and most sterilized dishes possible. You can say goodbye to food build-up and germs!

29. BLACK+DECKER BCD6W Compact Countertop Dishwasher

Don’t let this small compact design countertop dishwasher fool you, it has so much power. It contains 7 wash cycles and an LED display.

With an easy adapter, you can hook the dishwasher up to the kitchen sink, or even up to a hose!

30. Hermitlux Countertop Dishwasher

The final dishwasher on this list has to be another countertop dishwasher. These dishwashers are budget-friendly, as well as, small space friendly.

The perks of this dishwasher are that it comes prepped with a 5 liter built-in water tank with an inlet and draining hose. Perfect for traveling, this dishwasher allows you to take it on the go without the necessity of a faucet or hose!

You can look up wash programs on any dishwasher to find out what every symbol and button means.

Finding the right dishwasher for yourself or your family is a difficult task, especially if you are following a strict budget. This guide should be of good use for those living in a small and large home, apartment, RV, or wherever you’re living now!

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