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The 30 Best Shoes To Wear With Jogger Pants For Stylish Outfits

You may be asking yourself what shoes you should wear with jogger pants? Jogger pants are sometimes mistaken as a more casual/sporty look. What if I told you that you could achieve dressier, more chic looks based on your shoe and outfit as a whole? 

The right shoe makes any outfit. Within this article, there are affiliate links for each pair of shoes listed. Think of this article as your style guide!

Shopping is always fun, especially when you are finding the missing piece to your puzzle: the perfect shoe!

Here’s the scoop on the 30 best shoes to wear with jogger pants!

1. White Sneakers 

First on our list of shoes to wear with jogger pants are White sneakers.

White tennis shoes are always one of the easiest ways to style joggers. White goes with almost everything, so there are many outfit ideas with different colors to choose from!

These white sneakers from Vans always give off a clean look to an outfit and are easy to find!

2. Casual Shoe

If you are the type of person to go for more of a casual look, maybe a casual shoe and casual outfit are the way to go! There are many different ways to pair your favorite joggers with casual shoes like the AE Platform Tennis Sneaker

The best thing about a casual look, is there are many different options to choose from when making an outfit!

3. Flat Sandals

You could easily pair these flat sandals with a pair of joggers to spice up the look. Additionally, you could also add a denim jacket to complete the look!

4. Flip Flops

Joggers are perfectly paired when it comes to flip-flops. Original, yet adorable. Put on a tank top, your favorite style of joggers, and some flip flops and you’re ready for the summer sun!

If you don’t want such a casual look, try putting on a dressy top! Flip Flops are very versatile and can be worn in different ways!

5. Ankle Boots

If you’re looking for more of a chic look, try wearing ankle boots with your joggers. Not all joggers are casual, some are dressy! If you find yourself a nice, dressy pair of joggers, try pairing them with some ankle boots!

To push this outfit even further, you could also layer with a trench coat!

6. Black Sneakers

Black sneakers are the best way to achieve those casual jogger outfits. Black is another good color because it can be paired with just about anything. 

Try wearing a pair of gray joggers, black sneakers, and a t-shirt. Casual has never looked better!

7. Chelsea Boots

These boots are a great addition to any closet. They will look especially good with a pair of denim joggers as well!

The Chelsea Boot may just turn your casual outfit into a high-fashion look!

8. High Top Sneakers

High Top shoes are some of the best shoes to make a great outfit, especially with joggers! Most joggers have a tapered leg, which fits closely around your ankle, making them perfect to wear with high tops!

You could dress this up with a bomber jacket, or just keep it casual

9. Chunky Black Boots

Chunky boots are the high tops of boots. These are versatile shoes that can even be paired with your favorite silky joggers! 

Add in a crop top, and you’ve got yourself an adorable dressy-casual outfit! For cold weather, try pairing them with a puffer jacket!

10. Tassel Loafers

Ever heard of smart joggers? Well, let’s say adding Tassel Loafers with a pair of smart joggers is a stylish way for a casual style. 

Pair that outfit with a white tee and you have the best of both worlds: dressy and casual!

11. Black Combat Boots

Combat boots are “it” when it comes to styling joggers. A perfect combination could be military green joggers, a black top or any solid color shirt, and your combat boots

12. Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are an easy way to dress up a more casual look, especially when you’re trying to wear joggers. Try looking into, athleisure pants or joggers, and pair them with some ballet flats and you have yourself the best option!

13. Air Force 1

Nike Air Force’s are always a great option when wearing any kind of bottoms. They look great with just about any outfit!

You could make a very easy casual wear out of these shoes by pairing them with some black joggers and a white shirt!

14. Athletic Slides

Athletic slides, like these Addidas ones, are the best shoe for casual comfort. If you are wearing athletic joggers, and athletic slides, try pairing them with a t-shirt and track jacket.

15. Vans

The company Vans are its own brand, which makes it very convenient if you love matching your brands with your outfits. If you’d like to wear a matching sweatshirt with your shoes, try a pair of Vans!

To make a real stylish outfit, pair the black and white checkered sweatshirt with the shoes, and wear a pair of white joggers.

16. Running Shoe

Another option for a great sporty look could be as simple as a running shoe. Running shoes are a great shoe for comfort, style, and long wear.

Not only do they help with posture support, but also give support and comfort to the arch of your foot. 

These shoes are a great way to look great and feel great too. Try looking into joggers with an elastic waistband to pair with these shoes

17. Birkenstocks

All these great ideas and yet here’s another! Birkenstocks will be your best friend, trust me. Not only do they look amazing, but they feel amazing too.

This sandal has a little cushion for your foot making them very comfy! They are a great option to pair with joggers, but you can even wear sweatpants with them too.

There are many different types of outfits you can make by wearing these! Try wearing a white bodysuit, black joggers, and white rubber Birkenstocks!

18. Hey Dude

These Hey Dude Shoes are the perfect choice for what does to wear with jogger pants or any other type of pants. The brand itself has many different shoe styles to pick from that match a ton of different styles

Your preference will be found here, and they are stylish and comfy too! 

19. Nike Air Max 

Next up on our list of what shoes to wear with jogger pants are the Nike Air Max sneakers. These are the perfect shoe when it comes to a more sporty or street look.

You can pair these with your joggers, or like the Birkenstocks, you can wear them with a pair of sweatpants too. Try pairing a pair of these with your joggers and a plain white t-shirt!

Nike Air Max itself has many different shoes to choose from! They differ from color and pattern to the entire design of the shoe

20. Crocs

One of my personal favorite ways to pair my joggers is with crocs! Crocs are the perfect balance of comfy and cute. 

They have all kinds of different colors and types of crocs. They also have Jibbitz which are little charms that you can put on top based on your style and preference! Additionally, they are also a customizable shoe!

21. Formal Shoe

If you are looking for a more sleek look for your jogger outfit, try a more formal shoe! The smart joggers would be your best choice for a more sleek look. 

Smart joggers, a white button top, and a pair of Oxford Shoes can give you that business casual look.

22. Heels

Wearing a pair of heels with some faux leather joggers makes your look, both classy and comfortable!

23. Nike Blazers

The Nike Blazer is an amazing option to be paired with joggers because they both are fitted around the ankle, giving a more fitted look

You could get a pair of these white kicks, with the Nike sign in black, and pair them with your favorite joggers and a black leather jacket! 

24. Nike Dunks

Next on our list of what shoes to wear with joggers are Nike Dunks.

This is a great shoe to match with a pair of joggers. Not only that, but Nike Dunks alone is the star of the show. 

They have multiple different colors, and sit below the ankle, making the perfect shoe to go with an athletic pair of joggers!

25. Jordan 1 Mid

My personal favorite is Jordan 1 Mids. These shoes can be on the costly side, but they are worth it when it comes to a stylish outfit!

You can pair these with joggers, your favorite pair of sweats, or a graphic t-shirt, and you’ve got a fresh street style. 

26. Chaco Sandals

These Chaco sandals are typical sandals that look good with pretty much anything. Not only that, but they are extremely comfortable! 

These comfy, affordable, and adorable shoes will have you looking stylish and feeling great in no time!

27. Sock Shoes

Sock shoes are an amazing option when looking for a more fitted, athletic look. They are designed to fit higher up on the ankle and are tight like a sock

Fit these over the cuff of your joggers, and you’ve got yourself a sleek, athletic look!

28. Nite Jogger Shoes

Nite Jogger Shoes are athletic shoes that can pair greatly with cotton, athletic, dressy, or any other type of jogger. They have many different colors, but the style, in particular, is what draws you in!

29. Sperrys

Boat shoes, like Hey Dudes or Sperrys, are a casual loafer that is a little more dressed up. Boat shoes would look best with chino joggers because they pair perfectly together

Not only will you look great, but now you have a great outfit for a boat day!

30. Slip-Ons

Slip-Ons are your cool working-from-home look. These shoes just slip right on, but provide the perfect amount of comfort and style for your liking!

Additionally there are many different brands and types to choose from! Put on the comfiest bottoms you can find, or whatever joggers are your favorite. You can wear these shoes inside and outside.

We hope that this article helped to give you some insight on what shoes to wear with joggers!

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