The 30 Best Things for Adults to do at Disney World

As an adult, it can be easy to assume that you are too old for Disney but that isn’t true. Disney World is one of the best theme parks in the world and a fun adventure for all ages!

The Walt Disney Company includes everything from Disney Princess, to Star Wars to Marvel. With this variety of franchises’ Disney World has something for everyone! Disney has a multitude of rides, restaurants, and shows for all ages to enjoy. Whatever your favorite type of ride or character is, you will be sure to find it at Disney World.

This theme park also has many different restaurants for you to get food and drinks. They not only have amazing options for the main meals but also for dessert and snacks throughout your day! If you are over 21, Disney also has many different alcoholic options at these different restaurants.

No matter how old you are when you go, there is no shortage of activities to keep you busy. The best part about this magical place is that it is a different experience every time you go.

Whether you walk down Main Street, visit the Animal Kingdom Lodge, get scenes tours, or say hello to Mickey Mouse you are bound to have fun!

Here is the scoop on the 30 best things for adults to do at Disney World!

1. Space Mountain

First up on our list of the 30 best things for adults to do at Disney World is Space Mountain! This ride can be found in the futuristic Tomorrowland.

Space Mountain is an indoor rollercoaster that is completely in the dark, except for a few stars that light the way. Riding Space Mountain has become a right of passage for Disney adults! This indoor rollercoaster is often referred to as one of the best thrill rides in all of the Disney Theme Parks.

2. The Tower of Terror

best things for adults to do at disney world; tower of terror
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The Tower of Tower is one of the most popular attractions in the Disney World Theme Parks. This drop ride is one of those unique experiences that you can only get at Disney.

This is a ride that makes you feel like you are in an old elevator falling down. One of the things that makes this ride such a great time is that when you get to the top the windows open and you can see a bird’s eye view of the entire park!

3. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Buzz Lightyear
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Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin is one of the best attractions! During this spinning carriage ride, you get to team up to shoot aliens and compete with other rides for the most points. You and a friend can ride in the same cart and see who can successfully shoot the most aliens. This ride is a great way to add some healthy competition to your trip.

4. Millennium Falcon

best things for adults to do at disney world, millenium falcon
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You can’t have a list of the best things for adults to do at Disney World list without including the Galaxy’s Edge! At the Galaxy’s Edge, you can ride the Millennium Falcon which is a recent addition to the Disney World rides. This section of the park will definitely make you feel as if you stepping into the future world of Star Wars.

As an added bonus, it also features a single rider line, so if you are alone, you can skip past all of the families and small children.

5. Disney After Hours

Disney After Hours
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Disney After Hours is an event where one of the parks will be open for three extra hours than usual! It is definitely worth it to get a ticket to this because you can experience the parks in a different way! Because it is not the entirety of Disney’s general public that attends, the wait times will be much shorter.

This is one of Disney’s special events that also includes select dining options into the ticket price! Seeing as most of the young children will be in bed by then, it is a great way to have a fun time with your friends!

6. Pirates of the Carribean

Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

The Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride is without a doubt one of the best rides in Disney World. This ride perfectly captures the essence of the ‘pirates life’. You sail through a waterfall, through the seas to end up in Tortuga where you can spot Jack Sparrow!

7. Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain is a classic thrilling ride that you won’t want to miss out on! In this ride, you sit in a boat as you flow on the water through the mountain. Of course, you climb to the top of the mountain in anticipation of the famous big drop! As an added bonus, you can get your picture taken during the drop so you can see your facial expression and have the memory forever.

8. Haunted Mansion

best things for adults to do at disney world, haunted mansion
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The haunted mansion ride at the Walt Disney World resort is a must-see for visitors of all ages! One of the best things about this ride is that there is plenty of scenery to look at while you are waiting in long lines. Even though this ride is spooky, it is not only for the holiday season! You can enjoy the thrills of this ride all year round. This is one of the best things for adults to do at Disney world if they are looking for a scare!

9. Fireworks

best things for adults to do at disney world, fireworks
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The Disney World fireworks are an absolute must-see for any and every Disney vacation. This nightly occurrence is the best way to close out your magical day in the Disney Parks. Each show is different and truly captures the essence of Disney. The firework displays are stunning and the accompanying music really adds to the mystical experience.

10. Mount Everest

Mount Everest
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Mount Everest definitely makes my list of favorite attractions at Disney World. This roller coast creates a thrill due to the drops and backward motion of the track. You quickly race up the mountain while trying to escape from the Yeti. This heart-stopping ride is an absolute must during your Disney Trip.

11. Typhoon Lagoon

best things for adults to do at disney world, typhoon lagoon
credit: WDWNews (Kent Phillips, photographer)

Typhoon Lagoon is one of Disney World’s two water parks. This park has everything from wave pools to water slides and will be so much fun for your group! It is a great way to break up the amusement park days by doing something a little different! This is an item you will want on your list for those extremely hot days.

12. Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom Tour

best things for adults to do at disney world, goofy
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The Keys to the Kingdom Tour is is a five-hour tour that will show you all of the different ways that the magic happens. This is one of the best scene tours to do because it allows you to use the hidden tunnels that are reserved for the cast members. If you are in the mood for a backstage magic tour, look no further!

13. Epcot International Festival of the Arts

Epcot Food & Wine Festival
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Each month a different type of art will be featured in Epcot park. Disney is showcasing different cuisines, live entertainment, and art from different countries. This is a great way to add some variety to your Disney trip and to learn something new while you’re at it!

The food and wine festival specifically is a great way to experience a world showcase of all of the best places to eat and drink at Disney World. If you are over 21 then you can also enjoy some alcoholic beverages during the festival!

14. Kilimanjaro Safaris

Animal Kingdom
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The Kilimanjaro Safaris is a staple of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. On this ride through the wilderness, you will see a multitude of different animals. This jaunt through the safari will make you feel as though you have traveled to another world. Who knows, you may even see your favorite animal!

15. Peter Pan’s Flight

best things for adults to do at disney world, peter pan's flight
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Peter Pan’s Flight is a true classic. You will feel as though you are flying on your journey to the magical place of Neverland.

In this ride, you get to take off in different color boats and follow the same journey that Wendy goes on in the movie. You can travel to Mermaid Lagoon, Skull Rock, and watch Peter Pan battle, Captain Hook, at the Jolly Roger.

16. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Thunder Mountain
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The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is one of the best Disney Park rollercoasters. This ride occurs in the outdoors and indoors as you race through the mines. This combination makes this a perfect ride for visitors of all ages and a lot of fun for everyone!

17. Savi’s Workshop

best things for adults to do at disney world, savi's workshop
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This is a great activity for adults to do, especially if they are a fan of the star wars franchise. This workshop is located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Galaxy’s Edge.

Here you can make your own lightsaber and join the force! You can create a lightsaber that is any color that you want. This means you can join the dark side of the light side of the force!

As an added bonus you can then carry your lightsaber around the park with you and have epic battles with your friends.

18. Disney’s Boardwalk

Disney Boardwalk
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Disney’s Boardwalk is a beautiful line of shops and restaurants. Strolling along here with your friends is a really fun way to spend either your day or your evening. This boardwalk is beautiful and busy during the during but when the lights come on at night it is especially magical.

The boardwalk also offers arcade games and live music. This offers a great change of pace for your vacation because you and your friends can have some friendly arcade competition.

You can also stop and see dueling pianos on your walk. The atmosphere of the boardwalk alone makes this one of the best things for adults to do at Disney World.

19. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

best things for adults to do at disney world, seven dwarfs mine train
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The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is an outdoor rollercoaster that allows you to speed through the mines on the twisty track. This ride is loads of fun as you never quite know when a turn is coming.

The best part of this ride is when you reach the top of the mine right before you drop back down. At the top, you see an amazing view of Fantasyland Park that is seriously unmatched.

20. Oga’s Cantina at the Walt Disney Resort

best things for adults to do at disney world, oga's cantina
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This is a great place to stop for both food and drinks with your friends! This spot has a variety of alcoholic beverages for those over 21 and the low lighting creates a great atmosphere.

A reservation is recommended here seeing as it is so popular!

The Star Wars-inspired drinks basically include everything but the kitchen sink. This place is truly out of this world! The uniqueness of this place alone makes it one of the best things for adults to do at Disney World.

21. Raglan Road

If you are looking for a place to stop in for some food and drinks then his pub is a perfect stop! It is a great place to unwind after a long day at the parks. You can get a pint of beer (if you are over twenty-one) and some classic pub food.

As an added bonus the Raglan Road also has an outdoor stage where you can see some live Irish Step Dancing. It is a great place to stop for dinner and a show!

22. Pandora: The World of Avatar

best things for adults to do at disney world, avatar
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Pandora: The World of Avatar is located in Animal Kingdom. This mini-land within the parks is a great place for fans of Avatar to spend their time! It offers plenty of rides, dining, and activities based on the movies so there will be no shortage of things to do.

At Pandora, you can experience rights like “Avatar: Flight of Passage” and “Na’vi River Journey.” You can also see live entertainment and experience exotic foods inspired by Na’vi culture.

23. Mission: SPACE

best things for adults to do at disney world, mission: space
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This ride will make you feel like you are a NASA astronaut as your group of four is each assigned specific tasks. You can choose between two missions: Orange and Green, based on how intense you want the journey. The twists and turns of the Orange Mission make this one of the best things for adults to do at Disney World!

24. Disney’s Grand Floridan Resort & Spa

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort is the best way to treat yourself during your vacation. This Disney Resort Hotel offers lavish accommodations and dining as well as a full-service spa! The Grand Floridian also has a guest restaurant so you can eat there without actually staying there. This isn’t always the case with Disney hotels and is a great bonus. Out of all of the resort hotels, this is definitely the best one.

25. “It’s a Small World”

best things for adults to do at disney world
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The Small World ride is located in the Magic Kingdom Park and doesn’t have any height requirements!

Disney’s It’s a Small World ride is a relaxing boat cruise through all seven continents. You will see the whole world on your journey! Everything from the United Kingdom to Asia to Antarctica.

This ride has been a fan favorite for years and is a true Disney classic. The message of this ride adds an extra layer of beauty because it reminds us that the world isn’t so big after all.

25. A Celebration of Festival of the Lion King

Lion King
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The Lion King is such a beloved Disney story and what better way to appreciate its beauty. The Festival of the Lion King brings the story of one of our favorite Disney characters to life on the stage. Seeing a show is a great and often overlooked Disney World activity! Not only are the shows usually amazing but they can give you a break from running around all day.

26. Disney Springs

best things for adults to do at disney world, disney springs
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Disney Springs is a great place to spend your day. It has the best restaurants, shops, and entertainment. This is a good alternative to a day in the parks and you will have the best time enjoying all that this cute little town has to offer.

Breaking up your Disney trip with a relaxing day of eating and shopping is always a good idea. Visiting Disney Springs will allow you to slow down and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

27. Test Track

Test Track was created in recent years as a way for people to get to be engaged in what goes into making a ride. At Test Track you get to design your own virtual car and then you are able to test it on the track!

It will be so much fun for you and your group can compete to see who designs the best car. This is a great way to integrate your creativity and imagination into your amusement park experience.

28. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

best things for adults to do at disney world
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This ride is located at Sunset Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This rollercoaster is known for being an intensely thrilling ride! Many people consider it a right of passage due to the big drop it features.

One of the aspects that makes this rollercoaster so fun and unique is that it blasts hits by Aerosmith during the ride. The added aspect of listing to music while soaring along the track enhances this ride to make such a unique experience. The added thrill that this ride entails makes this one of the best things for adults to do at Disney World.

29. Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Resturant

best things for adults to do at disney world
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The Sci-Fi Dine-In restaurant is located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and allows you to experience a different decade. Here you will be able to travel back to the 1950s while you eat classic American food. Each table is designed to be its own drive-in car which is where you will eat your meal.

This restaurant has a classic drive-in screen where it plays clips from old movies. All of these elements really make you feel like you are getting the true drive-in experience.

30. Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course

The Magnolia Golf Course is a great place to go if you are looking for something a little different. You can spend a whole day playing some golf with your friends and seeing who is the best. This golf course is also the longest golf course in Disney World.

It offers all of the usual goal course amenities like golf clubs to use and a clubhouse to go to after. You can also rent a golf cart to take around the course with you. If you’re not confident about your golf skills, this golf course offers lessons and includes a driving range that will allow you to learn.

These are the 30 best things for adults to do at Disney World! Of course, there are many more items that could have easily made this list but we picked the ones that stood out to us. We hope that Micky Mouse would approve!

If you complete this list and are still looking for more things to do, don’t worry! Disney World has an abundance of adventures just waiting for you to embark on. We recommend downloading the My Disney Experience App to help you to plan out your days. It will also alert you when spots are available at different restaurants and attractions.

Hopefully, this list gave you some great ideas for how to spend your Disney trip!

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