Tips For Dating In Your 30’s

Summer is dreadfully winding down and our time for patio sessions and waterfront lounging is dwindling, but there’s still time to find a love interest. If you’re in your 20’s or 30’s the importance of this may be compounded.

Sure as a 20-something girl you may think you have all it takes to nab a beau in the string of your Forever 21 bikini, but you could possibly use some pointers from your older, more experienced 30-something counterpart. Here are five dating tips to keep in mind when gallivanting through the city while young, single and carefree — imparting some better judgment and poise (just some, don’t worry).

  • Don’t over drink.

We know you’re excited there’s been consecutive sunny days and want to drink as much sparkling Rose you can get your freshly manicured hands on, but don’t over do it ladies. You don’t want to slur too much when just meeting someone, roll an ankle or get sick all over him and your new shirtdress. He’s a potential boyfriend, not a paramedic.

  • Refrain from waiting for him to pay.

We get that the pain of student loans could still be draining part of your pay check every month, but it’s not attractive to act entitled when first meeting a guy. This isn’t the Victorian age and your American Apparel leotard is not a  substitute for a corset. At least offer to split at first then let him surprise you with chivalry.

  • Avoid talking about what you bought while online shopping.

You don’t necessarily need to frantically muster up some fantasy football team before meeting up with a new dude, but try to avoid inundating the conversation with shopping details. These things are arcane to him. He really doesn’t know what wedges are or how they’ll go so great with capri gauchos and a crop top.

  • Don’t move in on someone one of your girls has already claimed.

Cardinal rule you’ve definitely heard if born before the year 2000: Hoes before bros. Or chicks before dicks or…you get the drift.

  • Easy on the PDA.

OK, not going to saliva coat it, this one’s primarily for the benefit of the general public. While we don’t want to see you groping and tonguing your newfound  beau, refraining from mimicking an animal planet documentary can keep him wanting more.

So keep the pre-games going while not compromising your actual game when out on the town. Having been through the gamut of dating foes with time to edit our romantic foibles, us 30 something’s have an insightful advantage. Your future relationship can thank us later.

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