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The 35 Best Disneyland Souvenirs

Disneyland is widely known as the happiest place on Earth. It’s perched up in the hills of Anaheim, California, where it attracts visitors from all over the world. You won’t find Mickey Mouse there (he’s exclusive to Disney World), but you will find cute t-shirts with your favorite characters like Snow White or Belle for sale by vendors outside of every ride.  

However, Disneyland isn’t the only place to buy these pretty souvenirs; you can also get them at Disney World! But what if you want even more than that? What if you want something official that can be kept forever and framed? Something that captures not just a moment in time but an entire vacation?

Whether you’re going to Disneyland for special events like Disney’s Days of Christmas or just need a break, there are lots of great souvenirs to bring your magic memories home.

Here’s the scoop on the best Disney World and Disneyland souvenirs.

1. Mickey Ears

Simply one of the most iconic and popular Disneyland and Disney World souvenirs. Mickey Mouse is everyone’s favorite character! Having mouse ears is practically a staple for your Disney attire.

The Mickey Mouse ears are seen everywhere you look! You’ve probably seen them already if you’ve watched any Disney movie or TV show, or visited the parks before. This popular souvenir comes in different colors and designs, but they’re mostly solid black with two little circles on top. Simple, yet an instant classic.

Disney sells these for $13 to $20 in the parks, but you can also buy them online before your trip so that you don’t have to wait in lines. There are several different versions of this one, all currently on sale.

2. Minnie Mouse Ears

Like Mickey’s ears, these are simple but recognizable. When you are strutting down Main Street U.S.A. they will get noticed! Most people choose to wear them backwards when they visit the parks so that they don’t miss out on views while wearing their souvenirs, too! 

Disney sells Minnie ears in every color imaginable in the park for $17-22.   

3. Disney Coffee Mugs

You don’t have to visit the parks to buy these, but they make great souvenirs. If you love coffee and already own a bunch of cups, why not add some Disney mugs to your collection? They make a fun way to show off your favorite characters.

Disney sells a huge variety of colorful coffee mugs online. They’re all solid colors with an image on them. The best part is that you can use them all year round!

4. Disney T-Shirts

On top of Mickey ears, buying t-shirts are probably one of the most popular things to do at Disney World and Disneyland. When you are walking around places like Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios, you are guaranteed to find a bunch of clothing gift shops.

There are so many different styles to choose from, including ones for adults, kids, plus size women or men, toddlers, even infants! You can find your favorite character’s face on a shirt as well as other designs, like holiday themes.

5. Autograph Books

Bringing autograph books is always a great idea, especially if you plan on attending a character meet and greet with cast members. You can buy these at the park or online. They include a special page for each character to sign, making them great to take home and put in your scrapbook.

These make excellent gifts for children, too. These events are even better on Disney’s special celebrations, like Walt Disney Day. This special occasion is held on the first Monday of December in remembrance and honor of Walt Disney, whose birthday is December fifth.

6. Disney Pins

Themed pins are a great souvenir for kids who want something small, but interesting. This selection of Disney pins is a great way to bring a pop of personality to bags and clothes!

If you are one of the Disney pin collectors, you know it gets pretty serious. Get involved with Disney pin trading, if you haven’t already. 

These pins can be bought at the park or online. There are also trading boards set up throughout the parks so that people can swap pins. You can choose from so many classic Disney characters, I can’t think of a better way to get started on your own collection!

7. Disney Lanyards

Perfect for holding a ticket or pass, these colorful lanyards are sold at the park and online. There are different sizes depending on if you have an annual pass or just a ticket to the park. They are just a little bit easier to deal with than having to carry around your wallet.

8. Disney Prints and Posters

This is definitely one of the best Walt Disney World souvenirs to have. It’s a fun souvenir since you can choose from so many different posters (even vintage!) and full-color prints of your favorite Disney character from DisneyWorld or Disneyland, or something as cool as Star Wars. 

They come in different sizes so you can pick what works best for you, whether it’s for framing or hanging straight on the wall. There are also some more abstract designs if you’re looking for something different. Amazon is the best place to start when ordering these online.

9. Stuffed Animals

People of all ages love stuffed animals. The first thing is that they are fun souvenirs and ones that hold strong memories. When you go on a Walt Disney World vacation, you want to come back with a cuddly friend!

Besides the characters you can meet at the parks, Disney sells some of their most famous characters as stuffed animals. These are classic teddy bears that are cute to take home with you. There are lots of fun stuffed animals for all of your favourite characters!

10. Princess Dresses

Originally popularized by Frozen’s Anna and Elsa, Disney has brought out new princess dresses of our favorite characters like Rapunzel, Tiana, Merida, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Tinker Bell, Pocahontas, Mulan… Really, all of them!

They encompass all different styles and showcase the true magic of Disney. They’re not cheap, starting around $70-100 depending on the style. But it’s worth it if you want to get one truly unique souvenir from your trip.

11. Plush Toys

These are like stuffed animals but not as expensive. You can get plush toys either from a Disney toy store or online, making great gifts for younger children.

You can collect them or just take them home and put them on your bed. Soft and huggable, they make great souvenirs!

12. Disney Beach Towels

You can buy these Disneyland souvenirs at most disney theme parks, but if you want to get something special, this is one of the best things to buy on a disney vacation if you plan on going to pools.

They’re big and colorful, making them perfect for trips to the beach or just hanging around the house. Plus, there are tons of different designs so you can find whatever appeals to your style!

12. Disney Pillowcases

For Disney pillowcases, the good news is you can get these in all different sizes, from infant to adult, with almost every Disney character you can think of. They’re great decorations for bedrooms or just to use when you nap on the couch!

Disney sells these starting at $10. You can also find bedding at some souvenir shops in Disney. 

13. Shot Glasses

For intense partiers AND Disney fans, but a shot glass set for Disney fans! These might not be a popular thing to get as a souvenir, but everyone needs a shot glass at some point, right?

Disney sells these starting at $10. They come in all different shapes and sizes, from Mickey’s head to the Seven Dwarfs’ cottage.

14. Picture Frames

If you want to put pictures of your trip in picture frames and hang them up at home, the Disney store has plenty of options. It is a popular Disneyland souvenir, whether you prefer something old-fashioned or modern, they have what you need!

You can spend anywhere from $15 to upwards of $80 depending on the size and design. Put the best photos you and your family took on your scavenger hunts and any Disneyland attraction.

15. Disney Princess Dolls

These Disney Princess Dolls serve as great Disney collectibles and something your child will love growing up. They bring your child to their favorite places and favorite stories. This is probably one of the most popular things girls get while at Disney World or Disneyland as a souvenir.

It’s hard to find other princesses besides Cinderella at Disney World, so this is definitely the best choice if you want anything but her! These start at about $20.

16. Christmas Ornaments

Disney World and Disneyland both put out new Christmas ornaments every year, made special for your Christmas tree. Disney-themed ornaments aren’t just for the holiday season though! You can collect them as the perfect souvenir all year round.

These are the best things to collect if you have the extra money to spend, or just hang them on your Christmas tree!

17. Ani Bracelet

These are unique souvenirs and a popular choice for Disney items at the park for girls. The Ani bracelet comes with a different Disney character charm on them, ranging from princesses like Belle and Cinderella to more recent characters like Elsa.

18. Winnie the Pooh Mugs

This character is very popular at both Disney World and Disneyland so of course, he has his own mugs! These aren’t just any mugs though; they have some extra special features that make them even better as Disneyland souvenirs. 

They’re designed to look just like Winnie himself, but you can flip open his head to put your favorite drink inside! You can pick one up anywhere in the parks or online starting at $15.

19. Coin from the Coin Press Machines

These are some of the best pieces of Disney parks merchandise. It’s in the running for being one of the least expensive souvenirs, and If you’ve ever seen one of these coin press machines in the parks, you know how fun it is.

For only $5, you can get your name on a shiny Disney coin, just like the ones used in all their shows and attractions! This makes for an awesome souvenir that’s sure to become an instant favorite.

20. Disney Character Hats

And of course, no trip to Disney World or Disneyland is complete without buying one of the best Disney souvenirs with your favorite character on it. Disney has several different types of hats, including baseball caps, visors, winter hats, and more than one style.

You will definitely find something perfect for yourself or even better as a gift! Get your hand on one of these great souvenirs to protect yourself from that hot sun. This is especially needed when you have long walks around places like Disney Springs!

21. Keychains

This is another great choice because there are so many different options. You can get keychains to represent your favorite characters or even places in the parks like Savi’s Workshop and the Japan Pavilion!

They have everything from Mickey’s head to Cinderella’s Castle. Usually, your Walt Disney World Resort hotel will have these in a gift shop.

22. Refillable Popcorn Buckets

This is definitely one of the best souvenirs to take home. These colorful refillable popcorn buckets are great, you can get refills on popcorn buckets every time you go to the park for just $1!

This is also great because it’s ideal for sharing with others, so everyone will be able to get their own bucket at least once during your trip. Get em’ at one of the specialty shops at a Walt Disney World or Disneyland resort.

23. Disneyland or Disney World Magnets

Of course, no magnet collection would be complete without something from a great place like Disneyland or Disney World! There are tons of different designs that range in price, but they’re all good quality and fit well with any other sort of magnet set decoration you might have in your house.

Disney turns a small world into a world of imagination and magical things, so this is definitely one of the best Disney World souvenirs.

24. Disney Princess Slippers

These are another popular choice among girls, but there are actually sizes for everyone in this store!  The slippers are in the shape of Disney princesses’ shoes, but they’re lined with cozy fabric to keep your feet warm.

25. Light-Up Toys

These are some of my favorite souvenirs because there are so many different designs!  You can get anything from an elephant toy that blinks to little pin lights.

If you are a san of Star Wars, you can head to Savi’s Workshop to get Handbuilt Lightsabers!

A lot of these also make sounds when you press them too! They are so much fun for adults and children.

26. Mouse Ears Hats

Of course, no Disney trip would be complete without getting something with one of their most iconic characters on it – Mickey Mouse! 

Disney has tons of different styles of mouse ears hats, from classic characters to animal ears. You can also get any color you want, from the standard black and white to fun ones like neon green!

27. Pens

This is another fun choice because you can find everything from Mickey Mouse pens to even little plastic flip lights just like the one on your key chain.

28. Water Bottles

If you’re planning on spending all day outside in the hot sun and will be drinking a lot of water, one of these might be perfect for you. You can get your favorite character in so many different styles, from basic to even reusable bottles with lids.

Take these bottles for when you end up walking around places like Downtown Disney, Tokyo Disney, or Galaxy’s Edge.

29. Princess Tiaras

This is another great choice and one of the best souvenirs because it’s super girly! For just $20 you can get a tiara that looks like the ones we all dreamed about having when we were little. This is definitely something every girl would love to bring home as a souvenir from a Disney trip.   

30. Disney Character Jewelry Boxes

If you’re planning on putting all your souvenirs somewhere and need something big enough to hold them all, this is probably the best choice for you since there are so many different designs. 

Disney has everything from the classic princess to Winnie the Pooh characters. All of these are made with quality materials and would make a great gift for any Disney fan in your life.

31. Disney Board Games

You can’t go wrong with something that’s fun for the whole family! Disney sells many board games starting at around $10.

Whether you want a classic Disney game like Mouse Trap or Go Fish, there are tons of options. You can find them online or in the parks.

32. Disney Crossbody Bags

These bags are perfect if you want something small and compact while shopping in the park. They’re stylish and cute, with some designs being very detailed. These popular Disney World souvenirs range from about $15-30 depending on where you buy them and what character is featured on them.

33. Disney Tote Bags

You can use these tote bags to hold groceries or anything else you need them for, but they also make a great souvenir! They feature some of Disney’s most iconic princesses, including Belle, Tiana, and Cinderella. These are also great because they’re pretty big, so you can definitely fit a lot of stuff in them.

34. Magic Bands

These are the official wristbands that you wear while staying at a Disney resort or walking through the parks. They replace your regular room key, credit cards, and the Disney dining plan. 

Each color represents a different category – green for theme parks, blue for water parks, pink for Disney Springs, etc. This way you don’t have to carry around so many things at once!

35. Limited Edition Merchandise

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Disney during certain promotional months, you might be able to snag some really unique merchandise or an exclusive souvenir! Going to Hollywood Studios, or the World of Disney store is your best bet with souvenirs.

Every year, Disney has about 10-15 items that are only featured for a limited time. Some of the most popular are pins with different characters on them, but they also have unique tumblers and framed photos.

There you have the scoop on the 35 best Disneyland souvenirs! Have you ever bought any of these? What souvenirs did you buy and love the most when you went to Disney World or Disneyland? Let us know in the comments! Keep this list in mind on your next trip so you know what to bring home!

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