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The Adventures of Marmaduke- Movie Review

Produced by Andrews McMeel Entertainment and Legacy Classics, the new feature film is about a famous dog training to compete in the Westminster Championship.

Marmaduke the Great Dane, portrays a relevant description of the classic large and overzealous lap dog that has an uncontrollable urge to misbehave. Although he holds such a friendly demeanor, his family, The Winslows, are troubled by his reckless and untrained behavior. This 2022 revamped animated play on the 2010 live-action film gives this classic premise a fresh new look.

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MARMADUKE – Cr: One Cool Animation, Andrews McMeel Entertainment, and Legacy Classics ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2022

The film starts out with beloved comedian Pete Davidson playing the main character, Marmaduke. The mischievous dog in the opening credit scene finds himself locked in a room due to bad behavior. As the Winslows’ are hosting a birthday party, Marmaduke is told to stay in the room for the remainder of the event. We can all assume what problems he got himself into next. 

Unfortunately for him, a wasp scared Marmaduke out of the room. Marmaduke crashes through the window and flies straight into the Winslows pool.

The Ultimate Troublemaker

Guy training dog
MARMADUKE – Cr: One Cool Animation, Andrews McMeel Entertainment, and Legacy Classics ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2022

The Winslows’ frustration with the mutt reaches its peak as he takes the internet by storm. A news channel challenges a dog trainer to whip the mutt into shape. But Guy pleads with the Winslows to give him permission to train and turn their nightmare fuel pup into an upstanding citizen. 

The montage of the dog learning the ups and downs of doggy etiquette was highly entertaining. Furthermore, the mutt learns to respond to commands like “Don’t eat that steak until you’re told!” or “Sit and stay!”.

Competition Time

MARMADUKE – Cr: One Cool Animation, Andrews McMeel Entertainment, and Legacy Classics ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2022

After successfully mastering tips and tricks, Marmaduke is officially competition ready. Once Guy and Marmaduke arrive at the Dog Championship, the mutt collusively fails and that glimmer of hope the Winslows had for their dog disappears. Labeled a disappointment for the umpteenth time, Marmaduke vows to prove himself not only to his family but to Guy as well. He begs Guy for a second chance. Marmaduke then enters the “World Dog Championship” and faces an ambitious rival.

The end of the film is ultimately a happy one with Marmaduke giving a huge name for himself in Hollywood and becoming a successful actor.

You can catch Marmaduke on Netflix!

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  1. My love and passion for Marmaduke knows no bounds. From the moment I first laid eyes on that big, lovable Great Dane, I was hooked. There is something about his gentle nature and clumsy antics that just melts my heart. I find myself eagerly waiting for the release of each new movie, eager to see what misadventures Marmaduke will find himself in next. I have even collected various Marmaduke memorabilia over the years, from plush toys to coffee mugs, proudly displaying my adoration for this iconic character. Whether it’s his infamous drooling or his knack for getting into hilarious predicaments, Marmaduke never fails to bring a smile to my face. I have lost count of the number of times I have shared a Marmaduke comic strip with friends and family, spreading the joy that this lovable canine brings. My love and passion for Marmaduke is unwavering, and I am grateful for the laughter

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