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The Bachelorette Season 17 Episode 9 Recap: Hometowns

Katie Thurston’s journey for love is almost over. This week on The Bachelorette is hometowns! However, due to the pandemic, The Bachelorette will not be traveling to different towns. Each contestant’s families will be coming to them in New Mexico.

Hometowns are an important part of the journey for love, so let’s get to it.

Here’s the scoop on The Bachelorette Season 17 episode 9 recap!


Blake Moynes Takes Katie to Canada

For Katie’s first hometown, Blake is showing her a little bit of Canada. He shows off his bartending skills by having her drink maple syrup.

katie and blake; The Bachelorette Season 17 episode 9 recap

They then play a game of darts that features dares and fun questions for each other. Also, Blake and Katie get cozy riding a mechanical moose.

Similar to Matt James’ date with Serena Pitt, they also don jerseys and play hockey!

In the meantime, Greg can see Blake and Katie’s date from the hotel building. He says, “I’m sick to my stomach.” Greg doesn’t like seeing Katie’s bond with another man.


Back on their date, Katie meets Blake’s family. Blake’s mother notices how close Katie and Blake are, but she’s curious if their connection is deep.

Katie assures Blake’s mother that she and Blake are determined to find love and work on their relationship.

Blake’s sister observes that Blake’s had feelings for Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams too. She wonders what is special about his relationship with Katie and if they’re in love. Blake assures his sister that he is confident in his feelings for Katie and that they will find love.


Talking to his mother, Blake confidently says that Katie is the one for him, so she encourages him to finally tell Katie she loves him. At the end of the night, he wants to say that he loves her, but he’s waiting for it to feel right.

Justin’s Hometown

katie and justin; The Bachelorette Season 17 episode 9 recap

The next hometown date in The Bachelorette Season 17 episode 9 recap is Justin. For Justin’s hometown, his family is not able to come out. He is disappointed, but he will have 2 of his best friends there for him. Justin introduces Katie to Baltimore by showing her graffiti and taking her for a carriage ride.

He also tells Katie that his parents won’t be able to meet her this week, and she’s disappointed but excited to meet his friends.


That night, Justin introduces Katie to his two best friends. His friend Herb comments that he’s never seen Justin to connected to someone the way he is to Katie.

Katie tells Herb about why Justin is special to her. Herb really likes Katie, but he’s worried that their relationship may be behind since Justin hasn’t said that he loves her.


Herb voices his concern to Justin and mentions that with only 2 weeks left, there’s not much time to fall in love. He also mentions that Justin is usually very closed-off and not one to be open about his feelings.

Justin assures Herb that Katie is who he wants, and Herb is supportive of them. Later that night, Justin admits that he’s falling in love with her.

Greg Takes Katie to Jersey


Our last hometown in The Bachelorette Season 17 episode 9 recap is with Greg! Greg brings Katie a little bit of New Jersey for his hometown date. They enjoy Italian ice on the boardwalk and go “surfing”.

Also, he and Katie play basketball, which is something he did with his dad before he passed away. He also tells her that it rains in Jersey, and recreates their rainy Seattle date that she took him on.

For his hometown, Greg is introducing Katie to his family. Greg’s mom surprises him with a video message from his sisters, nieces, and nephews who couldn’t come in person.

Greg’s family repeatedly mention that they haven’t seen him this happy in a while. His mother talks to Katie about how special Greg is, and Katie tells his mom that Greg will still be around next week.

katie and greg; The Bachelorette Season 17 episode 9 recap

Greg’s mom really likes Katie, and more importantly she likes how happy she makes Greg. He gushes to his mom about how much he loves Katie, but he won’t propose until she says she loves him back.

During their time together, Greg tells Katie how much he loves her and that he hasn’t been this happy since his dad passed away. He gets very emotional and pours his heart out to her, but Katie doesn’t say much back.

Katie only wants to tell her final guy that she loves him, so her silence with Greg is uncomfortable. Greg is visibly sad and Katie wants to help him, but they both grow quiet. He is so confident in their relationship that he can’t understand her connection with the other guys.

She tells him, “I’ve never felt like you wanted to give up until right now.” Greg is frustrated and confused because he doesn’t know if Katie loves him. After more talking they say good night.

A Shocking Goodbye

Katie & Greg; The Bachelorette Season 17 episode 9 recap

After his hometown date with Katie, Greg needs to talk to Katie. He’s knows that if he’s going to propose to Katie he needs to know if she loves him.

Greg goes to Katie’s room to talk. He tells her that the other night when he told her he loved her, it felt like she dismissed it. He says, “That scared the hell out of me.”

Katie explains that she isn’t going to tell anyone she loves them until the end, but Greg says she’s missing the point. He tells her that he needed more from her that night and she didn’t give it to him.


Greg calls Katie out for being more focused on the reality show relationships rather than real life. She calls him her “Number 1” and mentions roses, but Greg doesn’t care about numbers or roses.

He once again pours his heart out to Katie, then abruptly gets up and walks away. She finds him outside and tells him how confident she’s been in her relationship. She tells Greg that her journey here will be for nothing if he leaves. He says that he deserves more than what she’s giving him and that he’s not happy, so he’s going home.

After Greg walks away, Katie announces that she’s done and wants to go home.

katie; The Bachelorette Season 17 episode 9 recap

Kaitlyn Bristowe comes to talk to Katie about what she wants to do. Katie is crying in the bathroom and Kaitlyn sits on the floor outside the door to talk things out.

Katie feels like Greg won’t hear her out and that there’s no way to get him back. She opens the door and Kaitlin goes in to hug her. She tells Kaitlyn that she wants someone to book her flight home. The show ends on a cliffhanger.

That’s it for The Bachelorette Season 17 episode 9 recap! Tune in next week to see if Katie goes home for good.

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