The Bachelor’s Tammy Ly on Feeling “Alienated” from Bachelor Nation

Being on reality television looks like so much fun, but the truth is that it can be tough. Some members of Bachelor Nation are speaking out about their experience in the spotlight, and not everyone has good things to say. Former Bachelor contestant Tammy Ly is no stranger a conflict on gthe show.

On an episode of Us Weekly’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast, Tammy opens up about her experience with Bachelor Nation and feeling “alienated” from the franchise. Here is the scoop on Tammy Ly and how she feels about The Bachelor franchise!

Tammy’s Bachelor Journey

Tammy Ly
(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Tammy Ly Opens Up

Tammy Ly spoke with Us Weekly on the “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast and shared her thoughts on the franchise and her experience. During her time on The Bachelor, Tammy’s tell-it-like-it-is personality caused some drama.

The former reality star reveals, “People think that I have this vendetta against this franchise now. I really don’t. I’m grateful for the opportunity. I’m grateful to have been a part of it. I wouldn’t have traded it for anything in this world, but it’s the frustrations that I was having a lot of people do and they just don’t vocalize it ‘cause they’re so afraid.”

(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Tammy says, “I just had it with them and I’m very vocal and opinionated about it. I was gonna let my viewers know, like, what’s going on instead of stay quiet. I’m not a person that stays quiet, as we clearly know. And I just got really upset.”

She continues, “Would I have done it differently all over again? Absolutely. I think I should have, you know, worked through my emotions then said something, but I was so hurt and upset at that time.”

Tammy also addresses her activity from February 2022, where she took to Instagram stories and said, “If you’re not their favorite, and it’s very clear, you are treated like second-hand dog crap, and they don’t care about you or your value or your worth.”

On the podcast, she explains that she wanted to “finally put my foot down and stop being used.”

Where Tammy Stands with the Bachelor Franchise

Since leaving Paradise, Tammy explains that her relationship with the franchise is like a “toxic relationship.” She also adds, “I just need to give myself space right now. And maybe we can work on things in the future if there are any changes that are legitimate.”

Tammy Ly

Tammy Ly is also critical of the franchises actions toward making their shows more diverse. She says, “I wanna see it actually implemented in a serious way and not just be like, ‘Oh, yeah, we’re doing this, like, it’s fine, we’re at least trying.’ But you can try harder, you have the power to try harder. … I just feel so alienated from it — I worked hard to get where I have gotten in that franchise and it just went so unnoticed.”

She also adds, “I wonder if it would’ve been more noticed if I looked like the all-American girl. And listen, I get it. I gravitated toward those girls too. But like, that’s the reason why I had a major identity crisis when I was a kid because I wanna look blonde, blue-eyed — these beautiful girls that I thought were the American version of beauty.”

Emotional, Tammy reveals, “I hate talking about it because I hate bringing up race, but it really made me feel like I was so alienated because it’s something that I can’t change about myself, you know?”

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