The BEST Gifts for the Fitness Enthusiast

Everyone has a fitness lover in their life. Whether they’re an avid marathon runner or just like to head to the gym a couple times a week you’re sure to find something on this list they will enjoy. This fitness gift guide gives you options from head to toe on the best things to get your workout buddy this holiday.

ParaGuard Softgels – Zahler

These softgels are a powerful parasite cleanser that will keep your system as healthy as you need it to be. The gels support healthy intestinal flora and digestion. The super-strength formula includes Wormwood, Pumpkin Seed, and Garlic Bulb. The softgel aspect makes the pills easy-to-swallow. The ingredients in this formula have traditionally been used to support and restore vitality to digestion and microbial balance. Add this to list for someone that loves a new pill or vitamin to keep their body balanced and running smoothly.

Purchase the Para Guard Softgels here.

Workout Leggings – Asics 

This new collection will have your favorite workout lover looking great while feeling great. The fabrics are hand-drawn using silk-like cotton fabrics creating a softness like no other. The tights are infused with ASICS MotionDry technology that works with you as you workout to keep sweat from building up. Liberty Print Tights feature a tight fit, bonded hem, and wide waistband. They also have a key pocket and reflective ASICS log

Purchase the Asics Liberty print tights here.


A Quality Sports Bra – Asics

The second part of this comfortable outfit features a cross-back construction to allow for comfort and unrestricted movement. The sports bra also features the moisture-wicking properties the matching leggings use. This is perfect for the workout lover that loves to match function and fashion.

Purchase the Asics Liberty sports bra here.

Supportive Workout Shoes – Asics

New shoes perfect for the runner of the family. These sneakers feature ASICS flytefoam technology. It provides both bounce back and responsiveness for all distances. The technology utilizes organic super fibers to help reduce packing out that can occur with other foams. Roadhawks also offer a HG10MM Heel Gradient that allows the shoes to shift mass forward reducing strain. And lastly, the sneakers include AHAR an acronym ASCICS uses to place rubber in areas of the outsole for durability.

Purchase the Roadhawk FF 2 here.

The RunnerBox

This is a subscription or one-time boxes perfect for the runner in your life. They range from $20 to $30 dollars and are shipped directly. Loaded with healthy snacks, endurance nutrition and fun accessories this box will be sure to motivate and quicken workouts. There are even limited edition holiday boxes available loaded with holiday-themed endurance products. A big plus, the company is even sustainable, using 100% recyclable packaging.

Find the RunnerBox here


Wear OS by Google

Want the perfect smartwatch for your workout lover? Well, here is a variety. The many watches included in the Wear Os by Google allow for a variety of helpful tips to both an active fitness expert and just the normal person. It allows you to look up commute times, see upcoming meeting and reservations, check your flight status and more. You can also see your grocery list, pay, read your emails, text, and see who’s calling without your phone. Now for the fitness lover, these watches allow them to workout without their phone. Google apps make it easier to stay motivates, stay balances, and track your health. From these devices, you can also stream music right from your wrist.

Explore Google’s Smartwatches here. 

The Sofie Smartwatch – Michael Kors

There are now designer smartwatches as well. The Sofie Smartwatch by Michael Kors is the latest design in wearable tech. You can track your fitness goals and track activity, check appointments and your calendar. The style has a variety of different faces you can choose from to make the watch your own. Also interchangeable with bands, you can change your watch look up whenever you’d like.

Purchase the Sofie Smartwatch here. 

So stop worrying about what to give your fitness lover and pick something off of this list that is sure to please them! Be sure to check out our other gift guides for more ideas for the rest of your bunch!

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