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The Best Global Cuisine For Foodies Everywhere

If you adore nothing more than trying out the latest dishes and fusion flavors when you head on vacation, you need to check out these incredible taste sensations. One of the most awesome things about traveling and venturing off the beaten track is being able to immerse yourself in new cultures. Part of heading where the locals go is finding those hidden eatery gems, where you can try the most authentic cuisine that most tourists never have a chance to.

You might be tempted to take a foray to the Far East to sample the delights of Japan, Thailand, and Cambodia. Or maybe, you’d prefer to stay closer to home to take a foodie tour of the United States? Wherever it is you would like to explore on your travels, you should never neglect the huge variety of new and exciting taste sensations that will be on offer. From street food to high end restaurants different destinations have all sorts of gourmet delights for you to try. Take a look at the best global cuisine for foodies everywhere.

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Cincinnati Chili

Staying close to home and taking a trip to the great culinary state of Ohio, you might not realize just how much excellent cuisine is on offer. From Polish boys to shredded chicken sandwiches, this hearty fayre might not be gourmet but it sure is tasty. If you are heading to the Pro Football Hall of Fame to check out the best NFL coaches of the past 10 years, you probably want to fuel your sightseeing with some delicious food. The Cincinnati chili is a staple of Ohio, with Cincinnati being the most chili mad city in the US after all of Texas! With added unusual spices such as all spice and cinnamon, the Cincinnati chili is less spicy and fiery and more mellow with some deeper flavors. Rather than being served with rice, you can enjoy your chili on a bed of spaghetti topped with cheese and Worcestershire sauce. 

If you venture to Cincinnati, you’ll have your pick of over one hundred and eighty chili shacks, serving up their own take on the city classic. You could choose a standard chain or go for the more hidden gems. Invented by a Macedonian immigrant in the 1920s, this chili is still a stalwart of the region.

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Trinidadian Doubles

The Caribbean is renowned for jerk chicken, rice and peas and fried plantain. However, this cuisine is very Jamaica-heavy, meaning that other West Indian islands tend to be forgotten about. Rather than Caribbean cuisine, you need to look at the separate islands for niche dishes. Barbados, Antigua, St Lucia and Dominica all have their own heritage and flavors creating their unique dishes. 

One of the most exciting places to eat in the Caribbean is Trinidad. This small island close to the coast of Guyana is a feast for the senses. Much of the cuisine is heavily influenced by the Indian heritage on the island. Curry flavors, cumin, and coriander permeate through the dishes. Street food is a massive deal in Trinidad. If you hire a car from the capital to explore, you will eventually stumble across a doubles shack. Trini doubles is the most simple yet tasty dish of fried bara dough tinged with cumin and turmeric underneath some delicious curried chickpeas. On top of these delicious chickpeas sit a cucumber pickle, some mango chutney, and a hot scotch bonnet chili sauce. Fiery, tasty, and delicious, Trini doubles are a stalwart of the island. This dish uses the unique herb shadon beni, an intense coriander kicking herb that gives the doubles a special flavor sensation.

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Venturing to Japan is a real feast for the senses. Soba, rice and udon noodles abound in the streets especially if you hot foot it to the culinary capital of Osaka. Dotonburi street is renowned for its street food nights. After posing beneath the running man sign, you can take a walk down the street to sample some of the finest takoyaki octopus balls as well as the staple, ramen. Ramens are created using pork or chicken stick before pouring the unique soups over different noodles. A seafood ramen may consist of squid, mussels and eel. Eel is a real delicacy in Japan and its sweet flavor can be experienced in a range of dishes. If you are more of a meat eater, the wagyu steak ramens with a rich beef stock and chunky udon noodles could be just the flavor profile that you are after.

Top these warming soups with hot chili sauce, some wasabi paste, and pickled ginger to enhance the dish. Alongside the ramen, you could sample some sashimi and some sushi. The fresh fish that is cut exquisitely and wrapped with nori and sushi rice can be topped with soy sauce and eaten as a bite size delight.

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Spaghetti bolognese is the most famous export of Italy. However, the Greeks and Turks also stake a claim to this pasta ragu rich dish. Depending on the region you venture to, you may find your bolognese a heady meat rich beef stock regu complete with red wine and bone marrow. These ragus are simmered down for hours as their flavors intensify. Other areas of Italy and Greece still use the ground mince but enjoy a spot of white wine in the sauce rather than the usual red. This adds a lighter level of sweetness to the sauce. 

Tomatoes are a key component of the ragu, with plum tomatoes being the fruit of choice. Alongside onions, garlic, sweet peppers and mushrooms, this rich and delicious ragu is placed on top of spaghetti. For some durum wheat dried is the pasta of choice, whereas, for others, the freshly made egg variety is the only pasta that will do. Experiment when you venture to Italy or Greece and enjoy some of the other pasta dishes on offer. In Italy, you can enjoy a carbonara while in Greece you can enjoy a rich and filling kleftiko. 

Both venturing overseas and staying closer to home can give you opportunities to broaden your culinary horizons. Follow this guide and sample the best global cuisine for foodies everywhere.

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