The Best Mind-Slowing Techniques You Need In Your Life

Do you ever feel like your mind is racing at 200mph non-stop? So many thoughts occurring at the same time, all vying for the center stage in your mind, never allowing you to relax. You will never be able to catch up to all of them at once. That’s what so many of us try to do. We think that by giving answers to each of our thoughts at once, we will finally put an end to the whirlwind that’s going on upstairs. But that won’t do it, it will only get worse the more you engage in your own worrying mindset. What you need to do is slow your mind down. Not only will this boost your mental health, but it will allow you to organize your life in a much better fashion.


Make a mantra

Having a positive phrase or a word that you repeat over and over, can really help your mental health. It’s best if you sit in a room by yourself and focus on a few things. Sit quietly for a moment and look out of the window. Take stock of the sky, the clouds and birds flying. Then shut your eyes and take 5 or 10 deep breaths.

Keep them closed and repeat your chosen phrase or word. It could be something like ‘I will get through this’ or perhaps ‘take your time’. It may just be a simple ‘calm’ or ‘relax’. Repeat this mantra in a monotone voice and focus on the words as you speak them. You can do this anywhere. You don’t have to say them out loud but that would be the most effective way. If you’re commuting, you can sit on the train, close your eyes or just focus on one inanimate object like the floor or chair opposite, and repeat those words in your mind. You should do this for 5 to 10 minutes if you can.

Do nothing

As easy as it may sound, doing nothing is a lot harder than it seems at first. This is a technique that is incredibly simple but so effective. You are not to say anything, you don’t have to close your eyes or sit in a particular manner. All you need to do is stop doing anything. Lie back or sit, and stop moving your body. Just stare at one thing but when your mind begins to wander, grab it back to what you’re focussing on. It could be a dull wall, a plain ceiling or perhaps your desk. When you feel like you’re daydreaming, take a sharp deep breath and reset onto the thing you’re focussing on.

A new era relaxant

In the new age, there are many ways you can slow your mind down without using a particular mental trick. The dispensary is one such place that has the green substance that so many speak so highly of with regards to making you more relaxed and calm. Try out the edible range, where you can eat peanut squares stuffed with marshmallows and become chilled out in a matter of minutes.

A mantra is highly effective because it’s a slow monotonous chant that your mind becomes used to. The positive vibes of your own phrase will have remarkable effects on your mental health. 

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