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The Best Skincare Tips For Dry Skin

You may have a love-hate relationship with your skin, especially if its dry. Trust me I get it, I have the same problem. It can sometimes be difficult on finding the right products that will nourish your skin properly. One rule of thumb, it takes more than just a moisturizer to take care of dry skin. Below are 6 tips you should follow if you want to see better results.


Dry skin occurs when it can longer compose natural oils, meaning it can’t replenish itself. To better your daily facial routine, avoid harsh ingredients, mixing too many products, and limit fragrance- free chemicals.

Not only could your face be dry, but your lips too. My go-to lip scrub is the Brown Sugar Lip Scrub from Tree Hut. I then apply a lip butter for ultra-hydrating. Check out these other useful tips.

Tip #1- Be gentle when you cleanse

Tip #2- Exfoliate twice a week

Tip #3- Avoid abrasive scrubs

Tip #4- Hydrate morning and at night

Tip #5- Include face masks in your routine

Tip #6- Use a good sunscreen


I know you may not like to hear this, but according to AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) taking a warm bath, not hot, is more efficient. The best time to moisturize your skin is when you first get out of the shower while your body is still damp.

The best thing you could do is exfoliate. When choosing an exfoliate, look for something with mild glycolic or lactic acid to get rid of dead skin. Dead skin can severely cause dry skin which could lead to your skin peeling. Check out these other helpful tips below.

Tip #1- Exfoliate weekly

Tip #2- Apply body oil to damp skin

Tip #3- Shower with lukewarm water

Tip #4- Replace lotion with body cream

No individual would prefer to be in a state where their skin is dry. I recommend buying products that contain mineral oils which can act as a barrier and hydrate the skin’s surface. Seeing results in your skin appearance doesn’t happen overnight, results are only seen through consistent use.

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