The Best Zodiac Sign Love Matches For Scorpio

When looking for the best love match for a Scorpio, it is a good thing to understand that they are very selective in who they choose to deal with. Scorpio natives are very passionate people that sometimes struggle to find their true love.

This could be due to their emotional intensity or purely because of their strong level-headed opinions and need for control.

Whatever the case may be, when choosing a Scorpio’s great match you must not take this choice lightly. It will be based on how well your life fits into the picture created by the Scorpio emotional needs. 

The good news is that Scorpios are also identified as emotional mystery-solvers because they are quite good at understanding another person’s needs and wants by reading between the lines.

They try to truly see what lies behind what another person says for mutual understanding. If you have earned his/her trust then you have already been given a huge step toward being chosen as a good match.

Here’s the scoop on how each zodiac sign performs with the Scorpio compatibility.

1. Taurus  April 20–May 20

Taurus is one of the earth signs that is extremely stable, and Scorpio could do well by having a Taurus love compatibility. You will be able to enjoy long-term relationships and stability if these two signs come together as potential partners.

 First of all, a Taurus man has a strong passion for living while remaining calm and steady throughout all phases of his love life. 

Scorpio has this same ability to stay quiet unless provoked which makes them very compatible with one another (in terms of personality). 

However, there will still be that sense of mystery that hangs around even when they get along well because both signs tend to keep secrets from each other! For example, you may never know what exactly went through Taurus‘ mind during his/her day, even if you have been married to him/her for a very long time.

This fixed earth sign can be an opposite sign from scorpio if they don’t find a good way of communicating, Scorpios want full disclosure at all times but Taurus will only give specific information away.

In addition, Taurus is a more physical sign while Scorpio has more of an emotional depth, which does not make these two signs incompatible by any means.

In fact they complement each other in many ways; especially when it comes to sharing responsibilities within the home (Taurus likes to deal with domestic problems such as bills and taxes while Scorpio would prefer putting out fires that could potentially break out).

It’s like having the perfect assistant who doesn’t mind following orders and gets things done without complaint… always!

2. Gemini May 21- June 20

Scorpio and Gemini are both very intelligent signs so they tend to have many things in common. This is one of the perfect Scorpio best love matches because you will be able to communicate well with one another since you understand each other’s need for mental stimulation.

Since Gemini natives also have a sexual strong desire, this is a wonderful thing when it comes to being part of a Scorpio couple!

Another great quality about these two signs as the best matches is that they never bore each other because no matter how much time passes between conversations there is always something new to talk about or try together. You might probably have the best days of your life sharing love with Gemini!

The sign of the twins is a more mental sign while Scorpio is more physical, which can cause problems if these two fall for an intense emotional bond (which does happen eventually).

In the end, Gemini will always be looking for something new and exciting while Scorpio will want to talk about the future and what it holds in store.

If this becomes a problem to build a strong relationship, then consider seeing other signs until you find one that can be a perfect match with both your needs and wants.

3. Cancer June 21-July 22

Cancer and Scorpio work very well together mainly because the fellow water signs Cancer intensely desires emotional security while Scorpio tends to be extremely protective toward their loved ones.

You can rest easy knowing that any Cancer man will prevent anything bad from happening and that there’s someone who has got your back no matter what!

This is also a very passionate sign so don’t be surprised when it comes time for you and your Cancer man or woman to get intimate. Cancer men can be great matches.

In fact, they may even want to have sexual relations more often than you do which can be a plus if you have been completely satisfied in the past with other romantic relationships. 

The only thing is that Cancer may eventually feel smothered at some point in your relationship which could cause them to run away… But since Scorpio tends to carry grudges for quite some time after an argument, there’s nothing stopping them from hunting down their lover (if needed) and having another go at it. 

Since both signs have very similar emotional tendencies, there will always be constant tension between them which makes the bond strong enough to stand up against anything that comes in their way. Making this cardinal water sign one of the Scorpio best love matches.

4. Virgo August 23- September 22

Virgo is one of the Scorpio best love matches. It is an ideal match because Virgo is a more practical sign while Scorpio is more emotional. This means that you will be able to communicate on a deeper level because there’s no lack of understanding when it comes to what each other wants and needs from one another. 

In the end Virgo will probably need some time alone while Scorpio may want to be with their lover at all times. Therefore, this is where compromise and communication become vital if you wish to maintain a healthy, and the best results for a great relationship with this fixed water sign.

Another great thing about Virgos is that they tend not to hold resentments for too long. Thus, these two astrological signs can easily get over any power struggle and misunderstandings that could happen in the future to make the relationship work.

5. Pisces February 19- March 20

Without a doubt Pisces is one of the most loving signs in the zodiac, which means that if you are looking for someone to be on your side no matter what then this is the perfect love match! A Scorpio man and woman on the other hand are very determined and will fight for their loved ones until they can’t go any longer.

Generally speaking this sign tends to be more dominant while Scorpio tends to take more of a submissive role, which allows you both to alternate roles every now and again.

 And since Scorpios tend not to back down from an argument even when they know they are wrong, it’s nice having someone who won’t judge them. This will make them feel better about themselves by cuddling up together somewhere quiet and having good times.

6. Aquarius January 20- February 18

Although these two signs have a lot in common they are one of the least compatible signs for love. They will not always get along too well with one another because of their different energies. 

Scorpio men and women are more likely to be the only one truly invested in this relationship from the start while Aquarius can become easily distracted by other things that are going on around them. All of these can cause problems when you need someone to listen and be there for you at all times!

In fact, your Scorpio lover might feel like you take them for granted or feel emotionally suffocated giving you hard work which may force them to find someone else who gives them enough attention.

Scorpios placed high standards but since Aquarius is also a fixed sign, then if both try to make it work, then there’s nothing stopping this match from being one of the most loving and compatible ones on the planet!

7. Leo July 23- August 22

Leo and Scorpio are considered to be incompatible sun signs but both are very determined which means that if you let them they will definitely take control of the relationship even if they were the worst matches. As long as this is something you’re okay with then there’s no reason why this shouldn’t end up working out. 

In fact, these two signs may enjoy taking on some new challenges together whether it be a new hobby or even starting a business venture because of Leo’s energy! 

Since having a possessive Scorpio and a Leo with sudden mood swings, will make a relationship pass for a difficult time. The only problem may come when one of you becomes too controlling and attempts to make decisions for the other without first consulting their lover.

This can cause problems down the road because Leo will feel like they don’t have any say in what goes on while Scorpio won’t be able to stand being told what to do or how to do it.

Once all these problems resolve with emotional intelligence, it will not matter that the planet positions of these signs do not align. Leo is a fixed fire sign as well as Scorpio is a fixed water sign, which means that they are going to find their own ways to succeed in love. 

8. Sagittarius November 23- December 21

Sagittarius are fire signs usually very optimistic in nature which means that when it comes to conquering an intense Scorpio partner they will always have something uplifting to say during the best and worst times. 

Generally speaking, these two star signs tend to have a similar mindset so they can easily understand one another without too many problems arising, making Sagittarius one of the Scorpio best love matches.

They have a good zodiac compatibility even if Sagittarius is more likely to ignore any advice given because they like doing things their own way. And while Sagittarius is normally the one who likes fighting over everything, these two sensitive signs actually seem to really enjoy picking apart every single little problem that comes between them. 

Sometimes, while this sign may feel like their freedom is limited or cut short at times because of their Scorpio tough nut lover, deep down they know that nothing could ever stop them from wanting to be with them.

9. Aries March 21- April 19

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and one of the Scorpio best love matches. Don’t let their competitive natures fool you, because in the bedroom there’s nothing more loving than a Scorpio and Aries union.

These two signs of the zodiac have a good relationship, especially when it comes to trying new things that are just too risky to do with someone else! 

Aries and Scorpio are not only very physical by nature but they’re also both very dominant which means that once they have established who is in charge this match becomes one of the most satisfying ones around. 

And while this cardinal fire sign Aries tends to be slightly less serious about relationships than Scorpios are, they still find their common ground and are drawn towards each other due to their honesty and loyalty. As a matter of fact, they can achieve the highest level of mutual respect whenever these lovers can and want.

However, if you break their trust then you will definitely be back on their cancelled list before you know it!

10. Scorpio October 23- November 21

There’s no denying that Scorpio women and men are very temperamental in nature which makes them a difficult sign to get along with for most other signs out there. 

When a Scorpio woman dates a Scorpio man or vice versa, they form a very intense sexual and physical relationship because they have around the same date of birth but we cannot say the same about the emotional and psychic connection.

Indeed, as long as they always end up together in the end this is not something that should cause any real issues down the road.

 If these lovers manage to handle their relationship right, they can also be one of the most passionate, loyal and caring ones, good friends or partners around too. 

11. Libra September 23- October 22

Scorpios and Libras may not always get along. However, that doesn’t mean that this match is one of the worst around either! 

Libras are air signs. This means that they are less emotional and struggle on sharing their needs with others. Also, they are typically more analytical and focused. All of these characteristics create a good balance for further relationships with Scorpios.

Most Scorpios will definitely be able to tell when their Libra man or woman isn’t being 100% honest with them. So, they will constantly pry and prod until they find out what’s really going on. 

Once you get past all the surface level stuff it becomes clear that these two signs actually make a pretty great team. In fact, both share many traits which means that if you’re looking for a sign who values honesty then there are few better matches out there than them!

Eventually, it becomes clear that these two signs actually make a pretty great team. In fact, both share many traits! This means that if you’re looking for a sign who values honesty then there are few better matches out there than them!

12. Capricorn December 22–January 19

Capricorn is a cardinal sign and Scorpio usually get their way in most cases. This means that these two will always be ready to argue about anything. This is because they usually are both on the defensive. 

Thus, this may not seem like the best foundation for a relationship during the first date. It also means they have no problem being open with one another when things get tough. 

And even though both signs are very determined in nature they approach problems from different angles so they can easily learn new ways of dealing with challenges together and be a mutual friend if the romantic relationship does not work.

If either partner tried working on problems alone there’s a good chance that nothing would ever come of it!

Finding Your Match

The best thing you can do to find out if Scorpio is the right sign for you, and vice versa, is to simply pay attention. Watch out for your needs and wants and see which signs (other than Scorpio) they fall under. Every person has their own unique set of needs and wants, even Scorpios.

A Scorpio is definitely a very difficult sign to understand. There are some things about them that you should be aware of. For example, the male Scorpio may have a hard time expressing his love or feelings toward another person emotionally.

However he will always show it in other ways such as being protective, buying nice gifts, or giving you the best family life you wished for. 

Also, if a Scorpio feels betrayed by someone they trust then there is no turning back from how they feel about this person. In this case the scorpio’s cold side comes out and it can last for many years to come.

We can also rely on the complete and real power of astrology and find if our moon signs could be a great scorpio best love matches.

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