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The Fix: Solving The Nation’s Problems — Comedically

The Fix on Netflix involves a panel of comedians who are challenged to solve the nation’s most complex problems in thirty-minute episodes. Hosted by British comedian Jimmy Carr, The Fix divided a panel of four comedians into two teams to compete for the audience’s votes. Two consistent team captains (Katherine Ryan and D.L. Hughley) as well as two guests paired up to resolve the issue at hand. At the end of each episode, the live audience voted for their favorite “Fix.” The team who created the solution with the most audience votes won.

Here’s the scoop on The Fix!

The Fix Cast
Ali Goldstein / Netflix

How It Works

After every episode, two guests are swapped out for a new pair. Some of the guests featured in the series were as follows: Howie Mandel, Whitney Cummings, Al Madrigal, Nikki Glasner, Clayton English, Joel Kim Booster, Fortune Feimster, Sasheer Zamata, and more. The series also featured Mona Chalabi as the resident data expert. Carr introduced Chalabi once in every episode to present informative data on the subject at hand. Often, Chalabi’s data presented humorous comparisons.

The chatter before solutions moved quickly; jokes and stories were continuously spat out like rapid fire. The fast-paced discussions made for an enjoyable half-an-hour of entertainment in the middle of a busy day.

Playful Humor

D. L. Hughley
Ali Goldstein / Netflix

While many of the topics discussed on The Fix had political divisions, little of the discussion was political. Sure, there were some innuendos and political jokes, but the majority of the discussion was based on universal agreement. It’s all playful humor anyway.

While the subjects used for the show could be highly controversial, the joking manner in which they were used avoided any serious controversy. This kept the discussion light-hearted, as it should be. Some of the subjects discussed in the series were as follows: wealth gap, gender wage gap, gun control, artificial intelligence, aging population, and more.

Along with the hidden political innuendos, this is most definitely an adult series as there were many sex and drug-related innuendos, as is common in professional comedy. That’s not to say that it was visually inappropriate for young eyes, but the language is strong and sharp throughout the series.

The competitive portion of the series was a very small piece of the puzzle. The majority of each episode consisted of discussion rather than competition between opposing teams. It is possible the series would have been more entertaining if the competition was more of a factor.

Fun Moments

The Fix
Ali Goldstein / Netflix

Possibly the most interesting part of each episode was Chalabi’s segments. Not only is her voice so satisfying to listen to, but her segments were genuinely informative and educational. Chalabi’s data informs the panel and viewers of how other countries compare to the United States in relation to the subjects being discussed. For example, she showed a detailed graphic on which countries are most responsible for global warming when based on an individual’s opinion. Chalabi also showed a graphic of how long individuals of opposing races and ethnicities would have to work before retirement to make the same income as an average white man.

How I Feel After Watching The Fix…

The reality game show style was a pleasant change from the common young adult dramas that Netflix is popular for. The idea was original but still belonged to particular pre-existing genres.

It’s appropriate that the series didn’t last longer than one season; however, it’s not quite an exciting, edge-of-your-seat, binge-worthy show. Viewers can only listen to so much of the world’s drama before their interest fades.

The Fix was a clever and original idea, to begin with, but it was mild entertainment at best. Personally, It acted as a background noise candidate as I viewed it. It wasn’t entertaining enough to focus solely on the show, but it would be something to have playing in the background while I check emails, make dinner, or put together an online grocery order.

Hope you enjoyed our review on The Fix!

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