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The Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner Gives Dating Advice

The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner has captured the hearts of Bachelor Nation. With his polite charm and heartwarming love story before losing his wife, Gerry has gained lots of fans.

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In an exclusive interview with E!News, Gerry shared his thoughts on dating and gave tips for younger people.

Here is the scoop on Gerry Turner’s dating advice for the younger generation.

Gerry’s Dating Wisdom

When it comes to finding love in the 21st century, Gerry has one great tip. He says, “If I were to say one thing, it would be throw your phone away.”

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The 72-year-old clarifies, “Just throw it away and go back to one-on-one interactions and read someone’s facial expression and their body language and listen to their voice and really open up to falling in love with someone organically and not electronically.”

Gerry’s First Love

Before starring as The Golden Bachelor, Gerry had a long and happy marriage with his late wife Toni.

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The couple had their first date in 1967. Turner describer their relationship saying, “We hadn’t even grown up yet, so we were looking forward to growing up together, raising children together and those kinds of things.”

Now, Gerry is going on very different first dates. He explains, “Now, it’s changed entirely. It’s two retired people trying to find what they want to do with the rest of their life for fun, because we look at it now as like every day is Saturday.”

Turner continues, “We can do whatever we want, so what is it we actually want to do? And it’s fun, but it is a lot different.”

Gerry excitedly comments on the dates from the Bachelor Mansion, “I mean, this is really fairytale stuff and I lived it, so it’s pretty amazing.”

Be sure to tune in and watch The Golden Bachelor to see how Gerry’s love story ends!

Golden bachelor Gerry Turner provides dating advice.

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