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The Golden Bachelor’s Leslie Fhima Talks Almost Leaving the Show

There are lots of lovely ladies on The Golden Bachelor looking to find love with Gerry Turner. After the departure of Joan Vassos, contestant Leslie Fhima shares that she considered leaving herself.

Thanks to an E!News exclusive, here is the scoop on Leslie Fhima almost leaving The Golden Bachelor!

Leslie’s Golden Bachelor Journey

Leslie Fhima, the self-proclaimed inspiration for the Prince song “Sexy Dancer” is forming a great connection with Gerry Turner.

Leslie reveals, “There’s lots of sparks. I’m cuckoo crazy about him and we definitely have chemistry. I’m in it to win it.”

The bachelorette - season 14 - emily vs jessica.
Craig Sjodin/ABC

However, Leslie’s journey was almost very different. Her “best friend in the house” Joan Vassos got a phone call about her daughter and chose to leave to be with her family. Leslie got a similar call.

Only a few days after Joan’s departure, Leslie says, “I called my son and he needed me.” She also reveals that her son told her “Please stay. You have to stay.”

Always A Parent

Leslie shares that if her son had asked, she would have left the show.

She says, “With our age comes life and just because your kids are bigger doesn’t mean they don’t have problems.

The fitness instructor continues, “So we’re a mother first and if my son had said, ‘I need you now,’ I would have left. Because that’s who I am.” 

Check out The Golden Bachelor to watch how Leslie and Gerry’s love story ends.

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The golden bachelor's leslie fima talks about almost leaving the show.

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