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The Golden Bachelor’s Sandra Mason Talks Missing Daughter’s Wedding

On The Golden Bachelor, contestant Sandra Mason was so dedicated to her connection with Gerry that she missed her daughter’s wedding.

While this decision is something that she was confident in, she still got flack from viewers after the episode aired.

Now, the contestant is responding to her criticism.

Thanks to insight from E!News, here is the scoop on what Sandra Mason has to say about missing her daughter’s wedding.

Sandra and Gerry

The retired executive assistant formed a great connection with Gerry The Golden Bachelor.

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Unfortunately for Sandra, this last rose ceremony left her without a rose. Gerry had to choose 3 of his final 6 women to move on to hometown dates, and Sandra did not make the cut.

Sandra revealed what was going through her mind before the ceremony, “I think I was hopeful.”

She adds, “You know, six women, I have what? Mathematically, 50 percent or less than 50 percent chance. So, you know, in my heart and in my psyche, I knew that Gerry had formed some deeper relationships.”

Missing Her Daughter’s Wedding

Even though Gerry and Sandra had a FaceTime call with her daughter on the show, some Bachelor Nation fans are letting Sandra know they don’t agree with her choice.

In her defense, Sandra had this to say: “My son-in-law said, ‘Mom, a ceremony is eight minutes, our marriage is for a lifetime.'”

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Sandra adds, “He said, ‘Go.’ And then, of course, my daughter’s response was, ‘Mom, I’ve got my guy, you go get yours.’ The thought of me not coming to meet Gerry was the wrong thing to do.”

Even after missing her daughter’s wedding, Sandra reveals that she and her family are going to celebrate together.

She says, “We’re all going out to dinner,” she adds, “I finally went out and purchased a gift for them. I’m just going to kiss them all over.”

Even though Sandra was sent home, Gerry is still looking for his forever connection, so watch his journey on The Golden Bachelor.

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The golden bachelor's sandara mason talks missing her daughter's wedding.

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