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The “Hannibal” Reunion Was Everything Fans Needed

Beloved series “Hannibal” was canceled in 2015 with only three seasons, the love for the show and the cast is still as strong as ever. It could be because of Netflix who recently put the show on their streaming site. New fans emerged and old ones couldn’t wait to rewatch. Through Zoom, the cast reunited on YouTube and it was exactly what fans, both old and new, needed.

Watch it here!

The Best Moments

The cast of “Hannibal” reunited on July 11 with a moderated discussion hosted by Nerdist. Fans got to hear how actors got to add to the story (like when Caroline Dhanvers suggested that her character Alana, and Katie Isabel’s character Margot, end up together). Viewers got to hear that fans (A.K.A “Fannibals”) were “the smartest audience.” Of course, viewers also got to see Mads Mikkelson forget to change his name on Zoom, resulting in the name “IPad” on display for the entire time.

“Hannibal”‘s Delicious Tease

There was also a fun tease that the cast may end up doing this again too! But the most exciting news? Bryan Fuller, the show’s producer, and writer, states that he is hopeful about a season 4 and that anyone could come back in the potential season. Definitely some of the best news that fans have received so far!

The reunion lasts for an hour. There were many talks of behind the scenes shenanigans and how actors felt towards their characters. Even if the timing felt short and the reunion seemed to fly by, fans have been given the info they’ve been waiting for.

So go ahead and give the “Hannibal” reunion a watch! Whether you just got into the show or you just came across it on Netflix, this is definitely worth it. It’s a fun and nice contrast to the serious and artsy show.

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