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The Internet Is Freaking Out About Chris Pine Right Now & Here’s Why

Fans weren’t sure why Chris Pine was trending on Twitter, but after seeing these paparazzi pictures- they saw it was for the best reasons. 1) He’s wearing a mask and keeping people safe. 2) He’s supporting local bookstores by purchasing a ton of books (we love a man that reads)! 3) He looks super hot in shorts! And quarantine hair looks ridiculously good on him!

Longtime fans of Chris Pine are using this opportunity to tell everyone that he’s always been the best Chris in Hollywood and everybody else has simply been missing out. Well, excited people on Twitter, we couldn’t agree more! Check out the pictures for yourself and the way fans are reacting:

Fan Reactions to Chris Pine being himself:

Support local businesses and read all the books!!

This is some good logic. Men, take notes.

It’s gotten to the point where we are jealous of Chris Pine’s dog.

*chef’s kiss* Should we all go rewatch that movie right now?

I think this is going to start being my serotonin too.

Now, she may have a point here…

We love any excuse to obsess over Chris Pine and these new pictures are as good a reason as any! We’re happy he is wearing his mask and reading lots of books in quarantine. Support local businesses and stay safe!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.