The “Is There a Killer in My Family?” Trailer is Killer

Lifetime Movie Network has delivered to us what looks like a perfect rainy day flick: “Is There a Killer in My Family?”

I must admit, I find a large amount of the made-for-TV movies that Lifetime produces are basic and sometimes cringe-worthy. That being said, Lifetime movies are my go-to for sick days spent binging films in bed. It’s a kind of sick obsession. After watching the trailer for “Is There a Killer in My family?,” I almost can’t wait until my next stay-at-home day.

Like tons of other scary movies, the film surrounds a couple looking for a restful getaway. Carly is a true-crime author and her husband Kevin is an actor. Kevin believes that a vacation to Carly’s family’s historical mansion on Crawford Island is just the thing she needs to unplug. Unknown to Kevin, Carly plans on researching the unsolved murder of Diana Crawford for her next novel. In her search for the truth, Carly begins to unravel unnerving occurrences surrounding the house and the island. Will Carly become the next victim of this haunted place?


Genre: Thriller

The official genre for “Is There a Killer in My Family?” is thriller, however the trailer gives off some major horror movie vibes. Beyond the spooky music and the haunted mansion backdrop, we are met with local stories about the mystery of the Crawfords. Apparently, Crawford Manor was built in 1925 by John Henry Crawford. There is a story about John Henry seeing shadowy figures a few years after moving into the house.

His wife, Diana, dismissed these visions as figments of his imagination. One night, John Crawford went into town, leaving Diana behind in the house. The next morning, Diana’s body was found washed up on the shore. Some people believe that the shadowy figure killed her. Obviously, these chilling stories create the perfect scene for a great horror/thriller.

What we learned:

Personally, I learned that Lifetime can make a great looking thriller! When I usually think of the Lifetime Movie Network, I think of the ridiculously cheesy Christmas flicks that they show seasonally. Either that, or super dramatic stories about children kept in attics (hello, “Flowers in the Attic”). This Lifetime movie feels different just by the trailer. I was honestly surprised that “Is There a Killer in My Family?” was produced by Lifetime, and I can’t wait to watch this thriller to see if it does it justice!

What we loved:

I am a true crime fanatic at heart, so I am loving the murder mystery plot of “Is There a Killer in My Family?” At just a first glance of the story, viewers would probably guess that John Henry was responsible for his wife’s murder. We wouldn’t have a compelling story if that were the case though, would we? The mystery and the many questions it leaves us with means that this movie will probably grab and hold your attention throughout.

Also, I am obsessing over the setting of this film. Filmed in Owen Sound in Ontario, Canada, the movie creates a beautiful atmosphere for the years-old mystery. BRB, booking a flight to Canada!



As with any great mystery, we are pretty much left with no solid information about Crawford Manor from the trailer. I definitely would like to know more about John Henry and Diana Crawford. Who were they? How did they end up here? How is Carly related to these people? Additionally, I need to know what this shadowy figure is about. Who is the woman in the white dress? Did she truly kill Diana? Is Carly Next? I need answers!


The official rating for “Is There a Killer in My Family?” is NR, however it is made for television. There is moderate violence, and there are mildly frightening and intense scenes.


“Is There a Killer in My Family?” is available right now on streaming services Youtube, Google Play, Amazon Prime and Philo. It will also be playing on the Lifetime Movie Network and with a Lifetime Movie Club subscription.

This has been the scoop on Lifetime’s new trailer for their made for TV movie “Is There a Killer in My Family?” Prepare to put your sleuthing hat on for this intense mystery- just don’t get too spooked!

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