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“The Lovebirds” Review – An Action-Packed Rom-Com

The film The Lovebirds was supposed to have a theatrical release. However, the movie moved to Netflix due to COVID-19. I’m so glad I still got to see it. The Lovebirds is a romantic comedy that tips into the action genre, as they attempt to fix their broken relationship while trying to solve a crime and running from the police. Watch this movie on Netflix before reading this review!

The chemistry between Issa Rae & Kumail Nanjiani is amazing

The best part of the movie was the chemistry between Leilani (Issa Rae) and Jibran (Kumail Nanjiani). The two play a couple who break up after a four-year relationship. However, they witness a hit and run when a man commandeers their car. The life-or-death situations they face causes them to voice problems in their relationship that they wouldn’t have before. Also, the two actors’ comedic skills are a perfect match, as both of their characters have an odd yet hilarious sense of humor.

Skip Bolen/NETFLIX. Issa Rae as Leilani, Kumail Nanjiana as Jibran of “The Lovebirds.”

A strange but clever comedy

Jibran’s strange questions made me laugh every time. Especially his question about why restaurants never can measure out milkshakes correctly. Leilani’s unicorn jacket and Jibran’s camo pants also made every scene even more hilarious. The funniest thing to me was the way they fought. Debating on how to break windows and interrogate people was absurd yet realistic. Lastly, when the police finally take them into custody, the way they react to not being in trouble was hysterical.

Issa Rae as Leilani, Kumail Nanjiana as Jibran of “The Lovebirds” from NETFLIX.

Callbacks that are actually significant

Many films have callbacks that feel pointless. However, the running gags in The Lovebirds are all significant. Jibran’s comment about cigarette lighters in cars helps them escape later in the movie. Their argument about whether or not they could win The Amazing Race gets put to the test in the end credit scene. Also, Jibran counting to three and changing what it means every time confused Leilani; however, they finally were on the same page at the end.

Skip Bolen/NETFLIX. Issa Rae as Leilani, Kumail Nanjiana as Jibran of “The Lovebirds.”


The only critique I have is that the mystery got wrapped up too quickly. The orgy stuff was strange and left unexplained. It left me with a lot of questions. I also am unsure as to what the purpose of the illegal cult being part of the plot was.

Issa Rae as Leilani, Kumail Nanjiana as Jibran of “The Lovebirds” from NETFLIX.


This movie is a hilarious and heartwarming romantic comedy. Instead of seeing two characters fall in love, we watch two who are already in love grow back together.

Kumail Nanjiana as Jibran, Issa Rae as Leilani of “The Lovebirds” from NETFLIX.
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