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“The Marked Heart” is Not Your Average Telenovela-Series Review

Written by director Leonardo Padron, this telenovela follows a young woman in the midst of a love triangle. The Marked Heart dives through multiple themes such as greed, betrayal, lust, and even murder.

In the fictional town of Telchac, Mexico, Valeria (Margarita Muñoz) and Simón (Michel Brown) represent a traditional family celebrating their wedding anniversary.

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the marked heart
NETFLIX- The Marked Heart

The series begins with the couple driving down a windy road at night when suddenly the car’s tire experiences a blowout causing them to crash into a nearby tree. What seems like a normal car malfunction turns into a lengthy series of twists and turns.

We meet Camila and Zacarias, a wealthy upper-class couple who find themselves in a bind as well. Camila loses consciousness and is rushed to the hospital for a heart transplant. Meanwhile, the doctors break the news about her name appearing on the bottom of the list for donors.

Scheme for the Heart

NETFLIX- The Marked Heart

Zacarias plans to save his wife and finds himself involved in an underground organ trafficking ring, in hopes of finding a possible donor for his wife. Valeria might be the key to saving Camila as she is unexpectedly roped into a scheme for her heart.

Zacarias’ willingness to help out his wife serves as a reminder that sometimes people can go too far to support their loved ones.

Triangle of Lies

María Fernanda Yepez("Camila"), Felipe Mejia"Lucas", Ana Lucia Dominguez ("Camila")
Gustavo Cabrera – Netflix

The lives of both couples are introduced fairly early on in the series, interwoven in a messy triangle of lies and deceit. The Marked Heart slowly unravels the truth as Camila starts to suspect her new heart. Camila discovers more about her husband’s secrets. However, she becomes distracted by a man named Simon and forms an unlikely romance.

Throughout the series, crushing discoveries are made as Zacarias’s involvement with the dangerous organ trafficking ring turns into a blackmailing scheme of favors. This goes to show that trafficking of any kind can be a death sentence.

A Lover’s Revenge

Julián Cerati("Tomas")
Gustavo Cabrera – Netflix

Simon seeks revenge on Zacarias and the other men who cast a dark shadow on his life. Camila becomes increasingly more suspicious of her husband’s motives. Even though The Marked Heart has the classic feels of a telenovela, it explores darker matters that sets you on the edge of your seat. This Spanish-language series has everything you could want in a thriller.

Furthermore, the question throughout The Marked Heart remains: How far will someone go for true love?

You can catch this gripping series on Netflix and other streaming platforms. With 14 episodes making up season one, it makes for a binge-worthy show on a Friday night!

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