The Mindset to Making Extra Money: 3 Questions To Ask Yourself

The struggle to make money is very real, and everybody is experiencing the challenges of generating an extra income. A lot of people want to just make an infinite amount of extra money however, this is not necessarily the right attitude. In fact, attitude is everything when it comes to making extra money. So what does it take to ensure that you are in the mindset of making more money? 

How Much Do You Want to Make?

You’ve got to put a figure on it. This means that you will have a far more tangible goal in place, and therefore you will know no the best ways to go about it. For example, if you are looking to make an extra $200 a month this is a very tangible goal that can fit in with your lifestyle, and therefore you’ve got far more options at your disposal to earn this very achievable amount. Because these days a side hustle encompasses anything and everything, from foot pics to blogging and anything you can think of. So if you have a very specific amount of money in your mind, you will know what it takes to achieve it. 

What Will it Do for Your Lifestyle? 

This goes back to the idea of goals. If you want to make a certain amount of extra money, you need to remember that money is not the goal, but the lifestyle is. This goes back to the idea of having quality over quantity. People think they need to have more stuff, whereas, if you focus on having quality items in your life, your life will benefit more from it. So if you are looking to earn more money, you have to approach it from the perspective of how it will benefit your life. When you start to decide what extra money would do for your life, you have a far better idea of how much you need to earn.

What Can You Realistically Do? 

So many people think that they need to earn more money because it’s far better to have X amount rather than anything else. But this is where you have to think about how earning more money will impact your life, because if you start to work on the weekends thinking that this extra amount of money will make a big difference to your life, are you going to run the risk of burning out? What can you realistically do in your current situation without burning the candle at both ends? Some people start to think about making a bit of extra money by working on websites like Appen, and this can be a very useful approach because you can work it around your current schedule. But you need to ask yourself if doing something more will take the joy out of the process.

Rather than thinking that we need to just earn more money to stay afloat, it is more important to focus on these three questions because they will help you in so many ways.

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